Natural Skin Glow with Yoga

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Yoga is a natural, effective way of life and with it comes the benefits of natural skin glow and radiating body. A promise to youth and anti-aging – yoga is a way of life.

Sun Yogic postures are great for a soft skin body because “Sun salutations’ make you work harder and your body sweats. Along comes the toxic out of the body with sweat, which is a healthy mechanism of letting out the toxic waste out of the skin that otherwise do not have a way to get released. This is a natural way of purifying your body and skin from harmful external agents.

In fact, any posture that makes you sweat is good for the natural glowing skin and a healthy body. Yoga gurus sometimes ask the students to do the Yoga asanas in the morning with exposure to sun-rays so that the skin gets the essential vitamin D from sunlight. Be wary; don’t expose the skin in scorching sun for long hours, it will damage the skin cells from a huge dosage of ultraviolet rays.

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Skin Diseases and Body Ailments


The Yogic scriptures in the praise of Hatha yoga mention that the asanas give you other benefits such as bright eyes with clear vision , clean and smooth skin devoid of acnes and blisters, a lean and toned body with healthy muscles and an increase in stamina. It improves the immunity of the body and capability of fighting diseases.

Pranayama asana, Kapalabharati and Anulom Vilom Pranayam (alternate breathing from nostrils); all the breathing exercises are known to improve the skin texture and make it free from skin ailments. Yoga on its own keeps away deadly ailments at bay. Of course, it takes time and one has to embrace the techniques fully.

Natural Skin Glow

Natural Skin Glow
Natural Skin Glow
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Yoga Food Diet

Yoga as a Natural Stress Buster

There is no specific diet prescribed Yoga food diet as such but eating healthy vegetarian food which is fresh is recommended by the Yoga experts. Practicing Yoga decreases the craving for eating junk food, keeps you away from spicy, oily foods and lessens the desire to eat non-vegetarian food.

One develops a taste of healthier vegetarian food naturally. Also eating less of fried foods becomes a habit which is good because they contain a high percentage of estrogen.

Natural Remedies for Glowing Soft Skin


Drinking plenty of water with yoga routine is excellent for the skin and the body.  Baba Ramdev, a yogi from India suggests drinking a glass of lukewarm water to start your day. 

Raw food like salads, herbs, fresh fruits, sprouted pulses, fruit juices and skimmed butter milk are essential for a natural healthy glowing skin. This serves as a complement to the pranayama asanas you perform as a part of daily routine.

Yogic Postures

Benefits of Yoga Asanas


Most of the Yoga postures help to relieve stress by acting as important stress busters, also relieving the skin and body from fatigue. The Yoga postures and pranayama asana boost blood circulation with immediate effect. Yoga meditation, Savashasana, Siddhasana and various other Dhyanas also serve as anxiety relaxation techniques.

Stress, anxiety and depression are important factors leading to dull and ageing skin. Yoga helps you to relax and rejuvenate, giving you a natural glowing skin with enough sleep and adequate nourishments. In some scriptures, yoga mentions that the yogic postures have age reversing qualities that help checking the wrinkles from appearing too soon too.

Make yoga an essential part of your life and see for yourself the many benefits it offers.

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