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This page summarizes the best games like My Candy Love. If you are looking for a fun teenage dating and socially themed game, come check out the list!

If you like playing My Candy Love, but are looking for a similar game with some of the same features, there are a number of options to choose from. All of the games highlighted on this page involve flirting, romantic stories, and other similar content inspired by the hugely popular Japanese style dating games. At the bottom of the page, please comment and share other games similar to My Candy Love that you have played so that we can all enjoy them.

The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook

The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook is the first game of a two part series. The second game - Winter in Fairbrook - picks up where the first game leaves off. Both games play like a visual novel where you take part in the story and can make choices. 

So what is the game all about? You play as Steve who is being sent away to a farm for the summer to "build his character". After a freshman year of college with dismal grades and stuck in a difficult relationship with his girlfriend, how will he spend his summer?

As the player, you take control of Steve for the summer. You can try to make friend with new people, keep in touch with old ones, and working on the farm. There are a number of girls you can date. Between work, activities, and girls, you will need to keep a planner of it all so you don't lose track. 

If you want to check out the game, here is the link

Princess Debut

This game is a Nintendo DS title where you must court one of six handsome princess. The game takes place over the 30 days prior to the grand ball where the Princess will dance with your chosen handsome Prince. 

What's so fun about this game is that there a multiple endings! There are 14 different ways the game can end, 20 different outfits, and 4 different game modes to explore. 

 In the 30 days leading up to the grand ball, you must practice your dance moves. The game will definitely keep you busy for hours in preparation. Depending on what you say to the different Princes at the ball, a "love meter" will start to fill up. Whichever Prince's meter fills up first will be your match!

The game has become quite collectible due to its niche popularity. The price is higher than most DS titles, but you can still find a decent used copy if you want to play it. 

Where to Get Princess Debut

Princess Debut

Princess Debut is available for the Nintendo DS. It is pretty rare, so you may want to consider buying it used.

View on Amazon

Video Trailer of Princess Debut

Top Girl

Top Girl is one of the more fashion oriented games like My Candy Love. The centers around 3 common themes; socializing, shopping, and dating. 

Girls can do modeling jobs to earn money, head to the town for a night of clubbing to meet guys, and go shopping for the best fashions of the season. 

There are tons of things to buy, like fashion accessories, clothing, and even gifts for your new boy toy. There are over 250 guys to meet and over 20 clubs and places to meet. 

This game is available for all iOS and Android devices like the Ipad, Kindle, and other tablets. The game is free to download, but you may have to purchase credits for in game purchases like clothing. You can download the game here.

Star Project

Star Project is a game developed in South Korea. The story itself is set amid a family's failing entertainment enterprise company. The person who used to run the company - your father - has died. The only person left besides you is your very ill elderly grandfather. Worse yet, you owe money to the mob. 

It is during an encounter with the mob that a young blond man comes to your rescue. The teenager is named Touya and he beats back the mob. To return the favor, you take him on as your project and try and turn him into the next entertainment idol.

The game itself is played out as Touya works his way through the entertainment industry. In order to make money with Touya and build up his skill stats, you have to make important decisions as his manager. Touya is not so bright, so you have your job cut out for you! In order to be successful and keep Touya's mood up, you really need to check in to the game every day if you Touya to bring you fame and fortune.

You can play Star Project here.

Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me is a dating game set under heart-breaking circumstances. Amy's boyfriend has lost his memory after a terrible car crash. He can't remember Amy, let alone anything else. Will Amy be able to help him remember? Or will he fall in love with a different girl?

There are different objectives you can decide to pursue. You can stay with Aaron as a friend and the object of the game is to get Aaron to love you again. You will have to try different ways to get him to remember you. Alternatively, you can try to move on and fall in love with a different character. The choice is up to you and it isn't always an easy decision.

In total there are 9 different endings that can occur. The game is beautifully rendered with manga artwork and design. You can find the game on Arcade Town to play on your computer.

Surviving High School

Surviving High School is another one of the top games like My Candy Love. As the title suggests, the premise of this game is High School, but the gameplay is an interactive drama where you can take part in the evolving story. At key points, you make decisions.

The game is primarily text-based and features a wide variety of different cliques and high school social circles to choose from. Choosing what groups you socialize with triggers key story developments depending on where you go.

The game features downloadable episodes to keep you hooked with more content (this is not a game that gets boring after the first play through). The first two episodes are free, with the extra ones costing about a dollar per. The game is actively being updated, too, so there is constantly fresh story lines to experience.

You can download the App over at iTunes - here!

Spirited Heart

Spirited Heart is another game similar to My Candy Love, but it has more of a fantasy feel to it. You still focus on planning for life events - in this case weddings and careers - but the game world is more than just high school or one specific setting. 

Part of the draw for the game is that you can choose different fantasy races to play as. You can be an elf, a human, or a demon and you can also choose your disposition (shy, wicked, etc..). Choosing your background is also important. You can be a poor farm girl or from a wealthy family. Once you leave home, you can choose to study different things like dance or magic. Ultimately, one of your goals is to find a nice young man. Whether you tease him without mercy or genuinely befriend him is up to you.

Each race you play as provides a different gaming experience, so you can definitely replay the game many times. You can find the game here, if you want to play it (it isn't free, but you can download the demo).

Other Great Dating Games

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