Floral Canvas Wall Art

by Jadelynx

Beautiful floral wall art that never needs to be framed. One to five pieces, these canvases make a beautiful addition to any room.

I really love canvas art! It never needs matting or framing, it comes ready to hang. Some of these painting are one canvas only, and others are up to five matching pieces that are hung together. These sets are beautiful for hanging over a couch, or over a bed. They come in many different sizes, small enough to hang in a bathroom to big enough for a large family room wall.

Florals are my favorite type canvas art. These are so many beautiful pieces. Below I have gathered some of my favorite canvases. I think they showcase the best of floral canvas art that is available.

Fun Painting Facts:

  • Paintings with two canvases are called diptychs

  • Painting with three canvases are called triptychs

  • Paintings with five canvases are called quadtychs

        And so on, and so on, and so on.......  :)




How to Hang Multiple Piece Canvas Art

Easier With Instructions

Hanging Canvas Art is not as difficult as it may seem.  The best way to make sure the painting stays hanging straight is to use two nails or screws in the wall for each canvas.

  • Measure the wall side to side, if you plan to hang your art in the middle of the wall.  Hang the middle piece first and work out from there.
  • To make sure the pieces are all hung at the same level, measure from the ceiling for each one.  Drive in the nails and screws three inches apart.
  • If your art is large or heavy, make sure to drive your nail or screw into a wall stud, or it may rip the drywall and fall off the wall.


Interesting Oil Painting Fact ~

Oil paintings, if properly cared for, can remain in pristine condition for hundreds of years, so make sure to put it in your will!

Easy Care Tips for Oil Paintings

  • Never place your painting in direct sunlight.  It can fade the colors and damage the paint.
  • If you want to light your painting, don't use halogen lights.  The heat can damage them.
  • Don't touch the paint with your fingers, the oils are not good for them.
  • Don't try to clean your painting yourself.  It is best to have them professionally cleaned.
  • Never dust them with a cloth. If you need to dust your painting, use a soft, clean paintbrush.
  • Make sure your painting gets plenty of ventilation, so it can cure properly.

Who painted the very famous "Water Lillies?"

Updated: 08/25/2014, Jadelynx
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Floral Canvas Wall Art

Beautiful floral wall art that never needs to be framed. One to five pieces,...

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