Halloween Wreaths

by Digby_Adams

Welcome Halloween visitors with a dark and foreboding wreath stuffed with bats and black cats, witches, ghosts and ghouls.

Just after Labor Day the bright summer sky turns dark and desolate. Afternoons quickly become night and leaves start blowing by our front door. Nighttime is darker and we know that Halloween is on its way. I love this time of year and love to watch people approach my spooked-up front door.

They see the Halloween wreath in shades of gray and black. They hear a noise on the step and look scared. They should be able to guess from the state of our rambling Victorian farmhouse, that the moaning step isn't a ghost, but just another item we haven't got to on our rehab project list!

Long before zombies were the rage, skeletons were tumbling out of closets and scaring people half to dealth. Call me old-fashioned, perhaps a little too loyal, but I'm sticking with the skeltons. On any day I prefer a boney and pristine skeleton to a bloody and dirty corpse.

Luckily there are many skeleton wreaths I can chose from. Their angular construction makes them perfect for Halloween mesh wreaths, spider webs, black leaves and a tangle of bats. Their limbs hang and can even give the wreath a sense of movement. 

The rise in popularity of the Mexican Day of the Dead has given skeletons a whole new look. Of course you can have more than one wreath. They look wonderful on interior doors and even on the staircase wall. I prefer the brighter wreaths inside so the front door stays really spooky. I use cobwebs in a can to extend the wreath to the corner of the door. 

Halloween Wreaths with Skeletons

Black Bow Wreath with Skeleton

It lights up for a Ghoulish Glow!
Wreath With Skeleton

Almost primitive, but not quite. This 17.5 inch wreath is made up of black bows. Sprigs that stick out make it look more primitive and less formal. Look closely and you'll see the small green lights that give it a ghoulish glow. The full length skeleton is the perfect Halloween embellishment. 

Ghosts are fluid and transparent compared to hard and angular skeleton bones. They too are a classic Halloween spirit. If I choose a ghostly Halloween wreath, then I often put ghosts up in our front yard trees. Ghosts can be menacing or Casper the Ghost friendly. You do have to choose which kinds of ghosts you want. It's hard to combine them.

Most of the kids who will be visiting our house are middle-school aged and above. These guys expect to be a little scared and to earn their Halloween candy. They can take it. So I'm going with evil ghosts hanging all over our front porch. Some will be gossamer thin, while other might be able to sit in the chair. My husband likes to have them drinking beer and misbehaving. It's always good to put a smile on the parents face. 

One year he had skeletons playing pool in our foyer, with ghosts watching in the background. Halloween decorations are what you make of them.

Ghostly Halloween Wreaths

Friendly Halloween Ghost Wreath

Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Fall Leaves and a Smiling Ghost
Friendly Halloween Ghost Wreath

This stunning Halloween wreath is almost more of an Autumn Wreath. Yes, I know there's a ghost smack dab in the middle, but look at him! He's got goofy smile and is dressed in a cute black and white check outfit with a bow. He's surrounded by a vibrant autumn display of fall leaves, sunflowers and pumpkins. It's all artificial, so you can use it for years to come. It measures 21 inches across and 23 inches long. 

Halloween Witch Wreaths

Witches are one of my favorite Halloween characters. They are at their scariest standing over a boiling cauldron creating evil potions. Celebrate their place in Halloween with a witch wreath that has her flying across the moon. Witch hats and boots are often used to decorate wreaths. Don't forget a witch's best friends bats and black cats.

Our neighbors always have a witch wreath, then they put a broom and witch hat on a chair next to the door. Their family has a tradition that they leave out  Halloween cookies so the witch won't put a spell on them. I think it's great, other parents don't want their kids believing in witches they way they do Santa Claus. 

I often have a giant witch's hat that I fill with candy and dare the kids to take it away from the witch. Hey Halloween isn't Easter and it's a time to have a little macabre fun. 

A Witch and Spider Halloween Wreath

Popular Deco Mesh Style Wreath
Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath with Witch Legs, Witch Hat, and Spiders

A witch's hat makes up the central portion of this colorful Halloween wreath. Her colorful legs dangle below. Spiders are placed among the orange and black striped bows. Very artful and colorful. Your Halloween door will set the standard for the neighborhood. 

Updated: 08/08/2015, Digby_Adams
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