Hello Kitty Valentine

by Tehreem

Have a Special Hello Kitty Valentine To Show Your Love To Family & Friends

Love is in the air! February 14 is coming fast and you might be wondering what you want to do on this valentine's day.

Why not try a new, unique and heart touching theme this time? A Hello Kitty Valentine will be a perfect choice for this year's valentine celebration. It will be loved by everyone, be it friends, family or relatives.

Have a Hello Kitty Valentine!

Spread Love Around The World

Hello Kitty has been popular for a long time.This cute little cat spreads the message of love and care for all.So what will be better than having this cute kitty as a messenger of spreading love on valentines day?

 Hello Kitty has a variety of ways of saying 'i love you' to others. She cares for them, bakes them pies and does anything she can to help those she loves.

Make your Hello Kitty Valentine a fabulous celebration by using Hello Kitty Valentine Cards, Hello Kitty Valentine Decorations, Hello Kitty Jewelry and Plush toys. Get to know about different Hello Kitty gifts that you can give to your loved ones. Hello Kitty T-Shirts, Kindle Fire & I-Phone Covers, Bouquet Flowers and many other items will help you celebrate the loveliest valentine's day ever!

Also learn how to throw a fabulous Hello Kitty Valentine Party by arranging games and decorations.

Hello Kitty Valentine Cards

What better way to express your feelings than writing a card?

Greeting cards are the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Many Hello Kitty Valentine cards are available in market. Cards featuring different Hello kitty designs can be bought easily.

A Valentine's Day card should be a special one as it conveys your emotions and feelings that you have for others. Separate Hello Kitty Valentine Cards are available for giving to Parents, Teachers, Friends, Spouses and Special ones. The Kitty will act as your messenger and convey your message beautifully.

If you don't have time for shopping, you can always purchase Hello Kitty Valentine cards online or get some printable Hello Kitty Valentine cards.

Hello Kitty Valentine Decorations

Give Your Place a Special Touch By Hello Kitty Valentine Decorations

Hello Kitty Valentine Decorations will fill your place with love's aura. Different Valentine Room Decoration ideas can be considered for decorating your room. Some of the ideas are:

  • First, you can purchase Hello Kitty table ornaments, like Hello Kitty Lamps, Hello kitty Centerpieces, Posters, Wall stickers. All of these items can be purchased easily.
  • Little pink and white hearts confetti can be spread around the room to compliment Hello Kitty Theme.
  • Hello Kitty Balloons will look lovely floating overhead and spread around the room. Also simple Pink and White Heart-shaped Balloons will look perfect and match with the theme. 
  • Pink and White Heart shaped Sofa cushions and floor cushions will add to the beauty and will be a great place to cuddle!

Decorate Your Table With Romantic Hello Kitty Tableware!

In preparing your table for a romantic dinner or a party make sure you have hello Kitty decorations for it.

A romantic dinner with your special one will be a perfect way to celebrate this special day. A hot pink table cloth or a Hearts table cloth will make your dinner table special. Table mats can be purchased which feature Hello Kitty. Or Hello Kitty Centerpieces will look beautiful set upon the table.

Make sure you have a bowl of water with rose petals and little candles floating on it. It wil be perfectly romantic!

For a larger gathering, set the table with pink tableware and heart shaped napkin rings, stand ups etc. Hello kitty balloons can be tied o the table for a lovely look.

Pretty Valentine Day Tablecloths For Hello Kitty Valentine

Valentine's Day Tablecloth - Tableware & Table Covers

Valentine's Day Tablecloth. Ideal for a home or classroom party! Plastic. 40 x 100 ft. OTC

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70 Inch Round Satin Tablecloth Pink

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Hello Kitty Jewelry

A Perfect Valentine Gift For Her

Hello Kitty is very very very popular among girls! Hello Kitty jewelry will be loved by daughters, wives, Fiances, Sisters and special ones. This cute kitten is irresistible and every girl will adore to have something with hello Kitty to wear on.

Wonderful and stunning Hello Kitty Bracelets, Pendants and Charms are available in market. Give these beautiful pieces to your loved ones and tell them how much you love them and that their place in your life cannot be substituted.



A wide range of Hello Kitty Jewelry is available on Amazon. What we have featured below are the most loved and bought pieces. There were so many of them to choose from! You can search more pieces on amazon and get what you really love.

Hello Kitty Plush Toys

Spread Softness Around!

