Harry Potter Jewelry - From the Movies

by Jadelynx

Gorgeous recreations of the magical jewelry from the popular Harry Potter movies.

If you are like me, you loved the Harry Potter movies. I waited impatiently for each one to be made and released and I enjoyed them all immensely. One thing I especially enjoyed was the cool jewelry they had, like the time turner necklace that Hermione used to be everywhere on time. I also loved the horcrux locket that was featured so prominently in the Deathly Hallows, Part One. When I learned there were replicas of these that I could buy, I was hooked. I have started my collection with the time turner, what will you start yours with?

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Time Turner Pendant

With Display Box

Time Turner Necklace




Hermione Granger's Time Turner

  • A perfect recreation of the piece Hermione used in the movie
  • 24 karat gold plated, measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter
  • 18 inch chain included
  • Pendant is 1 3/8 inches in diameter
  • Hourglass in the center really works!

History of the Time Turner Pendant

Where Did It Come From?

The actual origination of Time Turners was never given by the storyline of Harry Potter.  Hermione got hers from Professor McGonagall so that she could attend more classes than normal time allowed.  However even Hermione can take so many classes at once and she found it to be more than she wanted to deal with and ended up dropping two classes and to go back to normal time, and returning the piece to Professor McGonagall.


But, before she did so, Hermione did use the Time Turner with Harry to go back in time and save the lives of Sirius Black and the hippogryph Buckbeak.





Horcrux Locket

With Display Box

Horcrux Locket

Harry Potter Horcrux Locket

  • Authentic recreation of the locket in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,
  • Display box included
  • Really opens up
  • Green crystals outline the letter S
  • Silvertone chain included

History of the Horcrux

How Did it Voldemort End Up With It?

Tom Riddle worked for the shop Borgin and Burkes.  His job was to convince people to sell their valuables to the shop.  One day he was examining the property of Hepzibah Smith and he ran across the locket which he recognized as his birthright.  Hepzibah flatly refused to sell it to him and two days later she was found dead. 

Riddle made the locket into his third Horcrux, and buried it in a cave by the sea.  Regulus Black later found the locket and recognized it for what it was and gave it over to his house elf to destroy it.  Unfortunately, he was unable to do it, so he kept hidden in the Black House.  It was later stolen from there by a robbery but the thief was caught and the locket ended up in the hands of Dolores Umbridge, of the Ministry of Magic.

Harry, Ron and Hermione snuck into the Ministry and retrieved the locket, and Ron destroyed it with Godric Gryffindor's Sword that had been dipped in basilisk venom.







Other Harry Potter Inspired Jewelry

Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Pedant Necklace

Chain Included

Gryffindor Pendant

Tanboo Harry Potter Crest Pedant

  •  24" Chain
  • Pendant Length: 1.01"
  • Pendant Width: .98"


Crests of Hogwarts Houses Pin Set

Four Houses and Hogwarts Pin With All Four Included

Pin Set


Harry Potter House Crest Pin Set

Hand Enameled, 1 1/4" each
Display Box Included


Which House would you want to be in, if you went to Hogwarts?

What would you tell the sorting hat?
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