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Get Your Calendar On!

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on 07/22/2011

I know that people always accuse me of thinking too far ahead, but I am already planning for Christmas traffic and already earning from some of it.  The 2012 calendars are all available for pre-order and some are already shipping, and I am getting some orders on them.  Don't miss out on early sales by thinking that people do not shop now.

Paula Atwell (aka lakeerieartists) is the owner of an online art gallery, Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a freelance writer
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on 07/22/2011

I've actually just started updating my calendar lenses on Squidoo.  It's good to hear that you're already getting orders.

Posts: 118
on 07/22/2011

Good reminder Paula, I posted a reminder last month on my blog and have already sold a couple of Christmas ornaments so there's definitely some people out there who are organized when it comes to their Christmas shopping.

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on 07/24/2011

I agree! I was shocked when I noticed on my dashboard that my xmas lenses are actually starting to get traffic after being dormat for 6 months +. I even sold a Christmas Book the other day...

Guess I better start polishing them up!

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