Hello Kitty Plush Toys can be spread around the room to add to the pink and white. Very cute Hello Kitty plush toys can be purchased for this purpose. You can use these to decorate your room or can use them as gifts to give to others. Children and adults all will love these cute toys.

Hello Kitty Bags & Accessories

They Would Be The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine :)

Girls & Handbags... They are inseparable! Every girl wants a new handbag every other day. A life without tonnes of handbags is not imaginable for them! This valentine, you can give these super duper cute Hello Kitty Handbags to your loved ones. They are the perfect gift for friends, daughters, sisters and spouses. Girls will fall in love with them the instant they see them!

Hello Kitty Forever Love Flower Bouquet

A Symbol of Eternal Love

Hello kitty Flower Bouquet is the best gift you can give to your valentine this year. This beautiful bouquet has 9 Hello Kitties arranged beautifully in a bouquet. It represents eternal love in its quality of never fading away. This flower bouquet can be kept forever and its beauty will never fade, showing that your love will be as everlasting as this gift!

Hello Kitty Kindle Fire Covers & Iphone Skins

More Stunning Hello Kitty Valentine Gifts!

Give your loved one these Hello Kitty I-phone Skins & Kindle Fire Covers to adorn their electronic devices with. These will be used daily and will remind them of you every time they look at their phones or kindles, which will be quite often i assure you! ;)

Skinit Hello Kitty Cropped Face Red Vinyl Skin for Amazon Kindle Fire

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HELLO KITTY KT4488BK4 iPhone 4 Polycarbonate Wrap - Retail Packaging - Black/Pink

Dress up your iPhone with My Melody lovably cute in this delightful iPhone case. Your iPhone travels along with you adorably stored and protected from dents and scratches.

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Hello Kitty Hard Case Cover for iphone 4 4G

Hard Case Cover

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Valentine's Party Games

Make your party fun by these exciting games!


Valentine games will be fun for kids and adults on a Valentine Bash. I have outlined some valentine games which you can organize on your valentine party. Different games can be organized for kids and adults. Classroom party games are also outlined.

Games For Kids

Pin The Heart: Well! Here comes another fun version of Pin The Tail on Donkey! Pin The Heart on Cupid is as easy as always. All you need is a Big Poster of cupid, or you can draw a cupid on a blank piece of card board. Cut out a Red Heart and stick some double-sided tape on the backside. Blindfold he kids and ask them to stick the heart on its actual place on cupid. The kid who sticks it nearest to the desired point wins the game.

Steal My Heart! This game is a really easy one. Fill a big bowl with heart shaped chocolates. Place the bowl in the middle of the table and organize kids in a circle around it. Give each kid a pair of chopsticks and tell them to take out as many hearts in 3 minutes time as they can. They Can Only Use Chopsticks! The kid with most hearts wins the game.

Printable Valentines Games: Printable valentines games for kids might also be a good option. Word matching and re arranging games will be fun for kids. You can print out these games by clicking on this link. Valentine Word Matching Games

Games For Adults

Valentine Scrabble: Buy a standard scrabble game and organize the players in 2 or make couples play together. Th game is played like standard scrabble but the words written must be romantic ones. If a romantic word can not be formed, a romantic explanation of the word formed must be given.

Mend My Heart: Cut out many hearts from a red cardboard. Cut the hearts in half using different zigzag patterns. As the guests enter, hand them each a piece of hearts and ask them to find the person with the other half. This game will be great for bachelors and new people and will provide everyone a chance to mingle in.

Hello Kitty T-Shirts & Tops

Dress Up With These cute T-Shirts!

Hello Kitty T-Shirts will make your day a special one! These cute T-Shirts will serve as a perfect day wear and can also be given as gifts on this special day. Check out some of these t-shirts available in stores.

Breathtaking Hello Kitty Gown!

While browsing through different Hello Kitty Items. i came across this beautiful pink Hello Kitty Gown and i couldn't stop myself from sharing it! Hello Kitty fans would be fascinated to see this gown. I just couldn't believe how famous Hello Kitty can be! It all shows in this stunning Hello Kitty Gown. It is a treat for eyes and will be really loved if you ever decide to have it made. Check it out and do tell me if you love it.

Hello Kitty Pink Gown
Hello Kitty Pink Gown
Updated: 02/13/2013, Tehreem
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Mira on 11/10/2014

Nice Hello Kitty Valentine cards and gifts. Pinned most of them.

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