The Unique 31 Herbal Oil Review for Headaches and Pain Relief

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A unique and spectacular 31 herbal oil from Just Swiss for excruciating and unbearable pain relief without causing any side effects.

I came to know about the miraculous 31 herbal oil when my brother was distraught with acute migraine like headaches that would completely ruin his life and sleep. Unable to perform his daily routine work he landed in hospital where doctors could not diagnose his illness. The physical symptoms did not lead anywhere and doctors were unable to find any fault with his body system.

The attacks were so intense that I would often watch him in holding his hands over the head in distress. The head massages would cause temporary reliefs and he would be again combating with the pain every other day.

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My View on Just Swiss Herbal Oil


Since child hood I was interested in herbs, I even tried growing herbs in my house with little place for garden. Now I have an herb garden blog for which I write regularly. I love herbs, they are wonderful small plants that have hidden potent powers and can have powerful therapeutical effects when applied correctly. No wonder Ayurveda mentions them so often in the ancient texts, many of which are extinct thanks to the rapid urbanization and deforestation.


This unique herbal oil is excellent when it comes to pain relief. It is made of natural products from Swiss Just Company. Be careful for sensitive skin while using, since it very pure, you can dilute with carrier oil if you desire so. My brother uses it as it is and just few drops of 31 herbal oil bring instant relief from acute and chronic headaches.

Benefits of 31 Herbal Oil


The herbal oil has 31 herbs that can be used for massaging, relaxing and restoring the rhythm of body energy. It eases discomfort in minutes and offers comfort to painful symptoms. It is a perfect natural alternative with no harmful effects. I would however recommend checking if you have any allergies. It can be safely applied for muscular pains and sprains.

You can keep this spectacular oil in your purse when you are traveling. You can use it almost for any discomfortable agonies starting from menstrual pains, toothache and ear pain. Remember it is for external usage only. It can even used for stomach pains, nail fungus and wards off pimples. Excellent for first aid, it can be used in bath and for aromatherapy as well.

Acute and Heartbreaking Headaches


My brother had acute pains in his head and he would be restless with lack of sleep and frequent occurrences of migraine like attacks. The nephrologists could not point out anything that was the root cause of his headaches. It was not migraine either. They eventually came to the conclusion that it was psychosomatic and asked him to focus on naturopathy, natural therapies, yoga and Vipassana meditation.


Unable to cope with the acute pains, he was visited by a fellow monk from US who gave him the unique 31 herbal oil. Since then, he is using this oil whenever the pain is unbearable. This unique product is from Swiss Just Company and before my brother used it, I did not know that herbs are so powerful and effective.


Since my brother has other health issues he cannot take powerful pain killers (alopathic medicines) that could damage his kidney and are harmful to his hypertension. He is thus constraint to use external medicines that can not be directly consumed and increase the chances of high creatinine levels and blood pressure.


Due to my brother's kidney issues, at some point of time Doctors also advised him to use steroids which we were all afraid to try. Steroids are known to increase sugar levels and in some cases permanently cause you health related damages.

Have you used 31 herbal oil from Swiss Just?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/10/2023

Thank you for the article that informs me of what seems a convenient, helpful product.

den carter on 09/18/2015

have been using it for some years now - amazing product. Cured everything from chest infections to mosquito bites. Helps my joints and my asthma, as well as wounds and internal problems - truly healing properties

Ingredients of 31 Herbal Oil


The spectacular oil from Swiss Just is the only product that I have come across which can be used for various ailments and complaint like arthritic pains, aching joints, indigestion and insect bites.

The herbs used are supporting each other and there is science involved in using the right proportion of each herbs. The source of herb is high quality herbs that are pure and come from best cultivated regions of works. This is the reason it is highly effective in its purest form.

Dwarf Pine
Pine Needle
Wild Mint
Goat's Rue /Galega

You can see these magical ingredients of the herbal oil and I am grateful to Mother Nature for providing them to ailing patients who are in desperate needs of natural remedies that do not have insidious harmful side effects.

