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by Seelyon

Clash of Clans is a huge mobile hit and there are plenty of clones out there, but do you want games like Clash of Clans that you can play on your PC (online)? There are a few optio

Clash of Clans is a huge mobile hit and there are plenty of clones out there, but do you want games like Clash of Clans that you can play on your PC (online)? There are a few options available if that's what you're after which you'll find below.

While I originally got hooked on Clash of Clans I eventually grew tired of the mobile game because I'm not that big a mobile gamer (I always find my iPhone to small for most games and Clash of Clans is a game that needs more screen space in my mind). I loved the gameplay but I'd rather play it on a larger computer screen so I started searching for options.

Despite all the clones on iOS and Android I found it hard to find games like Clash of Clans for PC so I'm hoping this page will reduce the search time of others.

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Backyard Monsters

One Of My Favourite Games Like Clash of Clans For PC

Of all the games I ended up trying on my search for online Clash of Clans clone I really liked what Backyard Monsters has to offer, it's available on Facebook and a number of online game websites (such as Kongregate) so there are enough ways to play the game (I'm not one that likes to play on Facebook).

The app centre on Facebook suggests over 100,000 players but it's probably much higher because of the other portals that the game is available through. As the name might suggest your job is to raise all sorts of unique monsters for your attacks. With over two dozen types I really liked the depth of options that were provided and didn't feel pigeon holed into certain strategies like I do in other games.

Of course all the city building elements are also there in Backyard Monsters and the graphics have a really nice dark feel that I liked (in fact all the environments were well done).

To keep the often straight PvP experience more interesting the game does offer up some fun challenged and competitions from time to time which do give you something to keep aiming towards and part of the reason I probably stuck with the game for so long.

Dungeon Overlord

One Of The Online Games Like Clash of Clans

I really like Dungeon Overlord because it has an almost Dungeon Keeper like feel to it and combines that with Clash of Clans inspired gameplay. Just like Backyard Monsters listed above the game is available on a number of different portals (Facebook, Kongregate, etc.)

In the game you get to craft your own dungeon as you play overlord, as you recruit all sorts of minions you can train them up to collect treasure and expand your empire. You'll also get to setup traps to protect your treasure from other players with all sorts of strategies available. If you don't like the PvP approach then there are plenty of PvE options as you raid the villages on the surface for resources.

As a huge fan of the Dungeon Keeper series the appeal for me was instant and was very impressed with the experience that I got in return from this Clash of Clans style game. With a huge number of different creatures to attract (certain rooms will attract certain creatures). This gives you great control over your fighting force and you can manage numbers as you please, if you prefer to raid then you can focus on attracting more Orcs and training them to high levels while sneaky players can focus on Rogue attraction or technology inspired strategies can work hard on their Warlocks.

This depth is why I like Dungeon Overlord and it's easy to get hooked on the game.

Ninja Kingdom

A Zynga Produced Online Game Like Clash of Clans For PC

Zynga has a good history of copying successful games so of course they'd want to get into the Clash of Clans action with their own take on the genre. To their credit they've provided an enjoyable ninja setting which I hadn't seen done before in this genre.

The game also has some unique elements such as a powerful hero unit (princess) and a good number of unique defensive options and units that aren't generally seen in this sort of game (in my experience anyway). The game challenges you to fight for what is hood and regain your 'Mojo' while you protect the princess from her ninja enemies.

Apart from these small unique features you won't see much innovation (but that is the genre after all). You'll build up a defendable village, choose your troop numbers and attack others all in a days work.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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