Halloween Decorations: Indoor Window Projector

by blackspanielgallery

Halloween decorations now include making a window an animate Halloween scene, and can be made safer from theft and vandalism.

Your Halloween decorations can now include an indoor window projector. Indoor window projectors add a new dimension to your Halloween decorating scheme, and solve problems encountered with other Halloween decorations.

One problem solved is that theft and vandalism is prevented of outdoor Halloween decorations. Occasionally, mischievous adolescents damage or take decorations. It happens infrequently, perhaps once every five or ten years, and is more likely if there is an adolescent living in the home with “friends” playing a prank. Sometimes it is minor, but as decorations become more expensive there is a greater need to protect them. We normally take small, easily damaged decorations inside after the younger children have finished passing for trick or treat. In my neighborhood having close to one hundred children pass in a year is not unusual.

Window Halloween Decorations

Projected Halloween Images

Halloween decorations now include indoor rear projection images for the windows.  These are different from the lights one can project onto the house from outside, which are usually small points of light.   These include larger images, and can be projected from within the home.  This also makes turning the decorations off easier, and weather is not a consideration.


Halloween window Projection

Halloween Decorations
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Projected Window Halloween Decorations

How It Works

The Halloween decorations are images on a card.  A projector is set up in the home, and the card is loaded into the unit.  A translucent screen is attached to the window.  The projector is turned on and projects the Halloween image onto the translucent screen.  The image is visible from both outside and inside the home.  Just be aware the image is reversed.  For example, if a cat faces left as viewed from within, it is facing right if viewed from outside.


Project Halloween Decorations

Spare Projection Material
AtmosFX Window Projection Material

Halloween Decorations

Window Projections Details

Many of the Halloween decorations projected include a sound track, and many are animated.  You are not confined to still images.  You can have ghost images that float about, or pumpkins that move.  You are actually projecting a show onto the screen.  And the sound track is synchronized to the motion.


Some of the projectors include ports for other devices, so adding outdoor speakers is possible, provided you can find a way of getting the wires indoors.  Another possibility is to have speakers at open windows if it is possible.  Temperature extremes might make this impractical.


Many projectors have both a vertical and a horizontal option.  So, a window that is wider than it is high, or a window that is higher than it is wide can be used.


Halloween decorations can be projected onto a wall.  The screen is not really necessary unless you are using the projector to have a decorative window.  In fact, many of these projectors also come with a stake, and can be used outdoors as well as indoors.  You can project the image onto the outer wall.  Of course wall color is to be taken into consideration for any wall projection, indoor or outdoor, when opting not to use the screen. 


And, if used outdoors you do give up the protection from damage, theft, and vandalism.  However, when used for an outdoor party this may not be a consideration while people are present.  And, use the screen if you need to due to the wall color.


Another advantage is flexibility.  Many of these projectors come with several different programs.  You can change the show easily.  

Halloween Decorations Become Christmas Decorations

The Flexibility of Window Projection

The window projectors have multiple uses.  The projected programs are not all based on Halloween themes.  One can select a Christmas program, a birthday program, a New Year’s Eve program, or a wedding program.  So, a one-time investment can provide multiple decorations for many occasions.  Imagine hosting a bridal shower and having a wall projection as part of the bridal shower decorations.  Even in a rented hall these decorations can be used, since there is no damage done to the wall when projecting an image.  Just make certain the unit you purchase as all the holidays and occasions you wish, or that they can be added with the purchase of additional cards that work with the unit.


Some units have added programs that can be purchase for a greater variety.  Certainly, if you are using the unit for a one-time occasion such as a bridal shower you might find a better fit with an alternative program.


Additional Programs for Projection Units

Halloween Decorations
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Halloween Decorations Limitations

Window Light Projection Decorations

In reading the reviews for several of these window projectors on Amazon one can get a feel for what can go wrong.  The first problem is these window projectors work best if there is less lighting in the room.  Buy the ones with the greater illumination power, less illumination tends to wash out in interior background lighting.  This is less of a problem for Halloween, since ghostly images might actually add to the effect desire. 


One reason for having too dull of an image is improper placement of the projector.  The larger the image, the less bright it will be.  The projector puts out a certain amount of light.  Spreading that light over too large of a surface area makes a duller image. 


The size of the image is determined by the distance from the window the projector is placed.  If it is too close, the image will not fill the window.  If the projector is too far back the image will be too dull, and only a portion of the image will appear in the window.  And you do not want to place the projector off to a side, since this will distort the image with one side enlarged more than the other.  So, one question one must ask is whether the projector can be placed in a direct line with the window, or will furniture inhibit proper placement. 


The projector may come with a tripod, so getting it the proper height is not as serious of a problem as getting it the proper distance back.  Some have a base, and are designed to be set on the floor.  Certainly, for exterior use the stake is important, so the tripod is not likely to be needed.


Some images are less demanding of exact placement than others.  A group of floating ghosts can be larger on one side, or on the bottom of the screen, and being brought into a sharp image may be unnecessary.


Some negative comments involve the tripod legs breaking.  Do be careful when assembling the tripod.  If it were designed as durable the price would be much higher.  This is an occasional use decoration.  Of course a damaged tripod can be substituted by having decorative, Halloween based decoration upon which the projector can be set.


Halloween Decorations

Glow in the dark Halloween decoration ideas can be made to look spooky, and can enhance the Halloween spirit when used at a Halloween party.
Halloween door greeters are characters who stand at the door and usually hold a bowl or a pumpkin that is filled with candy. Thy can add much to your Halloween decorations.
Halloween decorations do not have to be too scary for young children. Just use Disney decorations featuring Mickey and Minnie and you will have a great, child friendly Halloween.
Halloween decorations are often eerie, and when you mix a Halloween image with the naturally eerie appearance of fiber optics you have quite a winning combination.

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blackspanielgallery on 08/08/2017

I believe they are loops, but each one has to be looked at independently. Usually a loop just keeps playing. Do not think in terms of a story line, but in terms of characters moving repetitively. They use cards like a computer, but for a projector there is a need for a cooling fan. LEDs do not heat very much, but there is a sound track that should be loud enough to drown out the background noise.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/08/2017

blackspanielgallery, How long do the projectors run for? Do they make any operational noises?

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