Halloween Pillows

by Digby_Adams

Witches, ghosts, black cats, owls and pumpkins embellish these Halloween pillows. Folk art, primitive, modern, and sometimes silly. Great selection at low prices.

You'll love the way your sofas and chairs look when you toss a few Halloween pillows on them to create a Halloween mood. Country decor fans will love the primitive and folk art Halloween pillows. Animal lovers will love the black cat pillows. Bird lovers will give a hoot for owl pillows. You won't be able to make a pie with our Halloween pumpkin pillows but you'll still think that they're delish. You might not be able to cast a spell, but you'll think that these Halloween witch pillows are spellbinding.

Witch Halloween pillows let you tell everyone that the "Witch is In" or warn those who dare to enter that you might be just a little bit "Wicked." You'll find some witch Halloween pillows that are shaped like a witch. Others show a large witch head in silhouette. If you choose a primitive witch pillow, you create a subtle and creepy vibe. But you can also choose a more modern and whimsical approach to witches as well. Many of the Halloween witch pillows for sale on ebay show witches flying across the moon on their broom.  You'll love seeing the way that playful witches dance with their black cat under the moonlit sky. Others have their cauldron at the ready to make a love potion for that guy down the hall at your office that you've had your eye on or to cast a spell to stop your neighbor from mowing his lawn at 6am on Saturday.

Halloween Witch Pillow

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Playful black cats romp in the pumpkin patch, while other dutiful black cats stand at the ready to help their witch cast spells. Many witches use black cats as their familiar - an animal that magnifies their witch powers. For this reason, you'll often see a black cat portrayed with a fanciful witch hat. A black cat Halloween pillow might even be shaped like a cat. This iconic symbol can be tossed anywhere to celebrate Halloween or to show what a cat lover you are!

Did you know that October 31 is Adopt a Black Cat Day? Because of misguided superstitions many people believe that a black cat is bad luck and refuse to adopt one from a shelter. So one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to bring a black cat home. No, you don't even have to be a witch to do this!

Black Cat Halloween Pillows

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Halloween owl decorations are just plain hot for Halloween 2012. It's like some trendsetter just woke up and said "Owls are a Hoot, you gotta have some in your Halloween decorations. I'm an avid birder, so anything that gives our feathered friends some attention is just fine with me. You'll also see owls hovering over witches. They can be a familiar just as well as a black cat. Some might even argue that their legendary wisdom, suits them perfectly for the job. Whereas a cat's natural curiosity might cause more harm than good.

You can choose an obviously Halloween pillow to celebrate owls. You can also opt for a primitive folk art design that just shows an owl in a tree or alone. If it doesn't have a witch, you could use the owl pillow year round. I do love sitting on our porch at night and listening to see if I hear the mysterious hoot of an owl.

Owl Halloween Pillows

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Depending on your religious beliefs and those around you, Halloween decorating can be fun or it can be a social nightmare. If you find yourself in one of those conundrums, then you can always turn to friendly pumpkins - perhaps even a smiling jack-o-lantern. You can always say that your celebrating the Autumn harvest. Your children will still feel as though they are part of things with the other neighborhood kids.

But if you just love dolling up for Halloween, then you can combine your pumpkins with all of the other iconic Halloween images - witches, ghosts, owls, and black cats. Vibrant pumpkin orange is probably one of the reasons that orange and black are traditional Halloween decorating colors. The shapes of these Halloween pumpkin pillows can vary tremendously from square to rectangular to looking like a big pumpkin on your love seat.

Pumpkin Halloween Pillows

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Yes you could go out and buy some ghost fabric and create your own special Halloween ghost pillows. But that would certainly take up your time. If you enjoy sewing and crafting this would be a great way to spend an afternoon. Me, I'd rather be in the kitchen making Halloween cupcakes. That's why I love shopping ebay. You'll find hundreds (actually the last time I checked there were over 1,200 ghost pillows available there1) of ghost pillows, some of which are made by crafters. I always manage to find some unique home decor at really reasonable prices.

Halloween decor and decorations can be on the dark side. The bright white color of most ghosts is the perfect way to brighten your Halloween decorations. If you have a dark sofa or reading chair, a sparkling white ghost-shaped pillow, is the perfect home accent.

Halloween Ghost Pillows

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Updated: 07/19/2015, Digby_Adams
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Mladen on 10/04/2012

Great collection of Halloween pillows. I even have one with the pumpkin motif in my pillow "collection".

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