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by AlanB

Like the app, the Angry Birds Party Supplies are already a HUGE hit. Unlike those angry birds, it seems that the Angry Birds brand won't be crashing any time soon.

Throwing An Angry Birds Party

It seems that everyone absolutely loves the Angry Birds app.  It's only natural that the Angry Birds phenomenon would creep into other everyday life things.  For instance, some of the cakes out there display truly great artist talent; a playable Angry Birds cake, as well as several Angry Birds cake tutorials, is a testament to this.  So, why not join in on the Angry Birds phenomenon with your own Angry Birds Party?

This page provides a basic guide that will help with throwing that Angry Birds party.  Everything from an Angry Birds cake tutorial to how you can get some Angry Birds Party Supplies is found here.

Angry Birds Party Planning

What do you want in your party and what is your budget?

The most important part to planning an Angry Birds party is knowing your budget.  In today's economy, going wild with party themes and decorations just isn't feasible for some people. However, that doesn't mean that an Angry Birds party is out of the question.  Rather, there's creative solutions to help lesson the expense, and yet, still have that Angry Birds party that any kid would love.  Check below for awesome party games that cost very little.

However, if you can afford a little more then there are a bunch of options out there to turn that Angry Birds party into one to remember.  Everything from party supplies to piñatas.  There are even some very cool costumes.  The kids would nothing more than dressing as Angry Birds!

Angry Birds Games On A Budget

A cheap way to make a fun Angry Birds Party

Golden Star Hunt

This is a variation on an idea I found at an awesome Angry Birds website.  All it requires is some thick paper, gold paint, and a star cut-out template of some sort.  Create enough stars for each kid to find a few then hide them throughout the house or yard. 

Angry Birds Printables

An excellent and inexpensive way to add some Angry Birds theme to the party is Angry Birds printables.  Cut them out and paste them on invitations or party decorations.  Or, if you're an artist you could create your own printables.  Check out these awesome Angry Birds drawing tutorials.

Green Balloon Stomp

This is another great idea that came from AngryBirdsNest.com.  It's simple, quick, and the kids will love it!  Buy some green balloons, blow them up, then allow the kids to stomp all over them just like the Angry Birds do when they get the green pigs!  Of course, if those kids were wearing the awesome Angry BIrds costumes then this would be that much more fun!

Angry Birds Party Supplies

Any expensive way to take that Angry Birds party to the next level

Angry Birds Party PackAngry Birds party printables, gold star hunts, and stomping green balloons are all fun and exciting, but why not make that Angry Birds party even funner?  Recently, the Angry Birds party supplies launched, and they are the hottest party supplies theme out right now!  Discount Party Supplies is a great place to find the Angry Birds Party Supplies.

At just $20, the Angry Birds standard pack is a great value.  It includes dinner plates (8 pack), lunch napkins (16 pack), 9-oz cups (8 pack), dessert plates (8 pack), red plastic cultry (assorted, 24 count), red crepe streamers (81 ft), yellow balloons (15 pack), red balloons (15 pack), yellow plastic tablecover (54" x 108"), and spiral birthday candles (24 pack).  Again, all that for only $20!

Of course, an Angry Birds party isn't that much of a party without the Angry Birds balloons.  The standard pack comes with your basic colored balloons, but Angry Birds themed balloons can also be found at Discount Party Supplies.  The Red Bird, KingPin, and YellowBird 23in balloons are under $6 each.  Additionally, there is an 18inch Angry Birds balloon for under $3 each!  Like the other party supplies these balloons are very hot right now.

Angry Birds Costumes And Piñatas

Make that Angry Birds party even more smashing

Angry Birds CostumeIf you're really crazy about Angry Birds -or the person you're throwing the party for is- then you could consider adding Angry Birds costumes and  Angry Birds piñatas to your party.  Generally, as an Angry Birds fan you'd rather be whacking away at those pesky green pigs; but, hey, if you're a kid it's all fun!  Doing it dressed up as an Angry Bird is even more fun!

The Angry Birds costumes can be found on Amazon.com for $30 - $45.  However, the piñatas are a little more difficult to find.  Most people seem to  be making their own piñatas.  Creating an Angry Birds piñata would be a fun way to get kids involved in the party planning process.

Angry Birds Cake Tutorial

How to create your own Angry Birds Cake!

Angry Birds Cake TutorialOf course, an Angry Birds party isn't complete without an Angry Birds cake.  We've all seen plenty of great looking Angry Birds cake images out there.  These Angry Birds cakes range from being playable to being truly bizarre.  But, why not make your own Angry Birds cake?

Party Café, Discount Party Supplies' excellent blog, has an Angry Birds cake tutorial that provides information on everything from what you need to create your Angry Birds cake to how each individual part of the cake is created.  Plus, it includes Rice Krispy Treats as one of the main ingredients for creating some of the structures.  That alone gives this tutorial two-thumbs up!

Updated: 02/10/2012, AlanB
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