Funny Birthday Card for Friend

by sheilamarie

A funny birthday card will brighten your friend's special day. Find a funny birthday card for your friend, personalize it, and send it in the mail. Cheer up the birthday star!

Sending cards in the mail may seem old fashioned to some people in this age of e-cards and facebook messages, but there's still something to be said about the satisfaction of leafing through the bills and flyers that come to your door and finding a card from a friend on your birthday.

Even better if that card carries a message that makes you chuckle or even laugh out loud. Who could argue that funny birthday cards are still worth sending and receiving?

Find some funny birthday cards here, or just read on and join in the conversation.

Birthday Card Greetings for a Good Laugh

Lighten Up Your Friend's Special Day

Friend's Birthday Coming Up? Thinking of Sending a Funny Birthday Card a Friend Will Be Cheered By? Or at Least a Card to Inspire a Chuckle?

Even though the internet has changed how we communicate, nothing can replace a paper card in your mailbox on your birthday. Your friend can receive a dozen quick birthday greetings on facebook or as an e-card in her inbox, but those will be quickly clicked through and forgotten.

Getting an envelope in the mail, however, with your personal message written on a funny birthday card will set your friend laughing. She will connect with you more directly with something in her hand. She will know you took the time to pick out that card and sign it, maybe even tuck in a photo or a personal message. Your friend may prop your birthday greeting on her table or desk as a bone tickler, or even use it to keep her place in a -- yes! -- paper book or calendar.

Funny Birthday Greeting Cards Are Not Dead!

You can call me old fashioned, but a personal connection like an honest-to-goodness greeting card can mean a lot to someone bombarded with electronic media. This is especially true when you add a personal message along with the printed one. The picture itself can be a message all on its own!

If you still like the ease of working online, you can personalize a Zazzle card and send it to your friend in the mail. You have the convenience of online, but your friend still has something in her hand to remind her that you care.

Two Friend Birthday Cards from Aaron's Animals on Zazzle

Chuckle with These Funny Birthday Cards for a Friend or a Family Member

Do You Prefer to Receive a Traditional Card on Your Birthday?

Or Is an e-card Good Enough?
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I like the traditional card. It's fun to get in the mail and it's a more personal touch.
CherylsArt on 06/19/2011

I like the idea of receiving a physical card; but ecards from my online friends is hunky dory.

Guest on 06/08/2011

I think a traditional card provides shows that you take the time and effort to care about a person's birthday.

mandeesears on 06/04/2011

I'm like you -- a bit traditional when it comes to sending greeting cards. I like to get fun mail mixed in with all the bills! And, it seems more personal whatever the event.

PeggyHazelwood on 06/04/2011

ecards are fine but a traditional card is nice to set out to look at for a few days. If someone remembers me, I'm happy!

Two More Funny Birthday Cards a Friend May Enjoy

Okay, So Sending an Email Is Fun, Too!

Is Sending a Birthday Card to a Friend Becoming a Thing of the Past?

The Internet May Be Changing How We Send Greetings to Our Friends

As I am writing this greeting card page on Wizzley, the Canadian Postal Workers Union has declared a rotating strike. This strike started today in Winnepeg, the east-west geographic center of the country. The strike will shift from city to city across the country until the union's concerns are resolved.

All day the Canadian air waves have been filled with radio hosts chatting about the situation. It got me thinking . . .Will the post office eventually become a thing of the past, like milkmen and ice deliveries?

Now that online banking and online bill payment, as well as e-mails and social networking, are commonplace, are junk mail and grocery store flyers the only thing people use the mailbox for anymore?

How does this question relate to the theme of this Wizz? It may seem irrelevant, but here's the rub: Will anyone still send funny cards to a friend anymore?

Maybe we'd better revive sending cards in a big way in order to halt the abandonment of an institution as iconic as the Post Office. What will the world's Philatelic Societies do if there are no stamps to collect?

Imagine if the only possibility of receiving a birthday card on your big day was from a person you see every day. Most of your daily acquaintances would probably think a simple verbal "happy birthday" would do and wouldn't even bother with a card. 

Imagine -- and I was just starting to get good at making pop-ups, not to mention making cards on Zazzle. 

What do you think? Am I being melodramatic? 

Celebrating a Fat Cat's Birthday?

