Halloween Spooky Town Decorations

by blackspanielgallery

Halloween Spooky Town is a wonderful set of Halloween decorations, many with spooky effects, that can be displayed as a unit.

Halloween Spooky Town decorations make having an indoor Halloween decoration easy and fun. There is a myriad of items available, all designed to be displayed separately or together.

Most people have heard of, and many have, a Christmas village. Christmas decorations of buildings, people, trees, and so on are frequently displayed as a village, or a small part of a village. It is now possible to have a Halloween decoration that is a village, or part of one.

Spooky Town is made by Lemax.

Why Decorate?

With several moving pieces and eerie lights, the set can be designed to attract a child’s eye.  Having an amusing decoration adds to the enjoyment as Halloween is anticipated.  And, with the smaller pieces being set up together, the arrangement of the design can change from year to year, keeping the decoration fresh.

Matched Spooky Town Set

One nice thing about Spooky Town is the pieces are scaled to work together.  Otherwise, one could get a streetlight larger than a building.  That does not happen here.  The pieces are designed to be parts of an extensive set.  They use the same scale.  This makes adding to the set easy.  It is not necessary to buy the entire set all at once.


Spooky Town

I was walking through a hobby store, Michaels, and heard Halloween music.  I walked to the source of the sound, and I found an elaborate display.  Many of the pieces have movement, and those do require batteries. 


I have not discovered any piece that makes the music.  I suspect it was added by the store.

Spooky Twists

Streetlights make a prime example of the twists.  The lights can be pumpkins, ghosts, or even snowmen.  Just about every part of Spooky Town has a twist to make it a little scary.

Spooky Names

The village has many pieces that represent stores.  The names on the stores are not normal names, but rather are names that have a spooky meaning.  This adds to the delight, and humor, of the display. 


Spooky Town Display Platforms

Several display platforms are available to serve at the focal point of your display.  Some have multiple tiers.  Others are somewhat flat.  Depending on the extent of your display, you can use one or more platforms. 


Special Effect Pieces

Some pieces have a place to add water.  The water is used to produce a fog effect.  Imagine eerie lights glowing through fog. 

Small Pieces

Some pieces have small, removable parts, such as small pumpkins that can be taken out of a truck.  This allows flexibility, but care should be exercised in using such pieces in the presence of small children or inquisitive pets.


Much More

I cannot fully show the wide variety of Spooky Town pieces available.  This is a rather large set, and different people will prefer different things.  Just a few pieces are inappropriate, such as a church or cathedral and cannot be recommended, but most are good fun.

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Updated: 08/18/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 08/19/2019

There are so many pieces that some indeed could be residences.

Somehow a haunted church and a cathedral of lost souls seems too disrespectful, although the modern society might not agree.

What surprised me was that the collection is not all recent, one old, used platform is on Amazon from about thirteen years ago.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/19/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
Spooky town buildings and trains likely attract collectors of miniature communities and trains.
Does the ensemble not include residences?
It's unfortunate about the cathedral or church since it wouldn't hurt the entire collection to be respectful of religion and spirituality. What would you consider a gentler, kinder way of including places of worship?

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