Why And How To Dress Up As Female Disney Villains For Halloween?

by CeresSchwarz

Why don't you consider dressing up as a female Disney villain for Halloween? Why would anyone want to? If you decide to do so, what are the things that you would need for this?

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? With so many different kinds of costumes to choose from, it can be pretty difficult and overwhelming to find the best and most suitable costume for you. You can go with the usual costumes such as that of a witch, zombie, vampire or many of the other creatures and monsters that befit Halloween.

For less-scary outfits, you can even go with such costumes as fairies, princesses and the like. You may also opt instead to just dress up as one of the many female Disney Villains for Halloween. But why would anyone want to do this? And how exactly would you dress up as a female Disney villain?

Why And How To Dress Up As A Female Disney Villain for Halloween?
Why And How To Dress Up As A Female Disney Villain for Halloween?

Disney Villains

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Villains & Halloween

Why dress up as a villain for Halloween?

Remember that you can dress up as whoever you want to for Halloween.

You don't have to go with the traditional Halloween costumes such as that of witches and zombies and vampires if you don't want to.

Your outfit doesn't even have to be scary if you don't want it to be.

You can even go as characters from your favorite book or movie or game.

In the same regard, if you feel like dressing up as a Disney villain, then there's nothing wrong with that either.

You may opt to dress up as a female Disney villain for Halloween if you still haven't decided on who you're dressing up as for the holiday in question.

But what other reasons are there that you may want to do this? For one, dressing up as a villain makes you more original and unique as compared to others who would go with the usual and common Halloween costumes.

This would surely help you stand out in a crowd, making you more noticeable.

This is doubly so because people are usually more wont to dress up as the heroes and the good guys rather than the villains.

But since this is for Halloween, dressing up as a villain for the occasion seems most apt and suitable.

After all, villains are supposed to be dark and evil, cruel and vicious, mysterious and foreboding, all of which are perfect traits for Halloween. Some villains can even look scary and frightening.

In addition to that, the outfits of some villains usually consist of dark colors and are designed in such a way as to make it complement their dark, dark personalities and attitudes.

This makes dressing up as a villain rather perfect for Halloween. If you want to be different, then you can't go wrong with a Disney villain outfit. A lot of Disney villains are pretty well-known in much the same way that a number of Disney movies are popular and well-loved. As such, you should have no problems being recognized in your chosen Disney villain costume.

Female Disney Villains

Of course, Disney villains aren't always women. There are also male Disney villains and you can also opt to dress up as one of them but that's another article entirely. This article focuses on donning costumes of female Disney villains.

So, how can you dress up as one of the many female Disney villains out there? What are the things that you need in order to look like one of these antagonists? And who are some of these female Disney villains that you can dress up as for Halloween?


This is how she really looks like

The Staff of Maleficent

Maleficent Staff


The antagonist from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is the main villain from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

If you know about the Kingdom Hearts series, she also appears as one of the bad guys there.

Not only is Maleficent really evil, she is also very powerful.

She can make use of her staff to cast such powerful spells with devastating effects.

She could even get herself to transform into a huge black dragon.

Above, you can see an image of how Maleficent really looks like.

Maleficent Costume

Doesn't the costume really look like Maleficent especially with the staff you can see above included?
Adult Maleficent Costume-Standard(12-14)

With her less than nice personality and her dark ensemble, Maleficent seems to be made for Halloween. Her getup alone looks scary enough with the combination of dark black and purple as well as the way it is cut. She even has the horns to go with it.

Wearing Maleficent's costume should make it easy for you to scare people if that's what you're aiming for. You could add the appropriate makeup and act just like Maleficent to give off that evil and sinister vibe.


This is how she really looks like


The villain from The Little Mermaid

Ursula appears as the main antagonist in The Little Mermaid as well as one of the bad guys in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is quite powerful with her magical abilities not to mention rather frightening with her half-human and half-octopus appearance,

Above, you can see images of how Ursula really looks and how scary this can be. Ursula's dark black outfit goes well with her equally dark and manipulative personality while also making this a good choice for a Halloween costume. Of course, since Ursula has octopus-like tentacles instead of legs, it would certainly be pretty difficult to be able to fully dress up as her.

However, the two costumes featured above seem to be doing a good job of looking pretty much just like Ursula. The first outfit doesn't even reach up to the ankles as it instead makes use of a tentacle skirt. The way the tentacles are arranged do make it seem rather real.

