Girl’s Sparkling Fairy Costumes for Christmas

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Fairies, elves and sprites costumes are one of the most popular costumes for girls in Christmas other than Santa Claus and Snow white costumes.

Of course, fairies exist in this universe. Most of them have made earth as their home. Don’t you believe anyone who denies their existence? They have to exist because there lives a world in our imagination for real or in illusion. How otherwise could have Cinderella reached the Prince if not for her fairy God-mother. There even exists a World Fairy Day. Believe it or not fairies are a part of every culture and tradition whether it belongs to east or west.

The beautiful fairies bring magic to our lives, without them this world would be so dull and boring. Whimsical creatures, these fairies exist in many folklores, myths and legends. Every culture has a form and figure attached to it, every fairy has a story to teach and lessons to be learnt.

Where do fairies live?


There are fairies for anything and everything. There are fairies for water, air and earth. Then there are fairies for trees, garden and flowers. There are fairies even for home and heaven. There are fairies for fire and wind, and so are the fairies for ocean and snow. All these fairies must live at their respective homes but how to spot them is the million dollar question.

Is there a Fairyland?


Many believe there exists a fairyland that must be a natural habitat for fairies, sprites and elves. Some legends depict that the fairies live in upper hemisphere of our environment. They can be witnessed during twilight as a dense fog or cloud appearing and disappearing as they wish.



Tinker Bell Fairy Dress


Who does not love Tinker Bell? The bold fairy we all know who has the pixie dust and lives in pixie hollow. She appears defiant, hasty, reckless, jealous and yet tolerant and spontaneous when it comes to helping and utilizing her powers. She has a talent of fixing things that’s why we find this tiny little fairy in Snow White where she guides Pinocchio and the famous Peter Pan whom she rescues from Captain Hook. She is quite brave and is really not scared coming close to the mortals. A beautiful but dedicated friend, her costume is just right for the spirit of Christmas.

Do you believe in fairies?

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Tooth Fairy Costume


When you hear the name fairy, most likely the first name that comes to your mind is tooth fairy. A mythical character that eases the pain of a kid when she/he loses the tooth. This fantasy figure is believed to visit the child when it is sleeping and take the baby’s tooth which is placed under the pillow. The tradition of leaving the tooth under the bed goes back to many years and is present in the culture in some form of fantasy or other. The tooth fairy replaces the tooth with some small gift that the kid desires. More or less like Santa or the bunny rabbit who pays a visit to the kid and rewards them of a good deed. Dressing up like a tooth fairy on Christmas is something that a girl will cherish for a long time.

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Does your kid love to dress in fairy costumes?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/10/2023

The third sentence in your first sub-heading, Where do fairies live?, is foreshadowing and prescient regarding the subsequent costumes! It mentions that "Then there are fairies for trees, garden and flowers."

Wouldn't it seem that among those garden plants are watermelons, what with the next-to-last costume in your wizzley!?

Mira on 12/05/2014

I agree that these outfits are fun and beautiful. I'm pinning some of these costumes

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