Graduation Is

by RubyHelenRose

A Proud Moment, a parents view. We've watched you grow, going to college was always your goal. You studied hard, you passed the grades, the required pre-college classes.

Our hearts were filling with so much pride, tears ran out our eyes.
Every parent to some degree, feels a sense of emotional pride.
Graduation from high school is a big deal. Preparing for college instills pride.

Facing the Competition

Ready for College



 Pride rises in my heart to hear them say your name.   You are ready to walk down the aisle on your graduation day. I am so proud of you for all that you accomplished in the 12 years of your school life. So much competition you had to face, going to such a big school. I never doubted for a 2nd that you would succeed. It hasn't been easy.

You were so shy as a youngster in grade school. I  had some talks with her teachers about it and your willingness to please. You were a joy to all of them. I was often proud of that too.

Coming to your school and visiting you. Being able to be a part of your class and watching all of you learn. It is an adventure that can't really be explained until your actually lived it. I am proud that you wanted me around to see your work and play with your friends.

I was proud when you learn to climb the monkey bars and were no longer afraid of the height of it.  I was proud when you could flip on them upside down. That is something I was always afraid to do.

All of these moments led up to this moment of seeing you with a lot of the same friends I watched you play with in grade school. So much pride for all of you.  

Each of you trying to look the same in your cap and gowns, each of you looking different in your unique hair, body, and skin tones.

I know who so many of you are and that also makes me proud. Proud that my house was somewhere you wanted to bring them to. Proud that we all played hopscotch, basketball, tetherball, and ran around the playground together.

I was so proud of you for the field trip he went on by yourself without me. Yes, I was so sad that I didn't get to go with you. I can't really blame them. They had enough chaperons, teachers this time.  Something unique to tell all you girls goodbye that were going into junior high.   It was nice to know you're getting over your shyness and could go on a camping trip with just your friends. 

Oh how proud you make us. We hear not the words the principle is saying about your high school years. He drones on about all of you together as a senior class. We don't hear all the special academics. We hear your laughter on the playground.

We hear us all trying to eat quietly in the noisy lunchroom. We hear our ears straining to hear your voice singing in the choir. We think only of all the times we spent with you. 

Thank you for loving us, and letting us be such a vital part of your life. We are proud that we never came to your school because you were in trouble.

We didn't have to talk to the principal about your poor grades, or behavior.  Not that you didn't have to go there once in a while, we know you weren't perfect.   Maybe once or twice to the office because you were sick. We cried inside wishing we knew how to make it all better.   We prayed like we did when you were you young, Dear Lord, take the pain away.  "Help me feel better today." 

Such pride we have felt for you our sweet child. A pride that we are trying so hard to describe.  We have not the words.

Finally they call your name and we snapped to attention as it becomes your turn to walk along the aisles, marching past all of us. You turn up the stairs so far away, we almost need binoculars to see you. And there, yes, our proudest moment of all. 

We hear the echo of  your name as the principal reads off your list of honors.   You achieved enough scholarships to get you into college. You have so much to do for the next 4 years. 

Oh our  hearts swell, our eyes burst into tears that  we cannot control.

Don't worry about the tears you see streaming down my cheeks.  We are not ashamed, everyone around us too, is weeping these tears of joy,

 From the day you were born, we held your dainty body, led you by the hand, until you have just made us very, very proud over and over again.   Congratulations, our wonderful little senior child. The future is waiting, make it what you will, we love you and are forever filled with  pride, our super senior girl!

Senior Graduation

Updated: 05/12/2012, RubyHelenRose
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katiem2 on 02/22/2013

Graduation is such a pivotal moment it is also a time when young people need as much support and encouragement as ever. It can be a scary time for some and an exciting one for others to go out into the world and become the adult you long to be. :)K

sheilamarie on 07/08/2012

There really is no feeling quite like watching this moment in the life of a child you love so much. Congratulations to you both!

katiem2 on 05/15/2012

What a great article. Graduation is such a big pivotal moment in life. Congrats to both you and your graduate. Great gift ideas for such a special occasion and one every graduate will remember for life.

Sounds like your home has been and always will be home to many great kids, I make every effort to do the same for my daughters, what a great story,very touching.

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