Halloween Socks

by katiem2

Who doesn't like holiday socks? Feast your eyes on some great Halloween socks. Great Halloween socks for the young and old alike, check them out here now.

Halloween is that time of year when the fog starts to settle and the dark falls suddenly. The cold chill in the air begins to send shivers up the spines of we mere mortals. It's the time of year we begin to rummage for our socks again. As our toes begin to get a chill why not wear fun Halloween socks adding a bit of holiday cheer to the changing season. The outrageous fun prints put a smile on the faces of those who wear them and those who see them. Socks become a great conversation starter. When was the last time someone asked you, "Where did you get those cool socks"? Get your cool Halloween socks today and be ready for Trick or Treat and Halloween.

Socks Make the Costume

Every good Halloween costume needs a great pair of matching socks.

A great Halloween costume is incomplete without a matching pair of socks to bring the entire look together. Plus a good pair of socks help to keep you warm as you wear less than the weather requires.

These fun striped socks are a huge hit and pair well with the many witch and warlock costumes. These fun colorful socks are also fun to wear to school during the Halloween season with a skirt or shorts. Enjoy and have fun wearing these trendy socks. 

While shopping for socks you might want to check out the fun Rubies shoes the model is wearing in the picture. The broad heels are great for an evening of fun, walking a lot or dancing. 

Halloween Children Socks

Kids love getting into the holiday spirit and sharing their fun socks with friends at school.

I have two girls of my own and have watched many a happy face head out to school in the morning excited to be wearing a new pair of Halloween socks. It's a fun way to lift the spirits of others throughout the day not to mention your child as well. 

Many of the kid favorite Halloween socks are those with pumpkins, bats, ghost, cats, witches, witches hats, candy corn and all in bright colors often with sparkles added. Lets take a look at a few of the fast favorite Halloween and trick or treat socks for kids.

Pirate Socks

Pirate costumes are a popular Halloween costume.

Pair your pirate costume with a great pair of pirate socks. These are really cool and a big hit with kids and adults. The smiles and fun these socks generate makes is a ease sock to wear anytime during the fall season.

These spice up a boring day at school pairing them with jeans allowing them to peek through from time to time. You can have fun showing your special pirate socks to close friends for a much needed laugh or smile as the day wears on.

You may even want to wear them with shorts, a dress or a skirt. Halloween is a fun time of year when fashion go's a bit off the deep end. It feels good to cut loose in a funny pair of socks.

There really are no fashion rules during this fun time of year. Halloween is one of the funnest most highly celebrated holidays on the calendar.

Do You Wear Holiday Socks?

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Yes, I wear them for many holidays because
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

Holiday sacks are mood-enhancing conversation pieces and complete the holiday attire and look.

Updated: 10/22/2012, katiem2
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Halloween Socks Chat

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katiem2 on 10/17/2012

belinda, My pleasure, I'm thrilled with the amazing selection available in knee socks. They are fashionable, comfortable and warm. :)

belinda342 on 10/15/2012

I know it's kind of crazy, because I'm just not a fashion conscious person, but I love Holiday socks! The striped Pirate socks are great. And I bet they are warm too. Too many crew socks nowadays...my shins get cold. Thanks for these!

katiem2 on 09/28/2012

SierraJacobs, I agree I like those too! :)

SierraJacobs on 09/28/2012

Ooh those second ones are cute!

katiem2 on 09/28/2012

My kids reminded me of it the other day when they asked to unpack their Halloween socks. We store everything away per season. Got me thinking....

VictoriaLynn on 09/28/2012

What a fun article! I never would have thought about Halloween socks!

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