Holiday Gifts for Children Who Drop By

by blackspanielgallery

Having people drop by during the holiday season may be handles with generic gifts to appear they were on the gift list. But what if they bring along children?

During the holidays people often visit. Some unexpectedly bring along children. Having gifts for these children can mean a lot.

Often people buy inexpensive gifts, and quickly add a gift card when someone drops buy. No one really believes the gift was intended for them, but the recipient is usually polite and thanks the person giving the gift. If the gift is candy or cookies one might simply say to the child that the gift is for the family. But children like to receive their own gifts. And children are more likely to believe the gift was intended for them.

In some cases, there is a sibling at home. Do not allow the sibling to feel left out. Send a gift to the sibling.

Entertaining Young Guests

Keeping Children Busy During a Visit

Having an ample supply of entertaining items for children of all ages can also be used to entertain children who come over as guests.   On a holiday a family might gather.  Keeping children occupied is an important task in hosting a gathering.  And to avoid storing the items, allow the children to simply take the things along if you like.

Activity Books

For Small Children

Small children can be quite content with an age appropriate activity book.  Whether they are coloring, completing a dot to dot activity, searching for hidden images, or something else, they can be kept busy. 


One advantage in using an activity book is a child can work alone.  This is especially important if there is only one child.


Another advantage with activity books is the books are inexpensive.


Still another advantage is the activities can be educational.  This is especially appealing if you are related to the child, but even if you are just friends with the child’s parents it is rewarding to hand a child a gift that can be useful as a learning tool.

Activity Books

Choose a Variety of Ages
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Stuffed Animals

For Young Guests

Young children may enjoy a stuffed animal.  Of course, you could try to have stuffed animals that the children like.  There seems to always be a popular series, but the children might have one of those popular stuffed animals at home. 


One thing you can do is give a stuffed shark.  These will usually be well received since children currently are into Baby Shark. 


An option is to have several stuffed animals and engage the child in a conversation to determine what kinds the child has.

Educational Toys

For Older Children

You can have small Lego sets available.  While many children already have Lego blocks, there are always special pieces in sets that a child might not have.  Lego blocks engage the imagination and teach which designs are stable enough to stand.

Small Die Cast Toys

For Older Children

Die cast vehicles are durable and can be fun. 


Since the wheels could come off, these die cast vehicles do not work for very young children.  Watch the age appropriate statement.


For Older Children

Simple dolls can be a good option. 


Again, watch for small pieces and give to children of the appropriate age.

Use Gift Bags

Gift bags can be quickly filled with the appropriate item.  You will not have to worry about which item is in a package. 


Gift bags also can avoid embarrassment.  If the occasion is Christmas, and the child is Jewish, a Hanukkah appropriate gift bag will work quite well.  Of course choosing snowflakes or other seasonal items works for all.


You can hand out small, inexpensive gifts to those children who drop by with a parent during the holiday season.  And with a little thought it can be appropriate. 

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Updated: 11/17/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/18/2019

Thanks for the comments. I avoided candy and cookies because some adults do not allow those things for their children.

Veronica on 11/18/2019

That's a charming tradition and one I hadn't encountered.

Here at my house, I have chocolate Santas and items on the tree. Children can go to the tree and choose something from the tree. It's a small gift but always appreciated.

WriterArtist on 11/18/2019

Love stuffed animals. Soft and cuddly, even adults can hug them when in need.

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