Gas Wood Chipper Shredder Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

The best gas chipper shredder will do exactly what you need it to do - shred and mulch fall debris. It is an awesome tool, more so when fall brings all the usual trash to the yard.

The best gas chipper shredder will do the job it's designed for, give great value for money and make short work of the yearly fall yard clean-up. They're the heavy weight alternative to an electric leaf shredder and a useful garden too. Most of us have leaves, brush, twigs and other yard debris to deal with and a good quality wood chipper will handle the work efficiently.

A gas powered shredder mulcher can be relied on for its power, its solid design and offer the assurance that fall yard cleaning needn't be the huge chore it's been in the past. Not all of us live in an area that benefits from a community driven fall clean-up and if we're lucky enough not to possess a variety of trees in the back yard - chances are the street's full of them.

Clearing up leaves is nothing short of hard work and even if you don't want or need to use the mulch, what you're left with still needs disposing of. Condensing the volume before you drop it off for disposal will reduce the amount of dollars you've got to hand over for the privilege - which is why it makes perfect sense to invest in the best gas shredder you can afford.

Earthquake (3") 305cc Chipper / Shredder With Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine

The Earthquake lives up to is name and is one of the five best gas chipper shredder models currently available. It's an awesome beast of a machine a best buy for those that have a lot of brush, twigs and branches in and around their yard. The Earthquake is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Intek IC 305cc Engine - which is enough power to chew through 3" branches with ease.

It possesses a triple blade system - two 2" knives chip the branches, two J Hammer blades do the shredding and the two Tri hammer blades pulverise it all into mulch. It's an impressive chipping/shredding action and will reduce a yards worth of debris to around 1/20. The combination of a solid construction, the blade action and engine power make this an inspiring machine - one that does the work for you. Highly recommended and a must buy if you've got a lot of yard work.

Earthquake - 9010400 - Chipper/Shredder

Chipper Shredder 305cc 9010400 Our patented triple triangular hammer matched up with 305 cc of power make this Earthquake Chipper/Shredder a must have for the lawn and garden en...

Only $999.99

Patriot Products CSV-3090B 9 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

The Patriot 206cc is another top gas chipper shredder, built to work hard and deliver results time and again. The Briggs and Stratton engine is a reliable quality build, and the unit both looks solid and feels solid. The overhead valve does a great job of reducing the noise and the overall fuel consumption, and the sturdy tires make it easy enough to move around the yard.

The Patriot does everything the advertising claims it does - it will mulch its way through leaves, clippings, brush and branches - wet or dry. The side chute adds to its functionality and it's also 50 state compliant - always a bonus finding a tool that most states pass for use. The ultimate gas powered shredder. Pricey but well worth it. The best bang for your buck sometimes comes in big packages.

MTD Products inc 24' SP RWD Yard Vacuum shredder chipper & vac

The MTD is the best gas chipper shredder vacuum model. It's cheaper than some of its competitors yet works harder and presents as a able, user friendly machine. It has an 8/1 reduction ratio, the chipper capacity is 1.5" and it will happily hoover up twigs, clippings, pine cones/needles and any other small to medium fall debris.

The height's adjustable, the wheels are a nice robust 8" diameter and the Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine powers it all along with ease. It's a Troy-Bilt model, the build quality is solid and the on-board hose is a handy tool. In all, a great gasoline chipper shredder vac, won't let you down, gets the job done and worth spending just over 700 bucks on.

Mtd Products Inc 24' Sp Rwd Yard Vacuum 24B-070J766 Shredder Chipper & Vac

This Troy-Bilt 190CC 1-1/2-Inch Self-Propelled yard vacuum combines 3-in-1 capability - to chip wood, shred or vacuum debris - with a self-propelled transmission to provide you ...


Merry Mac Highway-Towable Chipper/Shredder - 249cc

The Merry Mac is the best towable gas chipper shredder and it doesn't come cheap. But - you're getting a fully operational, powerful commercial standard shredder. This is the one to buy if you've got a lot of acres to get round, or work within the landscaping environment. It's the type of unit rented out by hardware stores, the reason being that its reliable, robust and up to mulching high levels of fall debris.

The Briggs and Stratton engine is awesome - 249cc, 2100rpm and a chipping shredding action that will ably handle up to 3" branches. The tougher stuff can be fed into the chipper then dropped into the hopper once you've reduced the size. The pneumatic tires enable it to tow nicely along and you can manually pull it into position. Starts up simply enough, solid and vesatile. Best buy for larger properties.

Merry Mac Highway-Towable Chipper/Shredder - 249cc Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV Engine, 3 1/2in. C...

Hefty 249cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine. As powerful as your needs. Handles tough clean up of fallen branches, prunings, and leaves with ease. Compact size lets you store it ...

Only $2599.99

DEK 14 hp Commercial-Duty Chipper Shredder

The DEK 14 is the best mid-range commercial gas chipper shredder and puts in a quality performance when it comes to hedge clippings, small branches and more. It mulches well, has a 12/1 ratio and feels solid when it's in motion. The hardened steel blade and 16 hammers make short work of what's fed into it and you don't feel the need to help it along - the DEK is happy to do the hard work.

It's also a towable unit, the tow hitch is included, and will manage mid sized properties with ease. The feed is two way and the chute works well with leaves and other small debris - wet or dry. It comes with a spare belt, blades and cutting bag and as far as I'm concerned, it's a recommended purchase for anyone wanting a budget range commercial standard chipper shredder.

DEK Chipper Shredder

DEK Chipper Shredder. Hungry for work! Ideal for BIG yards! Chews up 4" diameter branches and spits 'em back out as landscape-ready woodchips! The DEK Chipper Shredder takes wha...

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