Games Like Candy Crush - More Addicting Puzzle Games

by Seelyon

If you've made it through the hundreds of levels that Candy Crush has to offer and want more games like Candy Crush you'll find them here. Find a new fun puzzle matching game to ge

If you've made it through the hundreds of levels that Candy Crush has to offer and want more games like Candy Crush you'll find them here. Find a new fun puzzle matching game to get addicted to below and don't forget to suggest your own favourites at the end of the page.

While Candy Crush has become the most popular game in the puzzle matching space it by no means the first to create a game in this genre. There have been countless games before it that are just as good if not better then Candy Crush which provide another medium to get addicted to.

If you love Candy Crush and want some alternatives I hope you enjoy the list of games I've put together below.

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Farm Heroes Saga

The Most Obvious Of The Games Like Candy Crush

Farm Heroes Saga is another game developed by King and is pretty much solely designed to push their margins even higher with the success of Candy Crush Saga. It's currently working well for them and the game does capture the same experience as their other hit game although it does change up the setting.

The most notable change is in your level objectives that generally require you to collect a certain number of cropsies (the crops on the game board). This does shift the focus slightly but all the same mechanics are there from the puzzle matching, to the jelly like squares that blog your progress before being cleared.

If you want something that offers a very similar experience to Candy Crush Saga this is the obvious game of choice and is playable on FacebookAndroid and iOS devices just like Candy Crush.

Jewel Mania

A Jewel Based Game Like Candy Crush

I'm a simple person so simple games always appeal to me and that's the umbrella that Jewel Mania falls under. It's one of the easier games to get into and it's highly casual just like Candy Crush Saga. Available on iTunes and Android, it's available to every smart phone owner.

While simple the level of content is extremely deep with nearly 500 levels with great challenges to explore. These challenges are similar to what you would have already experienced in Candy Crush as you smash jewels out of glass, work around strangely shaped levels and much more.

This challenge combines with great visuals to bring the jewels to life and it looks superb on devices offering plenty of flashy, explosive and colourful moments it's a visual treat so you get that constant enjoyment from every match that I love.

Gems Journey

An Android Exclusive Game Like Candy Crush

It's a pity that Gems Journey is only available on Android because I think it's one of the better games like Candy Crush. It's not that the game is doing anything special in this space it's simply that it does everything well.

Gems Journey is your standard 3 match puzzle adventure and challenges you with plenty of levels (over 150) with objectives revolving around limited time and limited moves. It also packs multiple game modes to add more depth beyond what you would normally see in this type of game.

This includes a unique mode where you have to arrange gems into a specific shape or try to push an object into a particular game spot.

Smiles HD

One Of The Paid Games Like Candy Crush Saga

I strongly believe that with so many free options you shouldn't have to pay for this sort of game. After seeing what Smiles HD had to offer though I was pleasantly surprised. The game is available for iOS and Android owners.

The game is really two different games and turns the normal match 3 puzzle experience on it's head. These two options cover the simple side of gameplay for more casual gamers but also has the larger level of depth that more advanced gamers like myself like to see in a game.

One feature that really makes the game for me is the fast approach to gem swapping that lets you swap gems without waiting for the last ones to fall, something that generally annoys me in other games. I'll admit it's a tough ask to spend money when so many free options available but it's still worth consideration.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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