Elevated Garden Beds - Raise Vegetables the Easy Way

by Jadelynx

Elevated garden beds on legs are the easiest way to grow and maintain lush vegetable or flower gardens without bending over, straining your back or kneeling.

I love having a vegetable garden. The thrill of seeing it grow, the pleasure of harvesting and eating healthy, pesticide free produce that you have grown yourself, well, there is nothing like it. Unfortunately, as the years go by, I am having a harder and harder time stooping over or kneeling to tend my garden. Getting older is no fun!

Anyway, one day I was shopping around in Amazon, and I saw a wood elevated garden bed, up on legs, a bit lower than kitchen counter height. My mouth just dropped open! Such as simple idea, why hadn't I thought of it? It was perfect and my mind immediately started buzzing as to where I could put them, how I could provide drainage, what I would plant........I was excited! I can hardly wait for spring!!

Elevated Garden Beds Make Gardening Possible for Folks in Wheelchairs

Great for the Handicapped or the Elderly

Raised garden beds are the perfect solution for folks who love to garden but are hindered by weakness in their legs or inability to bend or kneel for long periods of time.  They are also a great idea for folks that are wheelchair bound.   They can just roll up to the bed and plant, weed, harvest, anything a gardener wants to do, because the garden is off the ground and easily within reach.

For people not wheelchair bound but unable to stand for more than a short time, all they need is a rolling stool, and they can garden as long as they want. 

Great Gardening in a Wheelchair Video

Elevated Mini Greenhouses Are a Great Way to Get Your Plants Started

Or Just Protect Fragile Plants from the Elements

I've also decided that I am going to buy at least one raised mini greenhouse so I can start some of my plants early like lettuce and onions.  These greenhouses are very versatile, some with removable plastic tents and some with more permanent glass roofs and vented sides.  The great thing about an elevated green house is that you are not limited as to it's location.  You can move it around, if the need or desire arises.  They are easy to move for winter storage as well.

How to Prepare Your Elevated Garden Bed for Use

Proper Preparation and Care Will Help It Stay In Good Shape
  1. If your bed is wood and unfinished, I suggest that you stain it or put a coat of clear on the wood, inside and out, to help protect it.
  2. Staple plastic to the sides and bottom (make sure to leave a drain opening) to help protect the wood from water rot.
  3. Use a hose to drain the water away from your beds.  Letting it drain straight down can make the ground, or deck, a muddy mess.
  4. Drive some nails or screws into the ends, to hang your gardening tools.
  5. Store your bed in your garage or shed, or cover it with a tarp during the winter.  If left out in the open, the freeze/thaw in certain climates could damage the box.

A little bit of before and after the season care will insure many years of happy use of your elevated garden bed. 

Happy Gardening!

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belinda342 on 05/03/2013

These sure look like a great gardening alternative to me! As I've gotten older, my knees just don't want to work as well as they did in years past. One of these raised garden beds would be just the ticket.

JeanBakula on 03/04/2013

Some of these raised beds are quite lovely. I have terrible soil in my area of New Jersey in the States, and a back problem. So my husband fills large pots with good soil, so it's easier for me to enjoy gardening. It looks so pretty too, because you can be creative with the containers. I also like the greenhouses. I may have to leave some pictures around the house, maybe someone will get the hint and buy me one for a special occasion :).

EliasZanetti on 03/04/2013

What a marvelous idea! Thanks for sharing!
Plus, the photos are really nice! Thumbs up!

wrapitup4me on 03/03/2013

These are gorgeous.

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