Get Fit Walking In The Great Outdoors

by reasonablerobinson

Just going for a walk can have a profound positive effect on your health. It is cost effective and you can discover the sights and wonders of the world about you.

Walking exercise is perfect if you want to get fit and the idea of joining a gym is a real turn off. Simply going for a walk can improve your fitness and well-being.

You might also be asking yourself the question how do I stay fit and lose weight too? Walking, Hiking and Trekking are great ways to exercise to achieve this.

In our high tech media rich, high convenience world where choices abound to spend our time glued to a screen or spend money of 'pre-packaged' forms of entertainment , it's sometimes easy to overlook something as simple as walking as a pastime. Walking is very important for our well being too. If you want good health and perhaps want to loose weight then walking is sensible and invigorating way to look after yourself.


Walking and Hiking Links

Some leading organisations for walkers and hikers

Country Walking Magazine

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Country Walking

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How often do you go walking in the countryside?

Lonley Planet Hiking Guides

Lonely Planet Hiking in the USA

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Lonely Planet Walking in Britain

From ancient trails in southern England and coastal paths in Wales, to windswept moors in northern England and mountain ascents in Scotland, your opportunities for walking in Br...

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Lonely Planet Walking in Ireland

Gentle mountains, rugged ridges, wild moorlands, spectacular sea cliffs, remote islands, warm hospitality and the infamous Irish weather - all are part of the wonderful experien...

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Lonely Planet Walking in Australia

Stunning rocky headlands and perfect beaches, lush rainforests, sun-sharpened deserts and the muted beauty of the bush - taking to the trail in Australia offers a kaleidoscope o...

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Lonely Planet Tramping in New Zealand (Lonely Planet Walking Guide)

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Walking is a popular way to learn more about your surroundings

discover more about history and geography and get fit at the same time

Many of us of course enjoys walks in the streets, parks and open spaces in our
neighborhood, and as we know its a great way to keep fit, breathe in some fresh
air and simply 'de-frag' from our busy lives. Thousands more of use walking as
exercise beyond where we live to experience the historic walks and trails of
regions and countries. My home county is Cumbria in the UK and the Lake District
which apart from the beautiful lakes themselves is also renowned for its walks
and trails made famous by the wonderful pictorial books of Alfred Wainwright. The books were written between 1952 and 1966 and are still top sellers.

There are several ancient trails and long walks in the UK comparable to any around the world. Some of the trails around the world are as you would expect serious challenges rather than a stroll
in in the park! The Inca Trail in Peru, for example is thousands of kilometers
in its entirety and takes the walker up to as high as 16,000 feet in places.
Each continent has its famous trails and walks. The Appalachian trail in the USA
is 2,179 miles long, the longest trail in Canada is the Trans Canada Trail at
11,233 miles, and the Australian Alps Walking Track in News South Wales is 655km

There are various forms of exercise walking and hiking. Backpacking
is a lot more than young people sitting around European train stations in their
gap year, it is a demanding form of walking combined with camping, usually
undertaken in mountainous areas. Nordic Walking simulates the action of skiing
and walkers use ski sticks in a form of walking that is extremely good for
fitness. If you do decide to take your walking more seriously and go further
afield then it is wise to go prepared. In Robert Engs book Freedom of the Hills
he recommends ten essential items, 1. Map, 2. Compass, 3. Sunglasses and
sunscreen, 4. Extra food and water, 5. Extra clothes, 6. Flashlight, 7. First
aid kit, 8. Fire starter, 9. Matches,and a 10. Knife.
It is also a good idea
to tale plenty of water or water purifier, some insect repellent and signaling
devices like mirror and whistle.

There are plenty of books on walking and hundreds of club and associations too. The hobby of walking has huge benefits in so many ways from fitness, socialising, peace of mind and just the sheer experience of seeing what the natural world has to offer.

North Face Hiking Boots

What is the primary reason you go walking in the countryside?

The Ramblers Association of Great Britain

Updated: 05/27/2013, reasonablerobinson
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katiem2 on 05/27/2013

Great motivation, I love walking, hiking and enjoying nature.

Mira on 05/27/2013

Hi reasonablerobinson, I love your message. Walking and hiking are wonderful pastimes. Would have loved to see some of your photos from Cumbria!

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