Harry Potter iPhone 4 Case

by Sam

A collection of the best Harry Potter iPhone 4 cases, sorted by books, movies and characters. I am sure here you will find the right Harry Potter iPhone 4 case for you!

The iPhone cases here in this article are all from the Official Harry Potter Store on Zazzle, meaning they are originals and not some cheap knock-off. I have organized them in two parts, use the table of content below for quick navigation, first by movies and then by characters. I included only the best ones in order to keep the selection manageable and relevant. I hope you enjoy it and if you like you can give me a thumbs up, share this article via the social media buttons or even leave me a comment. And if you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift, just click on one of the pictures and it will take you directly to the respective product page on Zazzle.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone

The motif for this skin is taken from the movie poster of the first film and shows all main characters that were from the beginning in the series: Prof. Dumbledore, Prof. McGonagall, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, Prof. Snape and of course – Harry Potter. This might be a nice iphone skin for those that want to have all their favorite characters on it or for younger fans. Oh, and before I forget it, the title here is the original one 'Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone', as for why they changed initially the title of the first book, see my article here on Wizzley >Harry Potter – List of Books<.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A nice close-up of Prof. Lupin transforming into a werewolf, complete with full moon in the background. A bit of a moody and dark case that could be a great gift for a Harry Potter fan that likes the more dark aspects of the series or for every werewolf and horror fan in general. This is a detail from one of the official movie posters.

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Prof. Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione and Ron as they prepare to fight the returned Lord Voldemort. I love the dynamic composition in this one! The only drawback is that Ron's face is a bit cut off. Also this is a detail of the official poster with the main characters in the foreground and Hogwarts Castle in the background.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Perhaps the darkest of all the movies, and certainly the darkest of the books in my opinion. It is here where Harry founds 'Dumbledore's Army' and teaches them defense against the dark arts. They later become a kind of 'youth organization' of The Order of the Phoenix', the original resistance group against Lord Voldemort during his first reign. I chose this iPhone case over several others of the same topic because I like how it shows that Harry is not fighting alone. It depicts also many of my other favorite characters.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2

A great portrait of the two main protagonists, Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. They are facing each other, with the Elderwand between them, locked in their last battle. Also this is taken from the original movie poster and in case you wonder, the line at the bottom that reads 'It all ends 7.15' makes reference to the date the movie was released. For us fans 'all' ended with this last film, ok, as far as the Harry Potter movies are concerned ;-)

Harry Potter iPhone 4 Cases by Characters and Magical Creatures


My favorite non-human in the whole series. Dobby, the house elf, appears first in 'Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets' and makes regular appearances also in the following books and movies. I like how this case brings out his huge eyes, funny ears and big smile. This would be a nice case for a younger Harry Potter fan or a fan of magical creatures in general.

Ronald Weasley

A superb portrait shot with a nice close crop that shows Ronald at the end of the series when he realizes that things are getting serious and that life can be dangerous. From all the characters J.K. Rowling created, this one is perhaps the one that undergoes the biggest transformation. From a mischievous young boy that doesn't take anything seriously to a serious young man that has decided to fight evil at all cost.

Hermione Granger

An equally stunning portrait, but be aware that the film grain shows up. You can zoom in on it on Zazzle and decide for yourself if you like this effect or not. Hermione is perhaps the person that changes the least character-wise in the series, she just grows up from a clever girl into a clever woman ;-)

Magical Creatures

The world of Harry Potter wouldn't be half as interesting without its magical creatures. Dragons, hippogriffs and intelligent owls make up for a lot of the appeal of the series for many. Who wouldn't like a dragon as a pet, a hippogriff to ride on or a snowy owl like Hedwig to bring them magic letters? Ok, the dragon might be a bit complicated as Hagrid experienced himself in the first book, but a nice owl I would like to have any time, at least on my phone ;-)

There are over 300 Harry Potter iPhone 4 cases available at the >Official HP Store<, if you don't like my selection, why not hop over and look if you find one that is more to your taste. In the end, I couldn't include all of them in my article, as great as they are!

Did you like this article? Check out my other >Harry Potter< articles here on Wizzley ;-)

Updated: 02/16/2012, Sam
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Sam on 01/25/2012

Thanks Sheri, yes they are great. I guess as the series is filmed so well, it is easier to spin-off great looking merchandise easily.

Sheri_Oz on 01/25/2012

I love the HP series. These iPhone cases are wonderful.

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