Did you follow the Golden Globes?

by MuminBusiness

The Golden Globes have come round again and will do it again next year and probably the year after. What makes it so interesting to us?

The Golden Globes

Another one of those award ceremonies where all the beautiful people get together and party away and the rest of us wonder what on earth it is all about, or we get completely carried away by all the glamour of the red carpet and ceremony.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), I fall into the ‘what on earth is this about?’ category.

Not being one who watches that much television, I usually am unaware of the happenings in the everyday world.  However, this time, I decided to find out more about this ceremony and what it stands for… or just give my incomplete, un-researched, completely biased opinion about it! :-)

The Award Ceremony

It is that time of the year again.  The golden globes, the Bafta’s, the Oscars and more.  Such seriousness, such focus and what does it all come to?

A few lovely dresses and a few accolades with the world watching on, having paid for the privilege of watching the beautiful people with a whole lot of money we can hardly afford in these austere times.

 I, like a lot of other people spend money and time watching their films, watching the talents of others displayed for us on a screen. We subscribe to places like Netflix and spend even more time watching the beautiful people; we escape into worlds of love, drama, adventure, action and more. 

And then along comes the awards ceremonies, this time the actual people appear all decked out in their finery and we, the spectators watch on - Wishing some of their shininess would rub off on us.

It does not, soon enough we must return to our own lives.

Why do we spend all that time watching them, reading about them, wanting to escape into the images they present to us?

What is it that is so lacking in our lives?

The Award Ceremony - Do you like them?

Golden Globes, Oscars, MOBO and more.
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Living the Golden Globes Everyday

And yet, on a less obvious scale, we all do the same things they do.  Their lives, if the papers are to be believed, carry the same amount of drama as ours. 

They love, we love, they have children, we have children.  They get divorced, we get divorced.  Some of the few lucky ones manage to keep their private life private and it tends to work better for those ones because nobody, no human being can carry that amount of idolisation and survive.  The pressure is far too great.

Behind the glitz and glamour, even Beyonce is the same as anyone her age, trying to figure out how to be successful, trying to figure out the best way forward.

Come on, people, let’s spend less time idolising and more time living, living fully in the moment rather than in the dream of what could be if we were Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt.

Each one of us is amazing and if we could all just really take life by the horns, we may well be pretty surprised about what we can do.

Updated: 01/22/2012, MuminBusiness
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