Treating Diseases with Yoga and Meditation

My first Vipassana retreat was an eye opener, it transformed my way of looking at things, events and the meaning of life.
The origin of Vipassana technique lies sometime around 2000 years ago. It was discovered by Buddha and at present is taught by revered S N Goenka Guruji and the chain of teachers.
Yoga is for all– However, “Yoga for students” is required because they are the foundations of today and future of tomorrow. Why not instill good habits, virtues and asanas of Yoga.
The benefits of Yoga are immense; I have come to know with experience. Here are some tips on how to do Pranayama, so that you bring tranquility in your life.

My Brother’s Present Condition


As of now, the nephrologists having diagnosed my brother’s case came to conclusion that the ocular arteries and veins which go directly to his eyes swell every now and then. The cause of inflammation of these arteries is not known. We think it is due to stress and strain. It might be psychosomatic or due to other conditions that we do not know yet.


Due to the inflammation he is confronted with agonizing headaches. Since he cannot take pain killers due to his kidney condition he uses 31 herbal oil from just Swiss USA.


My sisters who reside in US and Canada get this oil for him once his stock finishes. He has 2 large bottles that last him a year and half. He is a monk residing in Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata, India.


We have to order this miraculous oil from US because it is not available in India.

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The basics of Ayurveda Jeevana Vignanam and Panchakarma, the Alternative Medicine Remedy lies in fact that every individual is unique and the therapy is customized for the person.
The secret to natural skin glow, a young mesmerizing soft body and the cure for dry aging skin is in grandma’s home remedies.
Yoga is a natural, effective way of life and with it comes the benefits of natural skin glow and radiating body. A promise to youth and anti-aging – yoga is a way of life.
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Swiss Just 31 Herbal Oil on YouTube

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Have you observed the therapeutical benefits of herbal oils?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/10/2023

In particular, the list of the 31 ingredients is elucidating.

Would you happen to know which ingredients preponderate?

WriterArtist on 03/20/2015

@frankbeswick - I am glad that it worked for you. Many a times when there is no relief from pain killers, I use herbal oils too.

frankbeswick on 02/12/2015

Last night when my hip had a relapse and decided to play up quite badly I gained instant relief by applying an oil. This is my testimony that oils really work.

WriterArtist on 02/12/2015

@Mira thanks for pinning.

WriterArtist on 02/12/2015

@Telesto - I think we need to explore herbs more. They are very powerful, if you know the right herb, it can alleviate the pain from the root.

WriterArtist on 02/12/2015

@katiem2 - I am amazed how these herbal oils can alleviate acute pain like migraines. I experienced this when my brother asked for this 31 herbal oil. Obviously pain killers where not making much difference, besides they last only for finite duration. When the effect is over the throbbing pain returns menacingly. I hope you find the right oil for your headaches and spinal cord pains. Please also try massaging and physiotherapy.

WriterArtist on 02/12/2015

@frankbeswick - I too suffer from joint pains and I am reluctant to take pain killers every time they ache because of the side effects to kidney and liver. I turn to the herbal oils, massaging and physiotherapy. My pain gets relieved using these techniques and I keep the allopathy medicine for emergency only. I am glad that you found something relevant for your pain.

I understand that if it comes to the point where you have to go to surgery, you have to but till then herbs can be very potent medicines. I have experienced powerful healing effects of homemade herb concoctions I make, they work when every other thing fails.

frankbeswick on 01/02/2015

The herbal oils that I took for hip pain have been really effective. I took them simply to alleviate pain and enhance mobility, but I am convinced that my hip is substantially improved. The sore spot at the centre of the trouble has disappeared. I am playing safe by continuing treatment for a while, but the improvement is evident to me.

katiem2 on 01/02/2015

This is helpful information and direct and easy to wrap my head around in terms of what herbal oils can do for pain. This is powerful information. I experience a lot of pain on an ongoing basis given serious spine and head trauma. I utilize natural remedies as best I can in hopes of getting off migraine medication and relieving other bodily pain. Thanks

Telesto on 12/30/2014

That's amazingly quick Frank, and just goes to show how good these things can be. There's a lot to be said for so-called alternative therapies.

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