Healthy Eating

by blackspanielgallery

Healthy eating is a first step to improving your health, and it is an easy task to complete. There are tow parts to eating healthy, choosing food wisely and preparation of food.

Having good health is essential. But, sometimes there is no control over health issues. Other times there are opportunities to avoid doing things that can be harmful to health. A good place to start is with meals and snacks.

Eating healthy has two aspects. One is eating food that can promote good health. Some food, such as those in the onion family, are reputed to have a lowering effect on blood pressure. But, even if a food does not promote good health, avoidance of foods that are harmful is very important. Some harmful foods are obvious, such as foods with excessive sodium. A simple rule to remember is that less is better, as in the fewer artificial additives a food has the more likely it is not unhealthy. Natural foods often are the wise choice.

The second aspect of healthy eating involves the preparation of food. Frying is oil is not a wise first choice in preparing food. Here we must consider the vessels used in the preparation of the food, and how they are used. Otherwise, you can make healthy food become unhealthy.

Choosing Food Wisely

There has been much research done, and sometimes the results seem contradictory.  It is often a matter of what is important for an individual.  A food that reduces weight is not the best choice for the anorexic.  The best food for an individual is to some extent unique, and must address any needs that individual has.  We cannot go into every benefit and every problem with food.  A good book is the choice here, and it must address any health issues pertinent to you.  I have to limit sodium, so even if a food is higher in fat it is what I need. 


Know Where Your Food Has Been

If you want to be certain there has never been a toxic chemical used on your food, grow it yourself.  A few large pots will allow you to grow some food, so you do not need to have a full garden planted.  It may not suffice for your needs, but every time you avoid toxic pesticides you are improving your health.  So some home grown food is better than none.

Vegetables in Pots

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Cooking with an Air Fryer

Fried food has a wonderful taste, and frying in better oil can be helpful, but the oil still adds something.  In an effort to keep the food in its natural state why not use an air fryer?  This is a relatively new concept, to have food crisp up without oil, but it is worth considering.

Air Fryer

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Use Ceramic Coated Pots and Pans

I enjoy scrambling eggs, and had a coated pan to make cleaning easier.  But, the warnings started to come out on the danger of heating a coated pan to too high of a temperature.  Some seem to emit a dangerous gas if heated too high on a stove.  I have shifted to a ceramic pan, and not only is it an easy surface to clean, but it goes into the dishwasher.   And the ceramic allows for some scrubbing.  

Ceramic Pans

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Boiling vegetables can reduce the nutrition value of the vegetables.  Steaming vegetables can keep more nutrients in the food, and hence make it available to the person eating the food. 


Steaming is not difficult.  We have a pot that is designed to fit atop another pot.  Place the vegetables in the upper pot, and water in the lower pot.  The upper pot has holes in the bottom, so this is about its only purpose.  Then heat the water until it boils, and the steam passes through the holes and over the contents of the upper pot.

Grilling Baskets

Grilling baskets are wonderful for turning food that is being grilled.  Just take the handle and flip, the entire basket can turn over all at once.  This makes it easier to avoid having some food charred, not a healthy thing to have.  There is no waiting to flip the last item, nor to remove it when done.  Six burgers, or several pieces of fish, can be flipped, then later removed, as a unit.  And the food will not move around in the process of moving the basket as long as the proper basket is used.


In using grilling baskets it is wise to choose your basket according to the food being cooked.  Corn will not fit well into a burger basket, and fish have special baskets.  

Grilling Baskets

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blackspanielgallery on 04/07/2017

Thanks for the comment.

Veronica on 04/07/2017

I like the idea of an air fryer. I haven't heard of his before and it sounds so healthy. There is always something new to learn here on Wizzley.

Than you for posting. There ae some great ideas here.

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