Other Great Puzzle Games Like The Room

by Seelyon

Captivated by The Room and looking for other puzzle games The Room? On this page you'll find a few of my other favourite and unique puzzle games that you can play on your PC, iOS d

Captivated by The Room and looking for other puzzle games The Room? On this page you'll find a few of my other favourite and unique puzzle games that you can play on your PC, iOS device or Android.

I've loved my puzzle games ever since I was introduced as a much younger game and from that point on I simple cannot resist a good puzzle adventure. With the increasing rise of mobile gaming I found this genre made quite the return as mobile devices and their larger tablet counterparts were simple perfect for this sort of game and my love was rekindled.

The Room stood out above all other options though, it just had this certain feel and vibe to it that made it incredibly addicting and I wasn't alone with this opinion, it's arguably the most popular puzzle game in recent years. I hope other fans of the game will enjoy the page I've put together below and I welcome all other game recommendations through the comment box at the end of the page.

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Help Volty

One Of My Favourite Games Like The Room

Help Volty is exclusive to iOS devices and requires an iPad to play. The game has you exploring the mechanics surrounding a very strange wooden box. With all sorts of wires, knobs, gears and gyro style mechanics it's a really fun adventure and one of the games most similar to The Room that I've been able to find.

The game requires just as much dexterity, patience and logical thinking as The Room which is why I was so attracted to it and played through from start to finish. It's also available at a good price point ($1.99), now that I know the length of the game I could have easily parted with $2.99 or $3.99 and been just as happy.

The game is quite high up on the difficulty ladder with no tutorials or help of any kind, it's truly a game with emphasis on discovering things for yourself, something I always really like in games (I'm a big fan of Machinarium for example).

If it's mechanical puzzles that you are after then Help Volty is the option you want to look into, it is slightly more twitch (reflex) focused than The Room but most people shouldn't have too much trouble adjusting to the required skill set.

Escape the Room: Limited Time

Another One Of My Favourite Games Like The Room

Unfortunately for iOS users this option is an Android only experience (I'm lucky enough to be able to play on both). The game in question is Escape the Room: Limited Time and it's a brilliantly twisted game that sets you some crazy challenges that all revolve around escaping your current environment.

One of the main reasons I enjoy Escape the Room: Limited Time over the many other games offering this sort of experience is the extra objectives in every stage which really encourage you to look harder. Since I'm a perfectionist style gamer I got a huge number of extra hours trying to solve and find all the secrets in the levels. So if you're like me I think you'll really enjoy the game for that reason.

In total you'll have over 50 different levels to explore which are varied, challenging and beautifully presented. The setting for your adventure is one of multiple rooms as you try to escape before the bomb that has been attached to you runs out of time. It's slightly cliché but you'll forget about it pretty quickly as you focus on the puzzle aspects.

With a free price tag you've really got nothing to lose in this option.


A Classic Is Reborn In This New Edition

Myst is a classic game in the adventure and puzzle genre, it's set the bar for all future games and still to this day is a regularly played game in my house. realMyst takes the best part of the original and adds some extra content so you've got an excuse to relive the entire adventure again (like I needed an excuse).

With it's updated graphics it also makes it an accessible option for people who have never even heard of Myst before (what blasphemy).So what is Myst actually all about? It's an adventure meets puzzle game and focuses around an island in the middle of nowhere. On this island you will take part in a strange and haunting experience like no other as you cross different planes of existence.

Along the way you'll find hidden clues left possibly by someone before you to help guide your direction and to keep you from getting completely lost. It's the sort of game that really encourages exploration and with some amazing 3D environments you really don't need much convincing.

If your search for games like The Room have been unsuccessful up to now I guarantee that the classic Myst won't disappoint.

Updated: 08/30/2019, Seelyon
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