Fun Halloween Costumes for Women

by pkmcr

If you are looking for Fun Halloween and Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas for Women who want to look great and have fun at the Halloween Party then you need look no further!

Are you looking for some Fun Halloween Costumes for Women and have run out of ideas? Then you need look no further as you are going to love the selection here!

Dressing up in fancy costumes isn't only for little girls. In fact, women have just as much fun playing dress up as the next 6 year old which is probably what prompted clothing department stores to incorporate dressing rooms in the first place. And with fun halloween costumes for women you can really go to town and make the day something special.

It's no secret that many women love clothes, any type of clothes; sleeping clothes, swimming clothes, house clothes, party clothes, and costumes. Basically anything that you can put on that's made out of some form of fabric or flexible material is fair game.

There are many occasions other than Halloween where a fun costume can be appropriate, e.g. girl's night out, a bachelorette party, a tea party, a themed birthday party, a convention, etc. Here are some great examples of fun costumes for women that you might want to add to your wardrobe.

Mona Lisa Frame Adult Costume

Oh no, you've been framed! But it's OK, as long as no one tries to hang you on the wall or sell you on the black market as a Mona Lisa original.

This is one of those costumes that's perfect for any occasion. Whether it is Halloween or your family reunion, everyone can appreciate a priceless masterpiece even if your head is stick right through it.

Adult Trophy Wife Costume

This costume really is hilarious and is bound to get comments from anyone who sees you in it!

Whether you really are a trophy wife or not, dressing up like one definitely has its perks. You never know you might well get nice things like expensive jewelry, designer purses, beautiful dresses and a platform trophy base to stand on so everyone will know your title.

Gorilla in the Midst Adult Costume

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be that blond lady in those King Kong movies; the one who always got snatched up by the oversized gorilla and ends up at the top the empire state building?

Well wonder no more, this gigantic gorilla hand costume will really give you a feel for what it's like to be snatched by King Kong.

80's Pop Party Women's Costume

There was never a crazier time when it came to fashion and trends than the 80s.

It was a no holds bar, let loose, and dance till you drop kind of decade that really let girls express themselves with outrageous and colorful, fun and funky fashions.

Bring back the 80s with this pop party costume.

Bacon Strip Costume

There's nothing like dressing up like everyone's favorite breakfast meat.

But don't worry; this one has a nice feminine and sexy silhouette to it that'll really flatter those curves. Just be sure to stay away from dogs or hungry individuals who skipped breakfast while wearing it.

More Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether it's for Halloween or for a Fancy Dress Party rather than going for something that scares the wits out of people, I much prefer Fun Halloween Costume Ideas.
Halloween doesn't have to be all about scary costumes and spooky does although they can be fun! This year let your kids enjoy themselves with fun and novel Halloween Costumes!
They may tell you that they don't but the truth is Men do love dressing up in costumes! But it has to be fun! So here's The Perfect Costumes for Halloween Or The Fancy Dress Party
Updated: 06/22/2014, pkmcr
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pkmcr on 05/27/2013

@katiem2 that sounds brilliant and the fact you still have it is wonderful!

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

My daughter did the frame costume when she was 14, she made a self portrait herself, it was awesome and she got so many compliments. I've saved it and now hang in in the hall, it's a cool piece.

pkmcr on 05/26/2013

@Ruthi LOL there is that :-)

Ruthi on 05/26/2013

Yes, Paul! I must admit, though, I'd be wary of foes who might wish to hang me!

pkmcr on 05/26/2013

@Ruthi it could be great fun couldn't it and so easy to take off too!

Ruthi on 05/26/2013

I love the idea of a Framed costume for Halloween!

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