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by Tested_to_Destruction

A hand truck is a versatile and highly useful piece of equipment - not least due to their weight carrying ability. The five best hand trucks, reviewed and compared.

A hand truck is a useful accessory to have around - not least because they can reduce the labor involved when transporting heavy items around from place to place. Otherwise known under a variety of different names - dolly, sack truck, two wheeler, they're a hard working addition to the average professional or home owners array of tools - and are rarely anything other than useful.

Most are designed to carry excessive weights - much like a wheelbarrow - in relation to their size and most that I've used to an admirable enough job. There's a varied array of models available and you're better to choose one that's going to best suit your purposes, as opposed to buying one for it's looks or price tag.

The five best hand trucks are featured below - they're all best sellers, highly rated and give a good return on investment.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

This is the best selling hand truck overall - and you're getting a folding, user friendly robust hand cart that's built to a good standard for well under 30 bucks. It's sturdy and will handle a lot of weight, use and abuse - the manufacture is rustproof aluminum, the wheels are rubber, and great on just about any terrain.

It folds up and down easily, no mess or fuss and it's weight makes it a breeze to store or transport around. It stands at 39" when opened is, and it carries up to 150lbs total weight. It does its job well - nothing unstable or wobbly about its performance and for the price it's worth every cent. Great all-rounder - home, workshop, garage, trips out.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

The Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck is engineered with toughness in mind. Made of rust-proof aluminum, this cart is ideal for traveling, and can even be folded and stowed in an a...

Only $42.16

Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck

Another top selling folding hand truck from Magna - this one a bit higher price wise but then you're getting a truck that will carry more weight per run. Easy and simply to collapse and erect, it weighs around 10.5 pounds. The construction is a metal alloy - which is what makes this a stronger version of the previous model.

The wheels are rugged, up to be used wherever you need it to go and it folds down small enough to make storing it no issue - it fits into a car trunk, will hang up or slide beneath workbenches happily enough. A great choice if you need to haul a lot of weight on a regular basis - travellers love this one, as do those in the packaging, haulage and delivery industries.

Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck

Ideal for travelers, trade show exhibitors, and anyone else who frequently hauls boxes and other gear from place to place, the Magna Cart Elite 2 personal hand truck is engineer...

Only $62.99

Harper Trucks PJDY2223AO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

This is the best selling convertible hand truck - with this one you get the standard hand cart model, as well as being able to turn it into a fully functional and rugged 4 wheeled dolly. This is a USA manufacture, no ifs or buts, solid, reliable and user friendly and surprisingly good in either mode.

As a dolly it will haul up to 400lbs, as a hand cart it will happily haul 300lbs - which is pretty awesome. It converts from upright to dolly in a hot second - the mechanism is that simple to operate, and the manufacture is a glass filled nylon construction that delivers superior strength whilst remaining incredibly lightweight. It's handy, it does a great job on both counts and it's worth its current price tag.

Harper Trucks PJDY2223AO Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

The Harper Nylon Junior 2-in-1 hand truck offers the versatile practicality of a combination hand truck in a lighter, more manageable size. Innovative construction of glass-fill...

Only $102.39

Northern Industrial Hand Truck - 600-Lb. Capacity

This one's an industrial hand truck - and it's built to haul up to an awesome 600lbs in weight. There's nothing fancy about it - it doesn't convert into anything, won't fold up or down and it's not the lightest of hand trucks due to it's construction but . if you want a work horse - this is the one to buy.

The whole design is about strength - 600lbs is a considerable weight and yes - it can carry what the manufacturer claims without any real issue. The tires are pneumatic, large and durable and the height of the cart is just above 51". Tough, basic, heavy duty and one for the industry guys.

Northern Industrial Hand Truck - 600-Lb. Capacity

P-handled hand truck features smooth-rolling pneumatic wheels. Load Capacity (lbs.): 600, Height (in.): 51 1/2, Overall Width (in.): 21 5/8, Toe Plate Width (in.): 14, Toe Plate...


Norris 230 155-Pound Capacity Multi-Purpose Folding Cart

This is a nice, lightweight hand cart - built to take up to 155lbs. No good for the heavier stuff but if you need an affordable light weight hauler around the house, workshop or yard, this one will do the job. It has a fold down handle, which reduces it's height, making it easier to stow away when not in use, and it's constructed out of steel that's light yet strong.

The base expands for larger and/or wider items, the wheels are durable enough to cope with terrain that's not too rugged and the elastic straps are a nice, handy feature. It's almost 40" tall when fully open, performs well when used within it's weight capacity range and overall it's a nice example of a general purpose fold up cart.

Norris 230 155-Pound Capacity Multi-Purpose Folding Cart

Norris Corp. 230 The Model 230 cart will become an indispensable part of your luggage collection. Features: -Constructed of steel. -Easy foldaway action. -Fits into airline over...

Only $49.95
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