Do You Think the Post Office Is Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Do You Still Use the Post Office to Send Mail?
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How Many Birthday Card Greetings Do You Send a Year?

Friends, Family, CoWorkers, etc.

Do You Prefer Home-made or Store-bought Cards?

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I like the store-bought -- more professional, and who has time to make cards anyway!
mandeesears on 06/04/2011

It's all about the sentiment to me. If I can find one with the message I want to convey, I'll buy it. Otherwise I'll make one.

I prefer homemade -- they're the best!
PeggyHazelwood on 06/04/2011

I like making homemade cards. Getting them is great too!

Make Your Own Pop-Up Cards!

Using Japanese Techniques

Learn how to make your own pop-up greeting cards!

This book has 60 different designs that you can learn to make, including flowers, gardens, snowflakes, and angels, Geisha, masks, and more.

Many of the projects use cut-out designs that will make your cards really unusual.

Even if you have made pop-up cards before, you are sure to learn some new techniques from the ideas in this book.

3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

Japanese Style
3D Pop Up Greeting Cards
$18.0  $2.63

Directions for Making Birthday Greeting Cards for a Friend

Funny or Pretty -- It's Up to You

Making Greeting Cards
Nice site filled with ideas for making your own greeting cards.

Family Crafts -- Greeting Cards
Photos of homemade greeting cards people have made then posted.

Making Greeting Cards with Desktop Publishing
Step by step guide to making your own cards with desktop publishing software.

Pop-Up Cards: How to Make Your Own

by Sandi Genovese
Pop-Up Cards: And Other Greetings that Slide, Dangle & Move with Sa...
$21.0  $49.99

Pop-Up Cards: And Other Greetings that Slide, Dangle & Move

by Sandi Genovese

Who can resist a pop-up card with moving parts?

This book by Sandi Genovese will delight you with ideas about making your own pop-up cards. One of the card ideas in this book is a multi-tiered chocolate cake with candles on top. When you open and close another card, hands clap with enthusiasm!

Learn how to assemble your own ideas by studying how these cards work, or just follow the step-by-step instructions in this book to copy the cards pictured.

If You'd Rather, You Can Make Your Funny Greeting Card -- Your Friend Will Appreciate Your Effort

And You Can Even Use Recycled Materials to Decorate It!

Send Greetings You Have Created Yourself 

Even if you have decided that you'd rather not purchase a new card, you can still let your friend know you care by making your own funny birthday card. If you have a few basic paper ingredients, or even some cloth scraps, you can let your imagination go wild. Let it take you to new heights (or depths) of zaniness. Do you have a private joke you share? Can you think of a way to illustrate it? 

One of these books below may help inspire you. Imagine the range of goofiness that you could make pop out of a card!

With a little direction, you could make some balloons, a cake with more candles than the birthday boy or girl would care to count, or even a helicopter pop out of the center of a folded piece of construction paper. 

Err, you're right, construction paper can be a little flimsy for a pop up card. A good card stock would be better. Some glitter and a bit of glue comes in handy, too. What about that little mesh bag your onions came in? Would make a dandy net for a picture of a fisherman. And don't worry about a little stinging onion juice. Your friend is already in tears because you put the accurate number of candles on the pop out cake.

Speaking of fishermen, it's a good idea to think of something special your friend likes to do when you make that birthday card. If your friend is very young, he would appreciate the ball or the hockey stick or the ballet shoes you so carefully drew on old gift wrap and cut out and pasted on the card you made. An older friend would appreciate your work, too.

But don't forget, to make a funny birthday card you need jokes. Some people find jokes that make fun of a person for getting old funny. Some people don't. For the people who don't like to be made fun of, you may want to take a different approach. Animals doing funny things are usually a big hit.

Updated: 11/25/2014, sheilamarie
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Did You Get Any Ideas for Sending Your Friend a Funny Birthday Card?

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sheilamarie on 04/30/2012

I agree, Samsara. Nothing like a good laugh!
I remember trying to make pop-up cards, too.

Guest on 06/08/2011

I always try to pick a funny birthday card to give to my friends.

mandeesears on 06/04/2011

These are cute funny birthday cards Sheila. I'm with you, I'd rather get 1 card in the traditional mail than 100 e-cards. Taking the time to pick out just the right card or make a card with your perfect sentiment means they really spent time and thought on you. That's a gift in and of itself.

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