Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

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For apartments and small homes, laundry can still be quick and convenient, and a hand powered portable washing machine is a great way to make that happen.

The laundry machine is probably one of the world's greatest time savers, and with the invention of small, portable washers operated by hand, even smaller apartments or older homes can take advantage of the convenience offered by appliance-assisted laundry routines.

Hand crank washing machines are rather inexpensive, easy to use, quite effective, and maybe even enjoyable, too. So check out some of these compact units, and save hours of laundromat visits or hand washes.

Why use a hand crank portable washing machine?

Benefits of human powered washing machines

Hand powered washing machines are useful in a number of situations, most obviously power outages, in which dependence on the laundry machine quickly leads to the downfall of civilization altogether.

But they're also quite useful in small apartments, dorms, or maybe a cabin, particularly when only a few items of clothing need to be washed at a time. Athletic clothing in particular is a great reason to use a hand powered washing machine, since you might only need to clean one outfit at a time, and it would be extremely inconvenient to wait until a full load of laundry is ready, or use a full-size washer only on one or two outfits.

Other great uses include RV camping, children's summer camps, base camps on hiking trips, road trips with little or no access to laundry facilities, and plenty of other situations.

Not to mention the simple fact that it is electricity-free, and plenty of people get a sense of satisfaction managing their own affairs without having to plug into the grid.

How do human powered washers work?

Plungers or hand crank washer operation

Plenty of different methods exist for non electric, hand powered portable washing machines, not to mention the idea of simply using a bucket, though the machines are generally far easier to operate than old-fashioned hand washing.

Hand crank washing machines operate just like you'd imagine, either vertically or horizontally, and work quite well to get clothes clean and fresh.

Other methods include a simple tool like a plunger, which can be used to agitate the water to push debris and other dirt out of the clothing.

It might surprise people to know that it doesn't take too long to get clothes pretty clean using these machines, but remember that you're skipping the whole process of filling up a large machine with water, which takes a lot longer in a full-size washer. Rinse and spin cycles go faster too, since there's very little that needs to be rinsed and spun.

So check out a few of the most popular hand crank washing machines available below:

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Other Non-Electric Washing Machine Tips

Things to remember when using a hand crank washer

As you can see, there aren't many options widely available online, though these should work for most people in most situations.

Remember that these are hand powered devices, which, although great for exercise, probably won't be as powerful as 40 consistent minutes of machine-powered agitation. With that in mind, it's a good idea to pre-soak the clothing ahead of time. Just throw the clothes in with a bucket full of water, and leave it alone while you leave for work or whatever. Also, it's good to find a spot near a bathtub, so they can be filled up and drained easily. Most models have a hose that drains the used water.

Plus, you'll need to hang dry the clothes. This can be done overnight, or might take a whole day, depending on climate and air circulation. With that in mind, here are some tools to help the drying process:

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More Portable Washing Machine Options

More "automatic" than hand crank washers

So if manual operation isn't your thing, a number of options exist to help with the laundry, even in a small apartment or dorm room without much in the way of space. Alongside the hand crank models are small electric units that will help with the chores without needing your help.

If hand crank washing isn't for you, then read about Cheap Portable Washing Machines, or click the article link below.

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