Get Rid of Stress Once and For All

by athena2011

Learn the coping mechanisms that everyone needs to handle the stress in their lives.

Stress affects us all. That is a fact. However, what is more important is that we ALL need to learn how to manage stress to minimize the impact it has on our happiness and our lives overall.

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Stress Free Using Relaxation Techniques

For relieving stress, using relaxation techniques is extremely effective. There are many different ways to relax so you just have to seek until you find what works for you. Some do Tai Chi, others meditate or do yoga. For others, gardening is very relaxing so this would be their choice. Some opt instead for getting a massage or a reflexology treatment, which is massaging of pressure points under your feet. In order to promote relaxation others go to saunas or have acupuncture treatments. There are so many relaxation techniques that are highly effective so you should never allow your body to build up tension for any extended period of time. There's surely a technique that will do the trick for you.

We're all aware how damaging stress can be for our health if left out of control. However, do you know the benefits of relaxation on your physical health?

While you are in a relaxed state your heart rate comes down, your breathing slows down, your blood pressure decreases and the blood flow to your muscles is increased. All of these are excellent for releasing tension in your muscles which also happens to help if you suffer with chronic pain. Overall your body feels and performs better, including your immune system as well as your circulatory, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

Not only does your body benefit from relaxation but your mind does as well. You will find that you start thinking clearer and are able to focus and concentrate much better than when you are filled with tension. You are able to make decisions faster and easier as well, as your problem solving skills are more acute. After relaxation you will find that you get a better night's sleep which helps you to awake rejuvenated and prepared to face the day.

Relaxation also helps you to control your emotions better which leads to less temper flare ups, less crying (if you are one who tends to cry when stressed) and overall, less anger.

There are some medical conditions that are known to benefit from using relaxation techniques such as those who suffer with anxiety disorders, depression, and panic attacks. Skin disorders, also, such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis have shown great improvement after relaxation
techniques have been implemented. There are so many more health conditions that can be improved by using relaxation techniques such that if you suffer with any of these I would suggest that you see what effect it has for you; ulcers,emphysema,asthma, migraines,epilepsy, PMS and menopausal issues,angina, heart burn, insomnia and even diabetes mellitus.

Even if the relaxation technique does nothing to improve your health condition it will still have positive effects on your mind and body overall.

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How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache

What is Your Preferred Stress Management Technique?

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athena2011 on 03/01/2012

Thanks Kajohu. Glad you and your husband have stress relieving strategies you use to help you.

This is what I'm trying to accomplish, educating everyone on different ways to relieve stress so that we remain in control and not the stressors in our lives.

kajohu on 03/01/2012

Good ideas for getting rid of stress! My husband gardens and meditates, both of which help him de-stress, and I do yoga and read to help get rid of stress :-) Walking is great too!

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