Funny Mother's Day Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online for Your Dear Mom

by Regi_B

If you want to give humor a go this Mother's Day, here are the funniest gift ideas -- in my mind, and my mind is a wondrous place.

We all know that Mother's Day is one of those uber-inflated holidays set up by retailers to make dear Mom expect attention and probably a gift on her special day. That said, we also all know what sort of seventh-ring-of-holy-heck we would be in if we did not give Mom a little something special on "her day".

Let us pretend we read "something special" as "something funny". Who says we cannot have fun on Mom's big day? Most mothers have a sense of humor. Any good one would!

If you are reading this and you would like to make your mom laugh, shout, "Ah! Hi-ya, hey-yo, diddly do!"

(There was no particular reason to have you shout that. Did you do it anyway?)

Now, have a read of some funny things you could buy your mommy for Mother's Day.

Mom Doesn't Want Any BS Gifts!

Mom may not want BS gifts, but I bet she would like a BS Button, especially if she is known not to take any bovine waste herself.

You can set mom's heart aflutter with the BS Button. (I am so sure!)

If your mom is the kind to "tell it like it is", she will adore this "BS detector" she can use at home or at work.

Hey! If she is that type and she does not like this gift, you can bet she will be sure to tell you!

You have to love a mom who can give it to you straight. (You have to, because you've got no choice!)

A Gift for the Sarcastic Mom

Is your mom the salt of the earth? Always affable and kind?

If you answered, "As if!", or "Yeah, right!", then might I suggest the Sarcastic Ball as the perfect Mother's Day gift for your Mommy Dearest?

Accoutrements Sarcastic Ball

Sarcastic Ball We've all seen those 4" dia balls that give answers to questions. Well this one does it with sarcasm: "Yeah, right," "Ask me if I care," and "Oh, please," are exa...

Only $69.99

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Now, if you answered, "Whatever!" to that question, I know this is definitely the exact funny gift you should grace with your mom's presence on her wonderful day.

What better way to say "thank you" to your mom for showing you how to put people in their place?

The Sarcastic Ball includes comebacks like "Get a clue!" and "In your dreams!"

Mother's Day Gift for Moms Who Like to Monkey Around

If your mom likes to go "bananas", she might enjoy a flying, screaming monkey slingshot.

It is not everyday you see a flying, screaming monkey slingshot, unless of course, you work at the place that sells such monkeys.

Anyway, I am sure a fun-loving mom would be impressed -- with this "Flingshot" monkey slingshot thingy as a present, and with your ability to pick out something truly nice and special for Mother's Day.

On Amazon, you will see this product is much loved by reviewers -- in addition to being humorous.

For the Well-Adjusted Divorcee Mom

If your mother went through a divorce and handled it "well" -- as in "not well" -- gently give to her the Dead Fred pen holder for a laugh.

She will laugh and hug you (if she doesn't kill you -- which she probably won't).

Dead Fred is silicone rubber, which probably explains why he is "dead", as silicone rubber doesn't -- well -- live and breathe.

It never lived, so really, they should have called it "Inanimate Fred" -- Oh! Never mind!

Divorcee Mom Funny Gift Idea Number 2

While we are on the subject of "dead guy" gifts for the fun-lovin' mom who cannot say her ex's very name, here is a bookmark that goes by the name of "Dead Mark".

The "straight man" of this joke, Dead Mark is a rubber bookmark made in the shape of a man who has been squashed flat like a -- like a -- like a thing that has been squashed flat. (Regi B can paint a picture, no?)

This product would make a perfect Mother's Day gift for the mom who just can't put down the latest Harlequin Romance "novel".

What a Gag Gift for Mother's Day!

While we are on the subject, why not adorn your mom's second Sunday in May (that's Mother's Day) with the practical joke of giving her a set of Harlequin novels?

This "classic" line of "writing" has so many titles from which to choose.

How could you go wrong?

If your mom hates this type of novel, but loves to laugh, gift wrap her a couple of nice Harlequins and dare her not to crack a chuckle!

Let Your Mom Know She Keeps You Sane -- and You Need Her to Stay that Way!

If your mom might be turning into a collector of strays, let her know you care by showing her all the "trappings" of her dalliances with the feline persuasion.

Gift mom a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure.

It comes with more hard vinyl cat figurines than you can swing a cat at, and is a much-loved item on Amazon, as shown by these customer reviews.

For the Mom Who Can Stand the Heat in the Kitchen

If your mom thinks she is Paula Dean -- or maybe, Guy Fieri -- she may enjoy this funny apron.

"Be nice to me or I'll poison your food!" What a happy Mother's Day sentiment!

If you are having trouble finding a way to show mom just how much she means this year, I say look no further than this apron.

For the "Always" On-Time Mom

Do you tell your mom the movie starts half an hour before its actual start time?

Does she pull that trick on you?

If you or your mom have trouble getting places at the desired time, then perhaps, it is "time" to demonstrate your appreciation of such quirkiness with a quirky wristwatch.

(By the way, use of the phrase "quirky wristwatch" is not for the faint of heart, and requires a special license.)

The "Whatever Watch" comes with a face of jumbled numbers -- piled as though they do not really matter. And maybe they don't. (Or maybe they do -- it depends upon one's life perspective, I suppose.)

In any event, your loving mom who loves to laugh may love you more should she open her Mother's Day package and see this watch's face staring back at hers.

This light-hearted list of Mother's Day gifts has been brought to you by Regi B, and the letter "M" -- okay, just by Regi B, but with much love and care (and indigestion).

Updated: 04/13/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 04/16/2012

Likewise, Dustytoes. O_o

dustytoes on 04/15/2012

I'd love to have that apron ;) But I'd probably get the crazy cat lady figurine!

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