Gothic Birthday Cake Ideas-Creepy, Deadly And Delicious

by LPerry

Do you need Gothic birthday cake ideas? Use your dark imagination and create some ghoulishly delicious cakes even a vampire would love.

Gothic birthday cake ideas turn boring birthday parties into ghoulish fun. However, not everyone who is searching for gothic cake decorating ideas is a goth themselves. This type of cake decorating is just unique and different. If you are tired of all the cookie-cutter versions of cake shapes and colors, try something that will really knock their birthday socks off.

When you think about Gothic birthday cakes, the basic concept of the design should represent things that suggest the dark side of life; fallen angels, poisonous vipers, vampires, death, the underworld, Victorian fashion, witchcraft, satanism and other maccabre stuff.

Let's just say that a goth birthday party probably wont be serving a frilly white cake with pale pink roses and delicate green leaves piped around the border. Most likely, you will find yourself staring at a dark purple one embellished with bats and blood and a few vampires as well.

Visit The Graveyard For Ghostly Cake Toppings

If you want to get some cake decorating inspiration for that favorite goth person in your life, visit a graveyard. Yes, cemetery tombstones and grave markers make creepy-licious shapes for cakes.

Tombstone Zombie Cake
Tombstone Zombie Cake

Gothic Birthday Cake Ideas Include Creepy Crawlers

One of the most popular critters to ever grace the goth cake is the spider; in particular, the spider web. One has to admit that a well-designed web pattern in the form of frosting is not only creepy, it is also very artistic and creative.

Scorpions, snakes, bats and any type of insect that normally strikes fear in the heart of the average person can make a dull, boring cake come alive with dangerous possiblities.

Sweet And Sinister Frosting Colors Goth Style

One thing you can say about Gothic cake frosting; it doesn't look like any other frosting color on the planet. Most goth-style cakes are frosted in shades of black, dark red and purple. Sometimes all three colors are used togther.

Of course, Gothic cakes can be made with white icing as a stunning backdrop for all kinds of sinister and satanic decorating embellishments. The great thing about birthday cakes is being able to make a design that reflects the interest of the birthday boy or girl.

Using store bought canned icing in chocolate is no big deal if that is what the birthday recipient loves the most.  What about drinks to serve at a goth birthday bash? Why, blood of course.

Deadly Creepy Delicious Decorating
Deadly Creepy Delicious Decorating
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You

Quick And Easy Gothic Birthday Cake Coffins

You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a really cool cake design. If you are having a big party with many guests, a regular sheet cake that you bake at home can be cut into the shape of a coffin by trimming both ends at angles.

Another great idea is to buy pre-made pound cakes to make mini-coffin cakes for each indiviual guest. They can be filled with ghoulish surprises like blood (jelly) and guts (gummy worms) and decaying bones (stick candy).

If you have food coloring and white icing, the choices are endless. Tombstones are an easy shape to form and bats are not that hard either. Use a cardboard pattern if you dont want to mess up the cake.

Updated: 03/07/2021, LPerry

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