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by Seelyon

Want some other games like Guild Wars 2? Check out my top game recommendations that offers a mixture of paid and free to play MMORPGs for fans of GW2.

Want some other games like Guild Wars 2? Check out my top game recommendations that offers a mixture of paid and free to play MMORPGs for fans of GW2.

Like many gamers I made the jump from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars 2 when it came out. I've had plenty of enjoyment from GW2 but eventually it comes time to move onto my next MMO (I usually play them for about a year before starting a new adventure).

So if you're like me and wondering just where to jump to next after being satisfied with Guild Wars 2 then this page is intended for you. I've got 3 MMORPG experiences that I found amazing and think any MMO fan should be playing.

If you've got your own favourites be sure to drop a comment at the end of the page.

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The Secret World

One Of The Most Unique Games Like Guild Wars 2 I've Played

Of all the MMO games like Guild Wars 2 I've tried The Secret World definitely takes the cake as the most strange and unique. Just like GW2 the game is a paid experience but once you've purchased the game there isn't any on going subscription fee (although there was on launch so anything you read about that is outdated).

I'm a hug conspiracy buff and with factions like the Illuminati, Dragon and Templar I just knew that I was in for a real treat with the setting of The Secret World. It's a setting that focuses on these individual factions, myth, conspiracies and even some darker horrors, it's literally my ideal MMO setting and it's a great change from the never ending fantasy and medieval style MMORPGs which I'm definitely sick to death of.

I also really like how The Secret World approaches class options with the ability to switch instantly between classes, without these usual limits it's easy to create something with unique weapons, spells and abilities that wouldn't be possible in other MMOs.

Advancement through the game also provides several paths so you won't feel like you have to quest or grind which are generally the only two options in early-mid levels of similar games. Instead The Secret World offers you more choice with a faction specific quest line to follow, individual dungeon quests, faction side quests or a handful of long running side quests. These quests aren't just a standard affair either with a more puzzle and investigative process that makes it somewhat like a detective game in parts.

As a non subscription alternative to Guild Wars you can't miss out on the unique gameplay and setting that The Secret World has to offer.

Age of Conan

A Visually Stunning Game Like Guild Wars 2

Age of Conan is quite possibly one of the best looking MMOs to date, it almost feels like you're in the land of Skyrim rather than playing an MMO. Graphics like this do come at a price so the game launched as a subscription based model. 5 years after a successful run though the game is completely free to play with the only downsides being the huge file size that make have you waiting a day or two depending on your internet speed.

The focus of the game goes beyond great graphics though with plenty of attention to detail in the way of class development and story, Age of Conan was definitely trying to fall between single player RPG and MMORPG and it's succeeded quite well at that. For this reason I generally recommend the game to people who either aren't familiar with MMOs or don't generally like the genre since it's a good bridge between genres.

Combat supports this intention and doesn't feature the boring combat that you're probably used to in other MMOs, instead you can expect to find a more hands on and action orientated experience where you have to carefully balance your attacks and movements to survive encounters with your enemies.

What really sealed the deal for me in Age of Conan though was the PvP options and how they tied into the guild system closely. With plenty of options for large scale battles and the ability to craft out your own piece of the game world as a guild the end game content is vast.


One Of The Great Fantasy MMO Games Like GW2

In Aion you'll step into a world of fantasy in a game that is quite possibly my favourite in the genre. After huge success in the Asian market with millions of subscribers the game came to international shores and since that time has made the jump to free to play.

The setting for this adventure is the standard dark versus light affair but it does have a few elements that make it unique and stand out in a saturated environment. This battle is between Elyos (light) and Asmodian (dark), which one you choose to join is totally up to you and they both have very distinct art styles to enjoy.

Character creation is what Aion is known for with one of the best (if not the best) character customisation screen in existence in this genre. The options truly are endless and it's easy to create something unique be it yourself, a famous celebrity or just a look that you think looks cool. I always want to separate myself from other players in the MMOs that I play and Aion makes this extremely easy.

Two other important differences to the Aion experience are the chain based skills that require you to carefully consider the order of your attacks in order to cast more powerful skills and the PvPvE system.

I love the idea of PvPvE systems but before Aion I hadn't really seen to many that worked well in the MMO environment. In Aion's version you and your guild will be fighting over large fortresses for control of them (which bring wealth benefits and discounts). These siege like battles not only have you fighting rival guilds though but also NPC controlled characters to make a very exciting experience.

If it's deep visual customisation you want or PvPvE battle options then you want to pick Aion on your search for games like Guild Wars 2.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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