Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

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Whether it's for Halloween or for a Fancy Dress Party rather than going for something that scares the wits out of people, I much prefer Fun Halloween Costume Ideas.

What about you? Are you like me and would much rather go for fun? Then you are in the right place.

It maybe that so far when you think of Halloween you usually think of scary and spooky things, but that doesn't always have to be the case.

Halloween is also about having fun and letting your creativity and imagination run wild especially when it comes to your costumes.

There are plenty of great Halloween costumes out there that'll transform you into the craziest, silliest and most uniquely outfitted person on your block, or maybe even in your entire city.

Here you are going to find some fun Halloween costumes ideas for every member of the family including the pets!

My Favorite Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

From all the fun halloween costumes that I have looked at in putting this page together the ones that you can see below have to be amongst my favorites.

Not only do the pictures make you laugh but the costumes also like they will be great fun to wear! Which one would you choose? Let me know below!

Man in a Gorilla Cage Costume

You will definitely turn heads when you go out wearing this one of a kind costume. In fact you might even get the attention of animal control and wild life conservationists. Become the man, or woman, in the gorilla cage being carried by a gorilla.

This costume features a gorilla suit complete with head, hands and feet, and cage pieces. The entire outfit assembles using the peg and hole system. Gorilla "bones" are also included to help support the mask and upper body of the gorilla.

For a more realistic appearance, the body of the gorilla should be stuffed and stuffed pants and shoes should be added into the cage. Let the roles be reversed this Halloween.

Inflatable Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume

If you've ever dreamed about becoming a cowboy and riding off into the sunset, then you'll be glad to know that you can make that dream into a reality with this inflatable cowboy costume.

It's a one size fits all sort of item, but can pretty much accommodate anyone. This costume features a self inflating horse and rider legs which are made from high grade nylon and plastic and includes a built-in fan so your costume will remain inflated the entire time you're trick-or-treating or at a party.

Note that this costume is for single riders only and trying to take on a second rider can prove to be somewhat deflating!

Apple with Worm

An apple a day keeps the monsters away? Well that may or may not be true but dressing up as one will sure make everyone crave a healthy fruity snack.

Unfortunately you're the kind of fruit that's already been infested with worms. This silly costume features a polyester red apple tunic that includes one arm hole and a worm hand puppet. It's not everyday people see a giant apple walking the streets with a giant worm sticking out of its surface.

Sock Monkey Adult Costume

Dress up as a life size sock monkey in this classic and super cool sock monkey costume. Now you have all the more reason to monkey around on Halloween night and demand people put bananas in your sack instead of candies.

This costume features a polyester jumpsuit with attached tail and fabric headpiece. It's designed after the one and only, famous sock monkey that was first made from a pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks back in 1920.

Lunch Lady Adult Costume

Who doesn't love their school's lunch lady? After all, she slaves all day in the school kitchen making delicious glop and mysterious meats for hundreds of hungry school children. This is a simple yet fun outfit that will bring back fond childhood memories for adults and maybe not so fond school lunch memories as well.

The costume includes a short, curly orange wig in a hair net, a stuffed blue dress, a food stained apron and a padded butt accessory which will enhance your over all lunch lady look.

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Fun Couples Halloween Costumes

Perfect Fun Costume Ideas for Any Fancy Dress Party

For many, Halloween is a time to decorate your home in silly and creepy decorations, dress up children in adorable and spooky costumes, and hand out candy to all sorts of strange creatures. And while it may seem like a holiday centered on children, it's also a celebration that grownups can enjoy just as much as children.

Adults can also have fun on this ghostly night especially when they wear fun couples Halloween costumes like the ones below.

Adam and Eve Adult Costume

This is one way to go out in the nude without being arrested for indecent exposure.

This Adam and Eve couples costumes is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and it's probably the only opportunity you'll get to be able to wear your birthday suit out in public.

