Halloween Cake & Cupcake Ideas

by Tehreem

Fun, Creative and Easy to Create Ideas for Making Cakes and Cupcakes Fit for a Halloween Feast!

Hello Halloween!
The most awaited festival of the year is almost here! Children, teens, tweens and adults are all busy to find the perfect costumes for this Halloween, Adults however also have a farther concern... What food items should be put on the Halloween feast food list!
Apart from the pumpkin dishes and trick or treats, the most common and somewhat traditional item is a Halloween cake or cupcakes.
There are numerous ways in which you can decorate your cakes and cupcakes for Halloween. The ideas are almost as much as the themes themselves. This page will help you know unique new ways in which you can decorate your Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes and make the day even more fun for your family and friends.

Halloween Cake Ideas

Choices for decorating a cake for Halloween are as vast as the ideas for the dress-up on that day. You can base your theme on spooky witchcraft, ghosts, cemeteries etc or you can go for nicer colorful themes such as different movie scenes. You can also use both spooky and colorful by making a tiered cake with different themes on different levels.

Cupcakes are much more popular and easy to decorate but we'll come on them later. First you need to know what you can do with your cakes!

Halloween Zombies Cake
Halloween Zombies Cake

How To Make a Party Stopper Cake...

Out of the many ways you can shape up your party cake, here are a few which will be easy to make and will look fantastic on your table.

Coffin Cake

A rectangular shaped coffin cake would make an amazing centerpiece for a Halloween buffet. To make a coffin cake you will need to bake a large rectangle shaped cake and scoop out the middle of the cake leaving 1 inch in from all sides.

For the lid of the coffin, oil a cookie sheet. Put a chilled cookie dough on a lightly floured surface and roll it in to a rectangle the size of your cake top. Bake the cookie on the oiled sheet until it's lightly browned.

Fill out the inside of the coffin (the scooped out cake area) with an assortment of candies or chocolate bars. For a spooky effect use candy eyeballs or candy flies etc. Cover the filled in coffin with the cookie and its ready to go!

Spider-Web Cake

Cover a round cake with dark chocolate frosting. Melt some white chocolate and pipe it on the top of the cake in circles. Use a knife to glaze the chocolate in the shape of web. Decorate the cake with little candy flies and a spider.

Ghost Cake

For making a ghost shaped cake, cut out a template of a ghost on a cardboard. Bake a rectangle or round cake and cut it in the shape of the ghost by using the template. Cover the cake with a white frosting or icing and make ripples and waves like the ghost is taking a flight.

Jack O' Lantern Cakes

Use a half sphere baking pan to make two cakes. These spheres will join to make a 3 dimensional pumpkin shape. Use orange frosting to cover up the cake and give the pumpkin mouth and eyes using black candies. You can also use little pumpkin sprinkles to cover the cake.

Assorted Candy Cake

Bake a simple cake and frost it in the Halloween colors of orange, black, red etc. Get a wide assortment of cake sprinkles. Use witch hats, skulls, black cats, broomsticks, pumpkins, eyeballs etc and load the cake with these sprinkles. It would be quite a sight and children will love it.

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers are often used for decorating Halloween cakes. Different types of cake toppers are present in the stores. From cake decorating kits to edible images, many varieties can be found for decorating a cake. Haunted houses, graveyards, coffins, skulls, zombies look good as decorations. Different signs saying 'peek-a-boo', 'R.I.P' and 'Happy Halloween' are also used for decorations.

Halloween Cupcake Ideas

For a Memorable Halloween

Assembling and decorating Cupcakes for Halloween has always been a fun task. There are a lot of ways in which you can decorate a Halloween cupcake and as many ways to assemble them.

Cauldron Cupcake

For making cupcakes like a witch's cauldron you will need some chocolate cupcakes (baked or bought), vanilla pudding and chocolate frosting, pretzel sticks, neon green food colour, some cookie sheets and bowls for mixing different ingredients.

If you are baking the cupcakes then make sure they are properly cooled before you proceed. Store-bought cupcakes can be used after tearing off their lining. What you need to do is invert the cupcake over and carefully carve out the middle of the cupcake by a spoon. Be careful not to hit the bottom of the cupcake so that the filling doesn't leak out.

Take a microwave safe bowl and melt the chocolate frosting in it for about 2o seconds or until it is rich and properly melted. Dip each cupcake in the frosting separately using a spoon to cover the sides. Make sure you leave the top(hollowed out area) clean. Put the cupcakes on a cookie sheet to avoid much mess.

Now add some neon colouring to the vanilla pudding and mix it properly adding more color until you get the right color of spooky! Fill the cupcakes with the pudding.

Now sprinkle green sanding sugar or sprinkles on the pudding. You can also use skull sprinkles etc if you want to make it look like skeleton brew. Insert a liquorice rope into the sides of the cupcake to make the handle. Use pretzel stick as the stirrer. These will be a hit on the Halloween party!

More Cupcake Decorations

Now a days many cupcake decorations can be easily found in the markets. Spooky cupcake wrappers and stands are available for assembling the cupcakes. A variety of cupcake sprinkles, toppers, cupcake rings etc can be used for decorating the cupcakes in a fun way without creating much mess.

Here i have featured a variety of cupcake toppers which will look awesome on Halloween night. Choose what you think would make your party special!

Assemble Some Spider Cupcakes!

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