Make Money The WRITE Way - Getting Your Feet Wet - Where To Start Making Money Online

by Jerrico_Usher

Writing can be a highly rewarding and liberating way to break into the "make money online" world. For many writing is enough, while others move on to internet marketing

Starting out as a freelance writer with absolutely no experience can be overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Your overwhelmed because you realize there is A LOT (and there is) to learn.

You realize you have no idea where to start, what to learn first, and in what order to figure this 'realm' out so you think it's going to be easy.

It will be later but right now every time you learn one thing- you will have a million questions pop into your head. You'll come to learn that these questions and the answers they force you to seek out will become your north star.


Make Money Writing Online


Writer's Mars


In many ways your following the same process as NASA going to mars. You can see the planet telescopefrom a distance but only through a good telescope (resources, people to tell you what to do etc...). It looks so tiny but you know it's big!

Looking through the telescope it looks so "simple" and conquerable, and it is, if you take baby steps and continue to learn and develop your skill-set.

When you get closer to realizing how much work it is to just break out of your current "atmosphere" before you can even take the million mile journey to get to mars, so to speak, and then when you realize when you get there you have a whole new set of skill-sets you'll have to learn- like how to breath on mars- it starts to really get complicated.


Breaking out of the trip to Mars analogy, let's talk about what you can expect in your journey towards freelance writing, writing for sites like Wizzley and Squidoo (web 2.0 sites respectively), and for your own sites. As all types of writing start out on the same path- learning to write with good grammar, third person informative, and learning how to engage the reader in some way, the path is almost universal.

Where it tangents off is in the various types of writing you can do which require different skill set integration paths. Some examples are Press release writing, webpage writing (informative), sales page writing (sales), white paper writing (marketing), and many others. In many ways the path to freelance writing is akin to going to college. You start out with the basic courses then later pick your degree program (what career path you want).


Don't have expectations


If your just starting out,realize the most people have no idea what they "really" want or where they're really going other than knowing in a few years they will have memories of an amazing journey that took not only themselves but the network of thousands of others to complete, prepare for, and endure.

You then need a vehicle to get there and once there, you need a way to organize what you need to figure out and then you need to start treadmill work to get there.

Don't take shortcuts, the treadmill is the only way to reach expert and rake in the big money. The work is vital and very necessary.

The work you do is both to make money BUT more-so to learn the realm- this is an on the job training career path. Many approach it from the offline working world mentality and think that starting this path means getting a weekly paycheck you can count on for "time" served.

The reality is at first there is very little pay if even enough for a check. It's a path that can become incredibly fruitful but it's not always going to be easy. In fact at hard it's anything but easy.

By don't have expectations I mean you shouldn't be rigid in your goals. Make goals but be ready to change the resource path if it becomes necessary. The pay comes later- the learning to write and monetize your writing- comes first.

You should be in it for the college of thought- a skill-set that will make the internet practically your own ATM as there are plenty of writing mills, web 2.0 sites, and other ways to earn online once you've gone through the work of figuring out the treadmill first.

Don't be an all work and no play kind of worker bee. Be a "this is a fascinating realm and I want to know more- and grow a little bit each day"- kind of person and you'll thrive and won't feel the work portion of it (too much).

Don't be in any kind of a hurry, it's not going to happen fast- it could take a year just to get your feet wet but in that year you could learn and grow a lot! It all starts with writing!

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Web 2.0 Writing Properties


When I started out as a freelance writer I discovered the web 2.0 sites first. These sites allow you to write articles and they force you to write them in the right format for high traffic and google love. Some sites offer more creative control than others I'm finding. The look of the page is every bit as important as the words on it.

These sites are great because they are training grounds for learning to write effectively. They include tools, forums with members that are more than happy to guide you, and many of the articles written there are written by people who were once where you are now. They are happy to help you and speed up your knowledge/wisdom acquisition- to give you the pointers they wished they had at the beginning!

By writing on Wizzley, for example, you get to share revenue from adsense, ebay, amazon, and other monetized vehicles they include. You just sign up for an account and write articles- they handle getting traffic to your articles with full site SEO and design tweaking to make the site primal for earning and becoming a great research stop.

Over time people will comment on your articles, you can even tell people in the forums to go take a look and they will tell you what you need to improve! Over time you will get your head around all of this stuff. This environment is a lot like a training ground.

Once you do figure it all out you will definitely branch out into writing other peoples articles and all that "practice" writing you did will become a passive income stream.

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Become Addicted To Learning The Realm


You could say it's a lot like going to college that's free. 

The other trick is to make sure your learning as you go. When you learn a new technique or realize you were doing something inefficiently- you go back and correct the first articles you wrote. As you go keep tweaking your portfolio of work until it's up to date. This raises your potential earnings and keeps your portfolio consistent.

By consistently updating your older work, new lessons now have a playground to form in. Each time you update a series of your articles your practicing. You don't want people to see bad articles. If you tweak these as you go you won't need to go back a year later and overhaul 300 articles.

You want to write a minimum of 1-2 articles a day. It doesn't matter at first what you write about- just write, get into the spirit of it, get used to it- writing is a habit- a skill set- but it must become second nature to really use it effectively.

It will take you at least a year to really become expert- but you can reach the money potential you want if you work at it. It's not so much a work and get paid model as it is a work hard on an article, then later it will bare fruit!

The more you practice writing and learning to improve it- the faster and better your passive income will be.

Updated: 08/14/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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kimbesa on 05/30/2013

So true. And just when you think you've "got it," something changes and you need that firm bedrock to move forward again.

Jerrico_Usher on 08/28/2012


Sheri_Oz on 08/25/2012

I agree - and I have always told my friends who ask how much I'm NOT earning this month that they should think of me as a college student, just without having to pay tuition.

Jerrico_Usher on 08/18/2012

Your welcome Crissaegrim! Thanks for commenting!

Crissaegrim on 08/18/2012

I couldn't agree with you more with your tips! Great article. Thanks!

Jerrico_Usher on 08/16/2012

Thanks Cherylone! Glad you liked it

cherylone on 08/16/2012

I think this is a great article. I would have loved to read something like this before I began.

Jerrico_Usher on 08/15/2012

thanks Katie I think mindset is the hardest thing for a newbie to grasp, the tools, the work, the realm- it's not that complicated when you really balance everything out, but people need to realize at first it's college/work, not equal compensation :)

katiem2 on 08/15/2012

Good advice for the first time freelance get your feet wet sort of writing goals. :)K

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