Fragrant Herbs for Aromatic Garden

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A long history of aromatherapy, scent and perfume is complete proof that our ancestors loved fragrant herbs. Herbs have established the health benefits of aromas in our lives.

Generations of human race were instrumental in evolving the usage of herbs. Facts about our ancestors using fragrance for healthy life is not farfetched. Aromas were used to remove stench and stinking odours. Foul air was related to the root cause of illness and health related problems.

Incense sticks used a good variety of aromatic herbs, shrubs, and flowers. So did the wine industry which pioneers in usage of herbs, fruits, and flowers for aromas. Perfume industries rely on scents derived from various parts of plants.

People recall things very accurately when it comes to strong scents, fragrant herb are the proofs of such theories. An extensive usage of these herbs find itself in religion, spirituality, and therapy.

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Gardening for Fragrance

Fragrant Gardens

An aromatic garden is analogous to an air freshener that not only purifies the environment, it also fills the home with fresh aromas. A herb garden with vibrant and fresh herbs is bound to spread fragrance naturally with breeze as its career. Found everywhere on the planet, there are bountiful herbs that emanate aromas.  

Owing to these properties, fragrant herbs find ample use in kitchen gardens, religious traditions, customs, and rituals. Prominent usage of herbs in potpourri and lighting fires establish the science and belief of aroma. No cooking is considered complete without the addition of herbs. Herbs are used for seasoning and garnishing recipes while enhancing our taste buds.


Herbs are an asset to a kitchen garden. These graceful additions are going to enhance your home garden with vivid aromas and fill the kitchen with delicious, zesty meals.

Herbs Wall Calendar

This beautiful calendar will adorn your wall for the Year 2021
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Design Your Own Herb Garden

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Designing a Fragrant Herb Garden

Garden Ideas

Lavender, Basil, Rosemary, Sage, and Sweet Marjoram are some of the popular herbs known for their aromas. You can easily grow them outdoors or on a sunny windowsill in containers. A whiff of fresh air from herbs is what your house needs early in the morning. Moreover, lavender blooms are lovely and make the herb garden quite colourful. A fragrant and pretty herb, it is one of the most prominent aromatic herbs loved by a gardener.

Yarrow - Common Yarrow herb grows well with attractive flowers and foliage, a great addition to perennial herb gardens.

Mint -The plant can easily grow as tall as 3 feet and produces small blooms of purple flowers. Some varieties of peppermint produce white and pink blooms too. Like mint, the variegated species can be invasive also.

Herbs do not require large amount of fertilizers. I have been using organic manure such as used tea leaves, tea sachets and cow dung manure occasionally. They do well in the garden soil without much interference and amendment. Assumption is - your garden soil is not too rocky or filled with clay. Addition of manure and mulch once in 2,3 months will do good to herbs.

Why Use Aromatic Herbs?

Herbs for Freshening Air


The aroma from herbs repels mosquitoes, moths, and other harmful insects. They release pungent smell, herb oils and are valued for these characteristics.

Relinquishing fragrant herbs amidst fetid stenches masks foul smells and ensures eradication of illness as well as airborne diseases.

Bathing with aromatic herbs in ancient era was considered refreshing even in those days. Rejuvenating herbs would remove exhaustion from the mind and body alike. Make your bath time a luxury by including essential oils, salts and herbs in your bathtub.

Tea Bags and Essential Oils

Chamomile and Lavender herbs give sweet fragrance to the tea infusions and therapeutic effect to essential oils
Air Wick Plug in Scented Oil Refills,...Bigelow Tea Lavender Chamomile Plus P...Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamom...

Industrial Consumption of Aromatic Herbs

Herbal Products


There are so many variegated varieties available from herbs and each of them has a different aroma and thus based on it utilized in industry.

Lavender herb is best known for the soft and gentle aroma that everyone loves.

Of course, pure lavender is best, its flowers are used for extracting oil. The hybrids varieties of lavender herb are used for candles and soaps.

Due to the strong smell of certain herbs, deers are repelled. It helps keeping away irritating pests also. Many of such herb species find usage as pest repellent.

Fragrant Herbs for Your Garden from YouTube

Beginners Herb Garden on YouTube

Home Remedies with Herbs

Treatment with Herbs


Mint is another well-known herb used for home remedies.  Peppermint which is actually a hybrid of 2 mint species Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata (water mint and spear mint) finds itself in various products. A whiff of peppermint conjures up smells of candies and toothpaste. Mint is used for treating cold and cough.

Another herb which is used for treatment of sore throat is Basil. Many herbs are used in infusion of tea such as basil, chamomile, lemon balm, nettle and mint.

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DerdriuMarriner on 05/05/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for all the practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Which herbs do you find the most attractive to grow indoors, to grow outdoors, to scent the indoors and to scent the outdoors?

WriterArtist on 05/03/2021

This is really a good idea of having the clothes coming out of dryer not only with freshness but also exuding mild fragrance of the herb used. I definitely agree with you on the numerous uses of aromatic oils. You just mentioned a good one.

blackspanielgallery on 05/02/2021

We use a few drops of lavendar oil to scent dryer balls, balls of Australian wool that when pleced in a dryer remove some static electricity from clothing, The oil leaves a hint of aroma in the clothing, Dryer balls also reduce drying time, hence help the environment, It is amazing how versitile aromatic oils are.

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