Good Night, and Good Luck. - The Movie

by candy47

Good night, and good luck was Edward R. Murrow's closing line at the end of each show. The movie takes us back to 1953...

I was drawn to the title of this movie because I remembered hearing the phrase 'good night, and good luck' from when I was a little girl watching Edward R. Murrow on television. (he was my first TV boyfriend). I expected the movie to be a biography but it is not, it is a historical drama relating to Edward R. Murrow, Senator Joseph McCarthy, anti-communism and Murrow's employer the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

The Main Players

David Strathairn as journalist and TV news host Edward R. Murrow; George Clooney as Fred Friendly, co-producer of Murrow's show See It Now; Frank Langella as William Paley, CEO of CBS; Jeff Daniels, Director of CBS News; Robert Downey, Jr. and Patricia Clarkson.

The Plot

It was 1953 when Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin went on a maniacal crusade to root out and expose Americans who he believed to be communists, including Edward R. Murrow. Murrow verbally attacked McCarthy on his television show and a public feud developed between the two men. Murrow extended an invitation to McCarthy to appear on the show.


Complications arose between Murrow, Friendly and CBS when sponsors began pulling their commercial ads from the show.


Mr. Murrow with his dedicated and tenacious staff persevered by defying all obstacles posed by CBS and their sponsors. The team brought to light Senator McCarthy's lies in his witch hunt for communists in government and Hollywood.

Movie trailer shows snippets of each character

Good Night, and Good Luck.

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My Opinion

I have only rave reviews for this movie. David Strathairn is superb as Murrow, just the way I remember him when I was a little girl. All the actors portrayed their characters realistically.


I especially like that the entire movie was filmed in black and white, making the transition from movie to actual footage almost appear real.


The writer and director George Clooney, and producer Grant Heslov made the decision not to cast anyone for the part of Joseph McCarthy. Instead they used all actual footage of the senator. Excellent choice in my opinion.


I highly recommend this movie, it's more than just entertaining.

The Real Edward R. Murrow

March 9, 1954

The tenacity of that news crew eventually led to the downfall of Senator McCarthy. Their legacy lives on today and Edward R. Murrow is still regarded as the best journalist of all time. Murrow reported the news like a professional with integrity and honesty.

Here is a short video of the real Edward R. Murrow...they don't make them like that anymore!

See It Now was Edward R. Murrow's ground-breaking television program, setting the standard for all others.

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Mira on 09/30/2015

I didn't know about this movie. It sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review!

candy47 on 07/28/2015

Digby_Adams I vaguely remember the hearings too, I was 7 years old but I knew it was bad.

Digby_Adams on 07/28/2015

I love that movie. I watched it with my parents and they remembered the McCarthy hearings a little bit. They said their parents followed them closely and were frightened by them.

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