Harry Potter Watches

by Sam

Harry Potter watches make a great gift for fans, small and big ones alike and they could even help young kids to learn the clock in a way they find interesting!

Are you a Harry Potter fan or do you know one? Harry Potter themed watches make great gifts and treat for the serious HP fan. I have collected a bit of information related to them, picked some really cool examples for you and researched the potential value of Harry Potter watches as collectible items. Watches make the perfect gift for the Harry Potter aficionado as they are timeless pieces (pun intended) and if selected well, can increase in value over time. The very first Harry Potter watch ever made, auctions now on ebay for over $500. But it is not only about the possible increase in value, it is also about the sheer fun of having a well-made piece of "fan-equipment".

If you prefer you to start shopping, feel free to check out the ones I have selected below. If you prefer to read on about this fascinating topic, go ahead, a lot of valuable information is awaiting you ;-) Make also sure to bookmark this article as I will add new information and new products continuously.

The story of the most valuable Harry Potter Watch.

In 2001, at the time of the release of the first Harry Potter movie, the first Harry Potter themed watch was produced and offered for sale by Fossil, a renowned watchmaker. Only 2500 timepieces very produced in this limited edition. It was the so-called "Professor Dumbledore Pocket Watch". A classic pocket watch with a twist. It has 12 different planets on its clock face and a total of 12 clock hands pointing at the planets that symbolize the numerals from 1 to 12. The owner was given a clue in the watch cover to help him or her to read this whizzy watch.

The reason why this first Harry Potter watch became so valuable was that it was produced only in a relative small edition of 2500 and that it was a watch that is geared towards adults. The first Harry Potter film, "The Sorcerer's Stone" (America) or "The Philosopher's Stone" (rest of the world) was still deemed to be a children's film and therefor few collectors tried to buy one. The watch sold out fast and has since then increased in value as collectors try to get hold of one. Ebay legend and gossip has it that this first Harry Potter watch has sold for as high as $1000. A claim that is difficult to verify as the auction history on Ebay gets purged every 90 days. If you plan to bid for a collectible Harry Potter watch on Ebay, make sure that the seller has an excellent reputation and a refund policy, unfortunately there are already faked Harry Potter watches around.

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Harry Potter is my, not so secret, addiction! Here all my articles I have published so far about this subject on Wizzley.
Updated: 04/10/2012, Sam
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Sam on 05/10/2012

Lol, great idea Tolovaj, I could do with a magical watch like this also ;-)

Tolovaj on 05/10/2012

Talking about watches with magician's name... I wonder if there is a model with additional six hours a day for on-line writers?

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