This set features 2 flesh tone jumpsuits with leaf covering accents and two leaf headpieces. Complete the look with a snake accessory and an apple in either Adam or Eve's hand.

Cry Baby Adult Costume

Big baby is definitely an understatement when you and your partner are wearing these cry baby adult costumes. With diapers these big, finding someone who'd be willing to change them would probably be a little difficult.

The costumes feature a polyester flesh toned body suit with attached an attached hoop that's use to hold up and support to oversized diaper.

Also included are baby pin accents on the diaper, a bib with the words "Cry Baby" printed on it, and a white bonnet.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Adult Couples Costume

Now your favorite sandwich growing up can be your Halloween costume. You and your partner can dress up as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The costumes feature a polyester foam tunic which is screen printed with a jelly spread and a peanut butter spread each on its own slice of bread.

And just in case you're wondering, yes people with peanut allergies can still wear the peanut butter tunic.

The Muppets Couples Costume Miss Piggy & Kermit Adult

You and your special someone can go as one of TV's most famous couple, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Everything you need to make the muppet transformation is included.

Miss Piggy's outfit comes with one red dress, a pair of white gloves, a necklace, a piggy nose and a wig with pig ears. Kermit features a jacket with attached shirt and bowtie, green flipper gloves, green flipper shoe covers and a Kermit the frog mask.

Fun Costumes for Toddlers

There's nothing more adorable than seeing your toddlers dressed up like everyday mundane items or in costumes that depict adult professions. Children can really be entertaining and with fun costume for toddlers you can literally have your very own side show in your house every single day.

Costumes make for great playtime commodities and can really help children get creative with their characters and imaginations.

While dressing up in Dad's big shoes and coat jacket or wearing Mom's fancy pearls and hat is fun, putting on a costume that looks like a woopie cushion is even more fun!

Five Fun Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Future Doctor Toddler Costume

Doogie Howser has nothing on your 2 year old once he puts on this awesome doctor costume. Now your toddler can be the youngest medical professional who's ever step foot in a hospital. But stepping foot in a hospital would probably be as far as his medical career will go at the moment.

Performing open heart surgeries and double bypasses will have to wait as soon as he's tall enough to see over the operating table.

Artsy Heartsy Retro Robot Costume

Robots are undeniably awesome. They combine two fascinating elements of futuristic guises and advancing technology in one fun and functional artificial intelligence. Your toddler will have a blast doing the robot and sounding like bad phone reception with this colorful and cool robot costume.

Cupcake Costume

It's no secret that sweet little toddlers love to get their sugar fill, and when your child dresses up like their favorite dessert or chocolaty snack they'll be sweeter than ever. This cupcake costume is not only delicious looking, but it looks so real you might just be tempted to take a bite out of your little tot.

Crayola Green Crayon Infant Costume

This is one crayon that your toddler won't try to peel off. You might find it annoying when your toddlers peel the paper off their crayons, but with this crayon costume you can assure a bright and colorful fun time without the mess of tiny paper scraps all over the floor. Plus, there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Garden Gnome Costume - Infant/toddler Costume

You might find this costume irresistibly adorable, yet on the other hand you might find it a little eerie considering your toddler now resembles the creepy looking little old man statue in your front lawn.

But despite the bushy white brows and the long frizzy beard, he's still the cutest thing ever to trot around your lawn. Let's just hope he's the only thing that'll ever trot around your lawn wearing a pointed hat and overalls. Otherwise, you'd better move to a new home or get rid of those lawn gnomes.

More Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween doesn't have to be all about scary costumes and spooky does although they can be fun! This year let your kids enjoy themselves with fun and novel Halloween Costumes!
If you are looking for Fun Halloween and Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas for Women who want to look great and have fun at the Halloween Party then you need look no further!
They may tell you that they don't but the truth is Men do love dressing up in costumes! But it has to be fun! So here's The Perfect Costumes for Halloween Or The Fancy Dress Party
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