The second dress may look more like Ursula since it reaches up to the ankles, making your feet less visible as well as turning people's focus to the large tentacles that is part of this ensemble. The tentacles are connected to the dress itself and they're all in the same direction so there's no movement at all unlike with the first outfit, which gives the illusion that the tentacles can move.

Cruella De Vil with some of the 101 Dalmatians

This is how she really looks like

Cruella De Vil

The antagonist from 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil is as cruel and as much of a devil as her name suggests. Even her name is rather apt for Halloween.

She may not be wearing an all-black ensemble unlike other villains but that doesn't make her any less evil or dark.

This does make her a perfectly fine character to dress up as if you don't want to go with something that is all-black or that would look too dark and gloomy.

Above, you can see an image of how Cruella really looks like.

Her outfit does have dark color in it in the form of her long black dress. The red color of her clothing could be akin to blood while the rest of her outfit and even her hair greatly add to her unique style.

You can see a Cruella costume below.

Cruella's fur coat

Complete your costume and look more like Cruella de Vil with this item
Disney Cruella de Vil Fur Coat ML

Right away, it's easy to notice that these costumes don't look exactly like how Cruella's getup is supposed to look like. However, these costumes still manage to retain some aspects of Cruella's look (such as the black and white colors and the dalmatian spots), which makes said costumes immediately recognizable as being related to Cruella De Vil.

By donning a fur coat like the one you can see above, you're sure to look more like Cruella regardless of which of these costumes you choose. Wear a wig of Cruella's trademark black and white hair to complete your look.

Cruella De Vil Costume

It may not be exactly how Cruella looks like but you still can't mistake this outfit for anything other than a Cruella costume
Plus Size Cruella (1X/2X)

The Evil Queen from Snow White

This is how she really looks like

The Evil Queen / The Wicked Queen

The villain from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

It's interesting to note that this character does not actually have any known given name.

Instead, she is simply known as The Evil Queen or, sometimes, The Wicked Queen.

While she certainly fits the evil and wicked description, there is more to her than just that.

She is prone to extreme feelings of jealousy and vain doesn't begin to cover her as she wants to be the most beautiful and the fairest of them all.

The Evil Queen is actually beautiful in a cold, icy and even deadly way.

The Evil Queen Costume

The resemblance to the real Wicked Queen is uncanny, isn't it?
Std Size Women (12-14) - Disneys TM Snow White EVIL Queen Costume

Her outfit looks regal as befits her status and yet also elegant whilst the colors of her clothing seems to further enhance her appearance. The black color of her outfit seems to represent the darkness surrounding her as she hides her true nature underneath her beautiful looks.  

If you're looking to dress up as someone stunningly beautiful for Halloween and yet still dark and sinister enough to fit the holiday in question, you definitely can't go wrong with choosing The Wicked Queen.

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

This is how she really looks like

The Queen of Hearts

The antagonist from Alice in Wonderland

Just like The Evil Queen from Snow White, the Queen of Hearts also does not have a known name and is simply known as the Queen or the Queen of Hearts. She pretty much appears to be mad, crazy and insane especially with the way she is always wont to order people to be beheaded.

Being the ruler of Wonderland, she is indeed powerful as she dominates people and gets them to follow all of her orders, regardless of whether these orders are right or wrong. The red color of her outfit serves to show that not all red things are nice as red, apart from being the color of love, can also be the color of blood.

Below, you can see a costume that is supposed to be that of the Queen of Hearts. However, you can immediately see that this costume doesn't really look like the Queen's dress. Regardless of that, this outfit couldn't possibly be mistaken for anything other than a Queen of Hearts costume by virtue of the hearts on said dress as well as the combination of black and red colors.

If you act like the Queen of Hearts, you're sure to be easily recognizable as portraying the Queen herself especially if you yell her trademark line "off with his / her head".


These are just some of the female Disney villains costumes that you can choose to wear for Halloween.

You're sure to look scary with any of these outfits.

But remember that it's not just the costume that can evoke feelings of fear from people. It's also in the way that you act.

Act like the villain you're dressed up as in order to further terrify and frighten people.

After all, if these Disney villains didn't cause trouble and were actually nice, it wouldn't matter even if they looked scary or if they're dressed all in black because they just wouldn't have the same effect on people if they weren't antagonists or the bad guys.

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