Gifts of Dazzling Gold Jewelry Pendants for Her

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Beautiful gold jewelry pendants enhance the necklace and woman’s elegance. Without jewelry, the aura of woman is incomplete.

Beautifying and adorning oneself is in the nature of humans. Since prehistoric days, men and women loved to use jewelry for embellishing the body. Earrings, nose piercing necklaces, bangles, finger and toe-rings, these were used to beautify from a primeval time even before the apparel was invented. There is proof that ancient civilizations used gold, bronze and silver for adornments.

Pendants can serve different purpose based on the different occasions, events and celebrations. They are used in all cultures followed throughout the world. Most popular use of gold jewelry pendants is ostentatious; it often accompanies precious and semi-precious stones. In ancient Europe, the kings and queens used to adorn themselves with exquisite, elegant pendants studded in silver, gold and diamonds.

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All You Wanted to Know About Gold


History illustrates that gold jewelry pendants were used typically as an object of ornamentation or identification of a religious symbol. It was also used as a self- identity when the names or initials are engraved on jewelry stones. Historically, the pendants were also awarded and could be displayed on the army personnel as defense badges and uniforms. Recently a rock band, a music group had their own unique pendant to make them recognized as an endorsed brand.

If you refer an old French dictionary, you will discover that a gold jewelry pendant specifically means a hanging object that could be dangling from either gold necklace or gold jewelry earring. 

Gold Jewelry Pendants

An object of Fashion Statement and Elegant Appearance


Needless to say, a woman adorned with matching jewelry looks stunning and ethereal. Diamond or gold jewelry pendants attached to necklaces give the neck and the person who is wearing it a gorgeous and subtle appearance. The pendants as such are very popular and simple jewelry pieces that can be used anywhere and everywhere. 

When and Where to Wear Pendants?



One can use pendant as a daily usable item when placed in a chain. If it is an exotic design use it at a party occasion, function or gathering. For a modest event, use a dress that is simple yet humble apparel that matches the gold pendant.





Gold jewelry looks fabulous with golden embroidery and sequin gowns. A delicately carved peacock pendant goes extremely well with blue and green gowns. Butterfly and rose pendants look gorgeous with rubies and diamonds.





Gold pendants displayed flamboyantly against a gold chain or accompanying rubies can look awesome and sophisticated, they are great for any organized events and festivals.





The gold jewelry pendants hanging from a sophisticated and flawless necklace can look very enchanting. The simple and flawless patterns can draw the necessary attention and make you the centre of attraction.





A wide collection of pendants made from many metals other than the noble metal are available. Pendants are made of many universal materials like gold, silver, platinum, white gold, pearl, beads, and diamonds.





Excellent designer collections of luxurious jewelry pendants, including gold, gemstones and platinum are available at affordable prices in different ranges.


Natural gemstones in Gold Pendants


Use of high quality natural gemstones in gold earrings and pendants is not uncommon.Superior quality, natural gemstones are purchased and traded all around the world for their use in authentic designer jewelry. From ancient times, gold has been valued as a global currency, a commodity, an investment and simply an object of beauty. It is perfectly malleable and often used as a base for grafting other cut stones.

Gemstones usually share similarities to other sulfides in their physical properties. These minerals or semi-metals are in the “Selenides”, the “Tellurides”, the “Antimonides” and the “Arsenides” subclasses of the sulfide class. The main difference between the elements alloys and the semi-metal alloys is the presence of covalent bonding. In the semi-metals you will find covalent binding as opposed to the strict metallic bonding in pure metals and their alloys. It all makes sense in jewelry designing. With fine cutting, meticulous and excruciating details, these gemstones find their way to designer jewelry, pendants and studs.

Which shape do you like your pendants?

Pendants in White Gold



In past years gold jewelry pendants were made of yellow gold but now white gold pendants with their elegant finish are striking a chord with the new generation. If you want to look trendy and modern, buy those white gold pendants which are very popular nowadays. The modern design looks stunning in shimmering whiteness against the background of glistening white gold chain adorning any woman’s neck.


People who want to be keep pace with the latest styles and fashion trends love to wear modern jewellery. Italian gold jewelry with white gold pendants, rare diamonds and white pearls give you that dainty and delicate look that is unique and rare. With white gold you can look like a true princess. Enhance the striking white fairness of the glittering gold with a chocolate cocktail gown. Elegancy with sophistication is what you get with white gold pendants. If you love to wear contrasts, use white gold with crimson and black sequin dresses.


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DerdriuMarriner on 01/11/2023

In particular, I appreciate the diamond-studded elephant pendant, which makes me think of my favorite Ganesh.

Would it vary by the design and the pendant or would you always pick green, rose or white or any two or three combinations of them for your jewelry?

WriterArtist on 07/09/2015

@VioletteRose - Glad that you loved these designs.

VioletteRose on 12/08/2014

Beautiful pendants, those with the red gemstones really stands out.

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