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Newbies say "hi"

Feeling a little forlorn

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on 08/06/2012

I've been lurking on SquidU... I won't get into it all, but I basically removed myself a month ago because I wanted to respond to certain posts that were upsetting me, and if I did, it would cause a kerfluffle... so I just scurried away.

I kept trying to find a way back, because I miss people.

And now it's shut down.

I know, there's a new forum, but it's not the home I was missing. 

Wizzley... I haven't gotten started on Wizzley because I'm stretched too thin as it is, but I AM here.


Should I lurk here, even if I'm not creating wizzley pages so far? Or would that be rude? 

Posts: 3100
on 08/06/2012

You, Miss Ellen, are always welcome here!  Smile

Lurking, checking, chatting, hanging out...whatever makes you comfy.

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on 08/07/2012

Hey, it would be lovely to have you here! I just love your insightful posts on the forums and it would be nice to see some of them here. 

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on 08/07/2012

Hi Ellen,

I didn't realize you'd made it here, I can't log into the new forum atm, but I must admit I've been writing replies and then hitting delete instead of posting more and more on our old home of late.

On a completely different topic - are you keeping an eye on NZ at the moment, we woke up this morning to find that Mt Tongariro's erupted for the first time in over a century.   After doing a mental checklist on where family and friends were and reassuring myself that they would all be far enough away I thought of you because......well it's a volcano! Smile

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on 08/07/2012

Please do lurk here :)

Your posts on Squidu were always very helpful and it's thanks to some of your articles that I discovered how to format my pages nicely using snippets of HTML.

Wizzley has a lovely forum and people are generous and encouraging. Thankfully haven't seen any of the backbiting and sniping that became an almost daily occurence on Squidu.

I've been lurking for a long time but when my daughter starts back at school in September then I hope to play more of an active role in making Wizzley pages and posting.


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on 08/07/2012

The new Squidu has me feeling a bit lost as well. Not because of backbiting on the old Squidu, because (perhaps it's my Dutch sensibilities) I didn't feel an issue there. The new is however so much on the side of 'we don't want you to talk about problems', that I don't know where we WILL talk about problems. 

But yes, of course, as far as I'm concerned you're always welcome here :) 

Wizzley is a great secondary platform for me. I haven't made a new lens in months ;)

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on 08/07/2012


I feel you get a very warm welcome and made to feel an integral part of any community you have joined. Whether it be here, on Squidoo, HubPages or elsewhere.

I always enjoy your insights that are well thought out, logical, in depth and said with much honesty and with politeness and integrity.


If you hang out here, or elsewhere, your friends are sure to find you.


P.S. I'm not sure what is happening on SquidU as I haven't corresponded on there for months.

Posts: 200
on 08/07/2012

It's good to see you here, Greekgeek.  As a few others have mentioned, I've benefited from your lenses on how to use html on Squidoo.

The closing of the Squidu forum and the start of the new forum came as a complete surprise to me, and irritated me because of the surprise.     Even though I didn't post there much, I enjoyed browsing to see what the conversations were.   The new one will take awhile for me to get into.

Posts: 847
on 08/07/2012

Come on and join. You'd love it here. Welcome.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 769
on 08/07/2012

Welcome indeed, Ellen.  You are a valuable resource no matter what platform you are on, and hope you will find a bit of time to do more than lurk.  Smile

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on 08/07/2012

Hi, Where I come from we call it creeping, those who do so are creepers.  Creeping about all quiet like soaking up the communities vibe.  I say GO FOR IT!   FYI Creeper is a funny light hearted term for lurker.

Nice to meet you Greekgeek

Katie McMurray
on 08/07/2012


I think I've been to SquidU once since pulling out of Squidoo a year ago - but I can say with certainty, your insight and opinions were one of the top things I missed, and it is so great to know you are around, whether writing Wizzles or not.

I wasn't surprised to hear about another "shock" with no warning. One of the reasons I never looked back when I left was because on Wizzley I feel those who run it consider me a "partner." On Squidoo, I felt as if HQ were my parents, with the "because I said so" mentality.

Having you around makes Wizzley even better, if that is possible!

Take care, Robin

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