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An overview of what Ghostbloggers is, how it works, and how you can buy and sell high quality blog posts.

What is

An Introduction is a new online marketplace where both writers and content buyers can connect. In recent years, sites such as this have taken off as professional bloggers and website creators searched for new ways to find quality content. Many sites provide similar services, but Ghostbloggers focuses on quality content with articles generally selling between $10-60. While the name suggests an orientation specifically towards blog related content, the articles at Ghostbloggers are not exclusively intended for the use of bloggers. The site is still in "Beta" testing phase, but it is fully functional and ready to use. The platform was unique enough to garner plaudits from important internet start-up sites such as Beta, BetaGroup, Trends, and KillerStartups. This relatively new site deserves a review. To this end, this Wizz will provide a comprehensive review of in terms of selling and buying of blog posts

Selling Blog Posts

For Content Writers

A Way to Diversify

Diversification is king! It has been growing trend in the world of online writing for good reason. When Demand Studios closed their doors to the eHow residual income drip (in the form of a cash buyout), many writers who had previously garnered much of their income from this one source were forced to search for other channels of income. Residual income writing sites like Infobarrel as well as sites like Bukisa or Seekyt became popular destinations. But try as they might, most writers could not make up the steady residual income offered by eHow. Writers who depended on the income from writing online were faced with a number of choices, but diversification held the keys to success. There was no "one site" to replace the lost income. offers aspiring writers a chance to add an additional revenue stream to their portfolio.

How Ghostbloggers is Different

Writing for Ghostbloggers does not garner residual income. Sites such as Constant Content (or the new Demand Studios program) offer a set fee paid per article. Sites such as Constant Content; however, offer some additional freedom in that the writer can set the price he or she wishes to sell their article. This is helpful in that it engenders better writer satisfaction and the limiting of feelings of getting "ripped off" by the site owners. On the other hand, sites like Textbroker and Demand Studios let the writer pick from a list of requested articles. This means that the writer is ensured a certain dollar amount for each article, but unfortunately this comes with lower earnings for the writer. The writer program is innovative because professional bloggers post general types of articles they are looking for, while writers can set the price manually if they want. The standard is $3.50 per 100 words which is recommended as the default, but the writer holds the ultimate freedom here. Because those looking to buy articles can explain what they are generally looking for, this leads to many repeat customers for writers: more money in your pocket!

Writing for Ghostbloggers sucessfully manages to provide enough guidance to the writer, while still allowing freedom to write on whatever topic he or she desires. The compensation is fair and gives the writer more control over their work. If you are looking for a quality site to diversify with, consider Ghostbloggers. The editing standard is high, but rejected articles can be re-submitted until satisfactory. These high standards mean overall high quality articles, better brand name, and better compensation.

Buying Blog Posts

For Bloggers

Quality Content

The first thing many potential buyers might notice about Ghostbloggers is that the prices for articles are not dirt cheap. All things considered, Ghostbloggers is not a source for cheap, spammy, unfiltered content. As any professional blogger knows, quality content drives quality traffic. Quality traffic brings in more money and readers over the long haul. Especially if your blog needs quality content updated weekly, Ghostbloggers can help lesson the writing burden. This allows for frequent posting with regularity. If your goal is to merely fill up a page with some keywords, then Ghostbloggers is probably not for you. That said, the site does have a highly optimized keyword density tool that buyers view prior to buying an article. The buyer can get quality articles with proper keyword optimization before making a cash investment.

The Right Formula for Buyers Needs

The best aspect of the Ghostbloggers platform is that the buyer can specify as much or as little about what he or she is looking for from an article. This can help focus some of the writers towards writing blog posts geared towards your unique needs, as opposed to rather generic articles one might find elsewhere. If time is of the essence, there is a nice search function that can display articles already created that are for sale. Either way, top quality is what you get. The price may be more expensive than you initially budgeted, but is comparable in price to what you would pay if you asked a quality writer to craft articles for you on sites such as elance or odesk. All in all, not bad!

For high quality blog-centric articles, is a wonderful resource to have. Because it is so focused on providing professional bloggers or site owners with top notch quality work, it should be a bookmarked site when looking for good content. The price for articles is justified by the high level of quality and service provided.

Video Overview

Buy Unique Content

What Do You Think of Ghostbloggers?

Other Content Writing Sites

For Writers

One of the better residual income sites on the web.

Another decent site for residual income. Offers various contents rights for authors to encourage or discourage sharing.

Another nice residual income site that offers Amazon integration with your associates I.D.

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Madison on 08/14/2015

I'm in the process of reporting them for internet fraud. They sold a few of my articles and never compensated me. They stole my writings and never respond to my emails and/messages! They are awful, just awful! BEWARE!

frankbeswick on 03/14/2015

Thanks for this information. I have never written for them and now will not do so.

Crystal on 03/14/2015

They owe me and many others for articles that sold months ago, and they won't take down the rest that are up for sale. I've published them elsewhere. Buyers that find them already published will have to file a dispute against with Paypal. They're thieves! I'm in the process of reporting them for Internet fraud. Everyone that was scammed should do the same.

Sheila on 09/16/2014

GhostBloggers did not pay me for my sold articles! So, I would not

recommend this site to anyone! The owners of GhostBloggers still have

a presence on FaceBook, but they have ignored all my requests (emails,

messages) to be paid. I have learned my lesson!

CeresSchwarz on 01/01/2014

I've heard of Ghostbloggers .net though haven't had the chance to explore the site yet. It does sound interesting. It is good that writers can set the prices for their articles and how any article submitted to the site will be edited to ensure high quality.

This site might be quite lucrative if you get lots of people to buy your articles. However, I wonder if writers at Ghostbloggers .net can remove their articles from the site if they want to? is there an option to delete your articles there if you decide that you wish to put them elsewhere such as selling them in another place or publishing them in another site like Wizzley?

Holistic_Health on 11/26/2011

Thanks for informing about this service. From time to time I need an article I don't have time to write and this could come in handy.

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