Guide to Best Treatment for Wrinkles and Anti-aging Creams

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It helps if we understand the science behind anti-aging creams because this will help us in choosing the best treatment for wrinkles and anti-aging.

Since we cannot stop ageing, it appears that we cannot do anything to prevent wrinkles that accompany with old age. However; with advent of technology and revolution in cosmetics, there are very effective treatments available. With these treatments we can definitely take steps to delay it from happening.

By protecting and understanding our skin better, we can take care of wrinkles too. After all, aging is a fact of life all of us have to face some point of time. Interestingly, with the advancement and progress in the field of health and wellness, there are a myriad choice of treatment for skin wrinkles, eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and mouth wrinkles without the side effects.

Whether it is anti-aging, topical, cosmetic or surgical, there is a broad range of treatments available in the market from just reducing wrinkles to totally eradicating its existence. If you carefully search, you will find a list of cosmetic treatments, both medical and surgical, including medicines and organic creams that can help in skin care regime.

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Ingredients of the Anti-aging Cream

Best Treatment for Wrinkles


We need to look at the necessary ingredients that should be present in a good quality anti-aging cream. An essential element that should be present in the cream is the vitamin A compound popularly known as retinol; coenzyme Q10 should also be present in the cream. The coenzymes reduce fine lines and wrinkles by regulating the energy at cellular level.

You should also search for copper peptides in the cream, they combine with proteins to simulate the production of collagen. Also another essential thing that you should be concerned of is the allergies. Some people are allergic to hydroxyl acids. The hydroxyl acids present in the cream act as exfoliating agents. Exfoliating is an essential phenomenon of the skin, this process removes the dead skin and encourages the growth of new skin cells.

Treatment for Wrinkles

Best Treatment for Wrinkles
Best Treatment for Wrinkles
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Retinoid or Vitamin A Acid



It is also known as tretinoin and is popular with common brand names like Retin- A and Renova. It is among the most common ingredients for wrinkle treatment. Retinoids are antioxidants that prevent the damage from free radicals causing wrinkles by neutralizing them. They are very effective in treating wrinkles and approved by the US FDA – Food and Drug Administration.





Retinol a less powerful ingredient is available without a prescription compared to its counterpart tretinoin which is available by prescription only. It has the longest success record in the treatment of aging skin and removing fine lines, especially on the face. Creams and lotions containing tretinoin must be used regularly with diligence. Also this stuff should not be used if you are pregnant due to its potential of causing birth defects.





 Initial symptoms of using tretinoin may cause redness and peeling, however, the discomfort of the side effects may be reduced by lowering the concentration of the ingredient with the base cream and reducing the frequency of applying it. This treatment has to carefully administered until the skin gets adjusted to it.

Alpha-hydroxy acids

They are also termed as ‘fruit acids’, they include active ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid. Medicine preparations containing these fruit acids are very safe. This is an effective alternative to people prone to allergies and causes very little or no skin irritation at all. However, results are not as fast as desired and the usage has to be for a comparatively longer duration.


These are basically topical preparations that contain vitamins like A, C and E and beta-carotene. These are commonly coupled with sun protection and provide mild treatment for fine wrinkles. The extracts are produced from herbs and fruits and hence are very effective.



Common or ordinary moisturizers that claim to reduce wrinkles however cannot be effective; especially if they do not contain any of these topical ingredients. They can only mask or hide wrinkles temporarily and only reduce the appearance of fine lines.



There are also cosmetic procedures readily available in the market, usually offered by dermatological experts or medical practitioners.

Glycolic acid peels

Although this form of treatment involves hands-on application, these peels act superficially and can be really effective as temporary measures. Glycolic acid peels can only make slight differences in the intensity and degree of fine wrinkles.

Are you worried about aging and the wrinkles?

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ologsinquito on 12/12/2014

Yes, but I try to take good care of my skin.

Deeper penetrating peels

These skin peels processes involve the use of chemical substances like salicylic acid and tri-chloroacetic acid that penetrates deeper into the skin. It is believed that the deeper the treatment penetrates into the skin, the more effective it gets in smoothing out the fine lines of wrinkles.

However, one must be cautioned - the deeper the peel, the greater risk of having side effects. Among the side effects – longer lasting pigment changes or changes in the color of the skin and scarring are common. These peels generally do not require anesthesia, however, patients can request for mild sedation to help ease short-term and painful discomfitures.

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Treatment for Wrinkles Under the Eyes

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WriterArtist on 12/19/2014

@DerdriuMariner - I love organic products and a home made mask. I agree with you on using face masks which are very relaxing - they tighten the face muscles and reduce wrinkles. A facial massage also helps.

DerdriuMarriner on 12/16/2014

WriterArtist, Thank you for an informative presentation on this topic of interest to many. I am familiar with some of these creams, which have a reassuring effect on the skin. It's always helpful to see what other products are available. I especially like to use face masks, which are relaxing and clarify the skin of surface debris and irritants.

WriterArtist on 12/15/2014

@Mira - I am not an expert but I think limited external use should not be a cause of worry. However; it is wise to be prudent and know about the product. People who also consume it in diets and supplements in addition to the skin products have to watch for skin reddening, nausea and others. Here are the links that I think will throw light on the subject -

WriterArtist on 12/15/2014

Dear CorreenK - I am at this point of age that I also have started noticing my wrinkles. I also use face mask that tightens the muscles.

Mira on 12/15/2014

I didn't know tretinoin could cause birth defects. What about retinol?

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