Gotham Episode Review: "Mad City: Look Into My Eyes"

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 3 television episode that first aired October 3, 2016.

Synopsis: Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is hired by hypnotist Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) who is searching for his sister, Alice (Naian Gonzalez Norvind). Meanwhile, Bruce (David Mazouz) befriends his mysterious doppleganger (also played by Mazouz) but, instead of learning more about the boy, raises even more questions.


As I watched this episode with my wife last night, I found it was with some unusually high anticipation. The Mad Hatter is one of my favorite Batman villains and I was looking forward to the introduction of Samuel's Jervis Tetch. And, as it turns out, I wasn't disappointed.

Base on the storyline involving his poison-blooded sister, Alice, I suspect we haven't reached the point where he is fully transformed. Her talent/curse involving her bodily fluids turning people mad is something I am guessing will eventually turn her brother into a lunatic. However, even without him officially being the Mad Hatter just yet, he was still enjoyable to watch.

In particular, I like how he seems to have no moral boundaries. In addition to using his talents to be a clever thief, he had no problem ordering someone to kill their spouse or themselves. And, his ability to do that just by having his target listen to a watch makes him a very dangerous adversary that only has room to grow and potentially influence other villains on the series.

I'm still unsure about Gotham's other potential villain, Bruce's yet-to-be-named look-a-like. My wife and I both suspect he was created by Hugo Strange (BD Wong) as a way of eventually replacing Bruce with someone more docile. But, what is he? Did Strange make a Bruce clone? Is the stranger a machine? Or, was he fashioned from various other parts? Until I know exactly what is going on, I'm going to withhold judgment on that character.

I think the more interesting storyline in this episode had to be Penguin's (Robin Lord Taylor) decision to run for mayor. I actually love this twist because it has so much potential, including Penguin being elected and naming his good friend, James Gordon, as commissioner.

And, the best part is it's not like he's running against a good guy. Aubrey James (Richard Kind) is just the kind of man you want to see lose, even if it is to a known criminal. In many ways, Penguin is an upgrade.

Final Opinion

As I said, I liked the introduction of the future Mad Hatter and can't wait to see how that character is developed. That, combined with Penguin's mayoral run definitely have this season heading in the right direction.

My Grade: A

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Updated: 10/04/2016, StevenHelmer
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