Fun Halloween Costumes for Men

by pkmcr

They may tell you that they don't but the truth is Men do love dressing up in costumes! But it has to be fun! So here's The Perfect Costumes for Halloween Or The Fancy Dress Party

Are you looking for some fun halloween costumes for men this year either for yourself or your partner? Then you are going to love this selection!

Imagine being able to watch TV as Darth Vader, shop the aisles at your local grocery as a clown, workout at the gym as Superman, or go to work as an evil mad scientist.

Dressing up in your favorite costume or as your favorite character doesn't have to be reserved for Halloween night. With fun costumes for men, you can transform into anyone you'd like to be throughout the year.

Who says that the fun of costumes only has to come once a year when there are still 364 days left of costume opportunity? As the saying goes, "Be all that you can be!" and you don't necessarily have to be in the army.

Fun Halloween costumes for men come in a myriad of selections so your days will never be boring and you can look forward to becoming a "new" man every other day or so. Your family will surely be pleased, and greatly amused. Check out some of these great men's costumes!

Fun World Costumes Men's Mens Popeye Costume

If there was one costume that would be appropriate for a gym setting it would have to be a Popeye costume.

With forearms like his, there's no question that Popeye has been hitting those weights hard; dumbbell wrist curls perhaps?

You can go anywhere dressed as the pipe smokin' sailor, and be sure to have a can of spinach on you just in case you run into someone with bigger forearms than you.

Elope Where's Waldo Adult Costume Kit

If you're the type of guy who likes to disappear in crowds or easily blends into the background or scenery then this Where's Waldo costume kit is perfect for you.

It comes in very handy when trying to avoid present company, e.g. ex-girlfriend, the guy you owe money to, your mother-in-law, etc. It has everything you need to be the perfect human chameleon.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Inflatable

Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you feel like a marshmallow.

And for those days when you feel like a puffy white mass of sugar this Stay Puft marshmallow is the ideal attire.

There's just one thing you need to keep in mind when wearing it; stay away from camp fires and little children with poky sticks.

Men's Adult One Night Stand Costume

It's another great disguise in the form of a fun costume.

Dressing up like bedroom furniture can prove quite beneficial when you're trying to hide from your nagging wife, your wife's nagging mother, or your mother-in-law's nagging daughter (which would again be your wife).

Pizza Slice Adult Costume

Nothing goes better with beer and a movie on a Friday night than a nice, steaming cheesy slice of pizza.

But just in case you're a little short on cash, then the next best thing would be to pull out your pizza slice costume. Even though you can't eat it, at least you'll still look good enough to eat in it.

More Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether it's for Halloween or for a Fancy Dress Party rather than going for something that scares the wits out of people, I much prefer Fun Halloween Costume Ideas.
Halloween doesn't have to be all about scary costumes and spooky does although they can be fun! This year let your kids enjoy themselves with fun and novel Halloween Costumes!
The Smurfs have come into their own again as characters for Halloween Costumes with the 2011 movie. Why not choose a Smurfs Halloween Costume and turn yourself blue for Halloween?
Are you looking for some great Movie Character Costume Ideas for 2014? Spooky Costumes and Cute Costumes with movie characters you can get them all and more besides.
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pkmcr on 05/26/2013

@AnomalousArtist glad you liked it :-)

AnomalousArtist on 05/25/2013

The "one night stand" is awesome, ha ha...I know a friend who dresses like Waldo every day! :)

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