Glass Cutter Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A glass cutter can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The five best glass cutters reviewed and compared.

A glass cutter is a small, specially designed hand tool, usually manual and used for cutting glass with both safety and precision. They're largely inexpensive and, depending on whether you're a hobby enthusiast or professional, you can choose something that's either entry level or up to an industrial standard.

If you already own a small power drill or rotary tool you're as well to purchase additional bits and tools that are specifically for glass cutting. If not, and you enjoy crafting at either a hobby or professional level, consider investing in one as they're a popular tool that many choose to use for cutting glass, tiles and so on.

One of the best secrets I know in relation to cutting glass is how well you score the glass, prior to the actual breaking of it. That and how patient you are, otherwise you'll never quite get the breaks that you're looking for. The five best glass cutters are featured below. Some are traditional hand tools, others are attachments. They're all popular, well rated and good value for money.

Glass Cutter Pliers

This is the best selling glass cutter, almost the good old fashioned type with just a little modern technology involved in the ergonomic design. The overall look and feel of the tool is that of a durable one, one that - providing you know how to work will deliver good quality results.

You can use it for both glass and tile cutting as the scribing wheel is tough enough to work with both materials. It has a tungsten carbide tip, and the breaking wings do their job providing you don't over exert the pressure. Providing you've scored the glass or tile well, you should find a good, clean cut and little waste/mess. Great little tool - more so once you've mastered the right technique, and for the price, highly recommended.

Glass Cutter Pliers

Glass Cutter Pliers. Pliers are for use in glass or tile cutting. Glass cutters have tungsten carbide scribing wheel, and "breaking wings" which allow clean breaks with minimal ...

Only $12.99

Dremel 678-01 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide

This is the best selling circle glass cutter - an accessory and only useful if you already own the Dremel multi tool. That said, supposing you do own the Dremel, and the accompanying drill bits you can and do get good results with this popular craftsman tool.

In effect the circle cutter is a guide, it's not the actual cutting tool itself. It's pretty easy to attach and work with but it does take some time to make the cuts. That said they're accurate when done and if I'm being totally honest - I'm not the biggest fan of the Dremel and it's many accessories. Somehow it never feels like a real tool bu, for the confirmed hobby enthusiast, it's always going to out perform more expensive pro tools.

Dremel 678-01 Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide

Includes Circle Cutter and Straight Edge Guide - 678-01, Straight Edge Guide, Instructions

Only $11.95

Proxxon 38481 IB/E Professional Rotary Tool

If you want a glass cutter that performs a range of other tasks, is essentially a rotary tool and looks like a Dremel but out performs it all day long - this is the one to buy. This is the better choice time and again. It's a professional tool, up to a professional standard and though it costs more, you get more.

Not only will this one cut glass, polish, route, sand, saw, engrave and more, it does everything faster, quieter, and better. It may not (yet) have the full range of accessories available to the Dremel but it's getting there. Plus there's enough in the box when it arrives to get you started. It will cut glass, tiles, wood, plastic, pretty much anything you need it to, plus it outshines the Dremel every time. An excellent, well made glass cutting tool, an all-round pro-hobby dream.

Proxxon 38481 IB/E Professional Rotary Tool

The Proxxon Professional Grinder is the smoothest and most powerful hand held rotary tool we have ever tested. The quality of this tool is exceptional. This tool has features no...

Only $112.01

Red Devil 1063/70 DIY Glass Cutter

This has got to be the most basic glass cutter there it - but it works. You don't get more old school than this one and if you're a getting-older guy like me, then this may well be something that not only suits your purposes, it makes you remember how the basic stuff is sometimes the best stuff.

It's one to practice with before you start on your real work pieces as it does take a bit to master the right technique. That said the tool is designed to score and cut glass accurately and it's durable and well made enough to stand up to plenty of use. Cheap, fast and effective, rarely do you find something that costs under 5 bucks that also works as well as this does.

Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter

For sheet and general glass cutting where tapping is recommended. Overall length 5''.

$8.22  $8.1

Dremel 300-1/24 300 Series Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit

For those that want a Dremel, here it is. You're getting (of course) a glass cutter in and among the large variety of other needed and not-so-needed rotary tools and for many, this is the box that hobby dreams are made of.

For the pro that needs a quality glass and/or tile cutter that gives great results, something that they can throw in the tool box or chest, the first or fourth featured product on this article are by far the better choices. Beyond glass cutting the Dremel will polish, sand, grind and perform a whole host of other small tasks and for what you get for the price tag, it is great value for money. If you want lots of cool rotary tools for around 60 bucks, buy it. If you want less but prefer quality - buy the Proxxon.

Dremel 300-1/24 300 Series Variable-Speed Rotary Tool Kit

This kit includes the following Attachments and Accessories: 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool Circle Cutter Attachment 191 High Speed Cutter 401 Mandrel 402 Mandrel 403 Bri...

Only $357.87
Updated: 06/22/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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