Guided Meditation Benefits

by marciag

When you meditate, you can practice it entirely on your own in peaceful quiet or using a guided meditation which will guide you through the meditative steps.

When you meditate, you can practice it entirely on your own in peaceful quiet or using a guided meditation which will guide you through the meditative steps.Of course, it is a very lucky and rare situation when you have nearby a meditation master to guide you through your journey, however for most of us this is not an option.

This where the practice using audios such as CDs on binaural beats or videos can help.

Many people are using this meditation technique nowadays from the comfort of their own homes to relax, de-stress and achieve inner peace.

When you meditate, you have a teacher who practically takes you by the hand (so to speak) through your entire session. You will listen to his voice and follow his instructions. He easily guides your entire thought process from start to finish. This is akin to listening to a teacher at school.

Using Scripts For Guides Meditation

guided meditationOne of the fun parts of guided meditation is that it is based on scripts, such as texts that somebody slowly, quietly and peacefully speaks to you through your chosen medium (audio or video, or even a real guide next to you). 

What this means is that by having a few good scripts available, you can actually record your own voice speaking that meditation out loud. Then you can simply play back the audio to yourself and follow your own instructions to enter a meditative state.

You can either listen to headphones or through your speakers, depending on your personal preferences.

Also with the low prices (or even some free ones) that they are avaible to download these days, it is very easy to get access to the right guided meditation. There are people who have tried a few CDs until they came across the one that really speaks to them, the one that fully resonates with them.

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Guided Meditation Scripts

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Main Benefits Of Guided Meditation

  • By using guided meditations on a regular basis, you will achieve an inner calm that will lead you to a better quality of life. You will notice that your negative energy and emotions are released and instead you experience a more positive way of being.

  • Many people use this technique to release any negative programming from their minds and replace them with something more positive.

    Examples of such negative programming are low self-esteem, believing that you are not smart enough, that you are worthless, that you have no talent. This programming comes from a life long of the person being told by others so much that in the end he or she starts believing them.

    I believe that everyone has a great worth in this life, nobody is useless or talented. Sure, we all have our special talents, however it is important to focus on them instead of trying to prove something that might not be our strength in the first place.

  • There are several scripts that focus on these specific aspects and with their help you will re-program yourself from these destructive thoughts.

  • By removing negativity from your life and increasing your self-respect, you will also become much more positive towards life in general and much more compasionate towards other people.

  • Also this meditation type helps with removing stress allowing you to cope with it much easier than otherwise. In addition it helps build up a healthier and stronger immune system, which will greatly increase the overall health.

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Mira on 08/25/2012

I didn't read about this before, but I was familiar with it to an extent, as everybody is. You got me interested in buying a guided meditation mp3 sometime . . .

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