Greenhouse Irrigation Systems Review - Setting A System Up Is Easier Than You Think

by Jerrico_Usher

If your looking for greenhouse irrigation methods and resources you're in the right place!

Greenhouses are an amazing hobby to have. It's a great way to meditate and simultaneously generate life! As a greenhouse owner you are literally "bringing good things to life", why do you think the greenhouses you see are always bright and shiny?

Learning about horticulture and all the wonderful things you can grow and enjoy is exciting and knowing the food your eating is fresh from your own garden is a feeling I can't even begin to express. With so many foods chalked full of preservatives and worse pesticides, you can't even bite into an apple or eat a tomato on your salad with full confidence that this is actually nutritious enough to eat, or if it is, the pesticide won't counter any benefits!

Greenhouses are also big businesses. Many grocery stores and city farmers (greenhouse farmers that is) make their entire living growing and selling fruits and vegetables locally. In this article we'll cover one of the most vital steps in the greenhouse realm- irrigation.


Greenhouse irrigation


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Proper Methods For Greenhouse Irrigation



Whether you own a large nursery business or you are fortunate enough to own a private greenhouse, you understand the delicate nature of your plants and the necessary meticulous care they require. The right amount of water for each individual plant type can be a difficult and time consuming job.

There are however, proper greenhouse irrigation methods that utilize modern techniques and equipment. Adding these components to your greenhouse will decrease the loss of your crops by providing strong and healthy plants that are well hydrated (but not too much). 


Some Inexpensive (but quality) Misers

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Many greenhouse owners use an irrigation method that covers their plants well, but can leave too much water behind. If water droplets are left for too long on your crops, irreversible damage can result.

Gardeners know the importance of keeping mold and mildew away from their crop, but it can be difficult to eliminate this problem if you do not have the right greenhouse irrigation system in place.

There are a variety of misting systems that work effectively. This particular watering method emits very tiny water droplets in the form of mist. The mist is too small to damage plants and instead provides just enough water to moisten the soil and irrigate the roots of the plant.

Many have discovered that this particular method of watering large groups of plants, works best overall while having fewer plants that die from rot. One of the purposes of owning a greenhouse is that you can control the climate for the plants.

Whether you have a variety of plant species or one large crop, proper irrigation is key to your success. You no longer have to worry about losing a large amount of your crop to rot or over watering. There are several varieties of high quality misting systems now available in the market.

They range in price and are available for both the business and homeowner. Whether you select a Rainbird, Rainbow or DripWorks system, there is certain to be a greenhouse irrigation system that fits your needs and remains within your budget.


Personal Greenhouse Hobbie vs. Businesseses That Use Greenhouses



Walking around your greenhouse with a hose or watering can, can be the perfect pastime if you own a small to medium greenhouse.

This is an activity that is part of the enjoyment that many people get from having their own building for plants and flowers, however, when this type of environment is created on a larger scale, this activity can be less than efficient. When running a greenhouse for profit, in a business, time is of the essence.

If you were to water everything with a hose or watering can, there may be some vital plants or flowers that are missed or not watered properly.

This is why a Greenhouse irrigation system is very important to larger greenhouses. For the smaller ones it is still a necessary component because you will not always feel like watering your plants so this will act as a nice way to take a break and still have peace of mind.

The Greenhouse Irrigation System is the answer to lost crops or plants and flowers that have been put into a stressed condition due to lack of water control.

These systems are fairly easy to install and operate, but they have to be properly designed in order to be beneficial. You can find a lot of this stuff online.

You can find a Hobby Irrigation System that costs around $205.00 for the main unit. This system includes Netafim drip emitters that allow for a totally automated system up to 36' long. It gives the right amount of water to plants and flowers on an automatic timer.

This system can also be extended to cover more ground if necessary.

Many online retailers can design the perfect irrigation option for any size greenhouse such as the JetRain Misting and Irrigation Nozzles. This system will evenly distribute water and can be adjusted per the distance needed as well as the type of flow.

It operates at 15 - 70 psi and is created with corrosion free components. Pricing for these systems will all depend on the needs of the greenhouse. You can contact them for an estimate.

Water is another major step in the health and growth of your plants. Just like the sun nourishes plants through photosynthesis, water is just as necessary for the livelihood of your garden.

Without sun or water your plants will surely wilt away. Just as having enough sun is important, more important is having the right amount of water. Too much water can drown your garden but not enough will suffocate it.

Even if you enjoy the manual aspect of watering your plants, it is important that you also install some sort of greenhouse irrigation system to make sure your plants are not neglected.

There are many choices and many of them are customizable to your exact specifications needed. Generally all options can be gauged to your needs, meaning once you set up your system you can always rearrange it to meet a new set up. 


Some components may need additional parts depending on the degree of up-scaling or down-scaling you need but overall these are very inexpensive changes.

You should take some time to shop around, as the hobby and business of growing fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs is a billion dollar a year business (or more) and this means you have many options of where to purchase your equipment.

This also means that competition is fierce and this drives down the price!


Installing A Greenhouse Irrigation Kit To Maximize Your Investment

Many businesses still use the manual method for watering their plants and crops but also run the risk of damage and high cost due to neglect caused by distractions. An employee who has the responsibility of watering the plants manually and assisting customers will inevitably help the customer first and this could lead to neglecting the plants. A greenhouse owner could install an irrigation system for less than the cost of the labor.

Irrigation systems allows for plants and crops to receive water uniformly without the worries of neglect that may occur during manual watering. Manual control over how the unit is ran is still possible or for an operator who wants less hands-on, an automated timed system can be installed.

The first area to address when considering an irrigation system is planning. What area and types of plants and/or crops will be affected? Once this is determined, you will have a better idea as to which type of irrigation system your greenhouse will need. As with any system water pressure is important.

The same holds true with a greenhouse irrigation system, as the most pressure will be focused on the area that is receiving the water. In this type of unit more than one type of watering system can be utilized. It is common to find a greenhouse system that also incorporates a drip system and a spray system at the same time.

A drip system is especially effective on hanging plants as it focuses more on saving water and placing moisture at the soil level and a spray system is more suitable to cover a wider area of containers plants.

The guesswork is removed and your focus can rest on getting your irrigation system exactly the way you want it.  For less than $300, the K025 multi-outlet drip irrigation kit is their deluxe kit. Designed particularly for greenhouse irrigation, it can water up to 100 containers. These kits are customizable and can be expanded when more coverage is needed. Such a system can be up and running in a matter of hours. Using a kit will cut cost significantly in comparison to having a system installed professionally or piece by piece.

Updated: 12/01/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 09/04/2012

Thanks! You should try the mini greenhouses, they have a lot of sizes!

dustytoes on 09/04/2012

If my yard was big enough I'd have a nice little green house.
Congrats on #100 - very nice page.

Jerrico_Usher on 09/03/2012

Thanks Mira, Greenhouses are a lot of fun, we're building one out of our spare bedroom...

Mira on 09/03/2012

Congrats on reaching number 100! Great idea to write about greenhouses. I kept wondering how to grow certain plants, and you've inspired me to look into building some sort of greenhouse on my balcony.

Jerrico_Usher on 09/03/2012

Number 100!

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