Top Zesty Scents for Women and Men - Sweet Fragrances That Linger

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A fragrance that lingers long and brings the freshness of flora is what makes women and men go crazy for.

Who does not love the freshness that spring brings with its blooming flowers? The summer brings with it a whiff of mountains and the rain brings the aroma of earth. Fragrances which bring our memories of fruity, pine flavours and remind us of summer, spring and winter are those that embrace nature and we love to have them on our bodies.

Lovely scents for women and men which speak a lot about your personality are the need of the hour. A wardrobe is not complete until it sets the mood for the occasion with the fragrance of your presence, be it a romantic evening watching the sunset or walking on a sunny beach with mild sun-shine.

Preferences in Scents among Men and Women


 It is easy to drift and get lost with these delicious, zesty fragrances in a world of freshness. The choices that women and men make while selecting perfumes are different and yet they are so close .When you understand the anatomy of a perfume and the disposition of personalities you understand the role and preferences of the genders. You also understand why we associate femininity and masculinity when we describe certain fragrances.

Fragrances Define You


Do you belong to the class of women or men who own a personal style and a statement that is unique? In that case, you will definitely want to be original and the fragrances speak a great deal about yourself.

Going for niche scents, containing those extra-ordinary rare ingredients that are hard to find will certainly make you the cynosure of the crowd. Whether you clad yourself in chic, smart dresses of season or cover yourself up with a designer haute couture, what you smells speak volumes about your personality.

Perfumes on eBay

Perfumes in the Wardrobe?

Why do you need fragrances to match your wardrobe?


If you love the trends and designer outfits and have an extravagant tendency towards your wardrobe, spend some time in sorting and collecting the best perfumes that embody a woman or a man completely. Picking a scent may not be so easy; it might sometimes become very tricky indeed.

While shopping for perfumes, do not get overwhelmed. You obviously do not want to overdo the aromas that dominate, if you want to smell pleasant, mild and floral. Choosing fragrances that fit the occasion perfectly is an art. You can choose your own style statement and make the day by making yourself smell light and fragrant.

What Perfumes Turn Guys On?

Women’s Fragrances and Perfumes


An expensive and glamorous perfume that smells like a local vendor selling poultry is certainly not going to turn your guy on.


Men do not like women who smell like food and gourmet recipes with exception of some ingredients however delicious they might appear to the senses.


I doubt if they would like their girlfriends to smell like chocolates either. Vanilla however is a beautiful exception.


It is an essential element of desserts and is present in perfumes too. Body lotions and creams having vanilla as base have lovely aromas that feels as fresh and rejuvenating as ever.


According to a survey, scents that have aromas of sugar, fruits and candies are a strict “No –No”.


Guys do not like their gals to smell like an apple souffle, lemon or pear candy. They definitely do not want their dates to turn into a pantry store.


Citrus, acid and desert aromas are meant to make your taste buds titillating and not turn you on for a romantic evening.


Perfumes that have light notes of orchids, roses, pine and lavender are some of the aromas you might want to try on your date.

Do you think men and women's preferences for perfumes are unique?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2023

Men's and women's preferences in perfumes can be unique, depending upon the individual, even as it looks like there are some commonalities that gift-buyers and marketing professionals can consider.

What Perfumes Turn Girls On?

Men’s Fragrances


If ever any guy wanted to sniff out the men’s fragrances again and again, it was the mild, clean scents that they loved.


A zesty and piquant aroma that wants you crave for it is just like the outcome of a vibrant shower bath.


The freshness must be so refreshing that not only your body feels healthy; your soul loves it too.


Orchids and roses, they smell so fresh and are also sexy in a way that sets up the mood of a romantic setting.


Lavender, sandalwood, white freesia and dewy greens are some of the deadly combinations that will work out for your date whereas combinations of many other garden petals, wood, herbs, sensuous floral with honeysuckle can make potions of exotic aromas that are fit for a gala night.

Which brand of perfume do you like most?

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Do you think perfumes and aromas are essential items of commodity?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2023

In particular, I like your matching aromas and perfumes with gender and wardrobes.

Your first paragraph mentions spring, summer, winter associations. What would be aromas and perfumes for fall?

Mira on 11/15/2014

Looks good :). The Armani bottle has such a nice design. It looks like a great scent, too. I'm reading on Amazon it has Blood Orange, Ginger, Pear Sorbet, Sambac Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Seringa Flower, Lavender Honey, Precious Woods Complex, and Vanilla notes. The combo is so strange, and yet may work well. I'll have to try this one.

WriterArtist on 11/15/2014

@Mira - Took your advice and added more fragrances for women.

WriterArtist on 11/15/2014

@Mira - I had placed the fragrances wrong - did some rearranging. :)
Thanks for the suggestion.

WriterArtist on 11/15/2014

@Telesto - I totally agree with you - there is no point in purchasing perfumes that do not last. I love light fragrances that linger even when the person is gone, reminds me of some unforgettable moments.

Mira on 11/15/2014

I thought Fahrenheit was a scent for men, not women ;). Sure, some men may be turned on by that. I like your article, and your points about what turns men on, but would have liked to find here even more women's fragrances.

Mira on 11/15/2014

To Telesto/Susan: You can apply lotion of the same fragrance on the spots where you dab perfume. It will last longer and feel nice, too!

Telesto on 11/15/2014

I never go out without perfume but I find it hard to find fragrances that sit my skin's chemistry. I see no point in paying £100 for a bottle of something if the scent has gone half an hour after applying it. Thank you this, I enjoyed reading it.

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